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AMNESTY, general, 582.

Indexed by the large numbers.

ABBOTT, JOS. C., motion on currency bill, 588.

CORBETT, HENRY W., motion on funding bill w

ADMISSION of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas, 572-579. Cox, JACOB D., Secretary of the Interior, 507.
AKERMAN, AMOS T., Attorney General, 507.
Cox, SAMUEL S.. general amnesty resoluticu, 582; nigdən
ALABAMA, Vote on XVth amendment, 557.
on income tax. 605.
ALLISON, WM. B., motion on currency bill, 594.
AMENDMENT, XIVth, text of, 548; XVth, ratifying votes,
proclamation, bills enforcing and votes thereon,
315-572; votes of States on, 557-562.
AMENDMENTS, bill to regulate mode of ratifying consti-

tutional, 621.


BANKS. NATHANIEL P., reports Cuban resolution, 619.
BANKS, right of the United States to tax State, 523-530;
right of States to tax National, 530-532.
BAYARD, THOS. F., funding motion, 601; motion to tax
bonds, 607.

BECK, JAMES B., substitute for Mississippi bill, 577; for
Texas bill, 579; motion to tax interest on bonds,


BELKNAP, WILLIAM W., Secretary of War, 507.
BINGHAM, JOHN A., reports enforcing bill, 550; substi-
tute for Virginia bill, 574; proviso to Georgia bill.
611; motion on Cuban resolution, 620; substitute
for same, 621; reports bill to regulate mode of rati-
fying constitutional amendments, 621.
BLAINE, JAMES G., Speaker House of Representatives,


BLAIR, AUSTIN, funding motion, 602.
BONDS, purchasing, 580.

BOREMAN, ARTHUR I., funding motion, 601.
BOUTWELL, GEORGE S, Secretary of the Treasury, 507.
BRADLEY, Justice, 523.

BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM A., motions on funding bill, 600.
BURCHARD, HORATIO C., motion on currency bill, 594.
BUTLER, BENJ. F., reports Texas bill with conditions,
578; motion on funding bill, 603; reports bill for
restoration of Georgia; reports Senate amendment
to Georgia bill, 614.

CALIFORNIA, vote on XVth amendment, 557.
CAMERON, SIMON, proviso to Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568; funding motion, 601.

CAMPBELL, JAMES H., reports Union Pacific Railroad bill,

CARPENTER, MATTHEW C., motion on enforcing bill, 556.
CASSERLY, EUGENE, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
Northern Pacific Railroad bill, 568; on currency
bill, 590.

CESSNA, JOHN, motion on amnesty, 582.
CHANDLER, ZACHARIAH, motion on currency bill, 589.
CHASE, Chief Justice, 523; opinion of United States Su-
preme Court on validity of contracts in Confeder-
ate money, 509-511; on constitutionality of legal-
tender clause as to prior contracts, 512-519; on
right of United States Government to tax State
banks, 523-628.

CHINESE NATURALIZATION, direct vote in the Senate on, 619.
CLARKE, SYDNEY, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 570.
CLIFFORD, Justice, 523.
COBURN, JOHN, motions on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 571; apportionment proposition, 585; motion
on currency bill. 594; on funding bill, 602.
COLFAX, SCHUYLER, Vice President, and President of the
Senate, 507.

COMMERCE, message as to, 540-541.
CONFEDERATE MONEY, on the validity of contracts in, 509-

[blocks in formation]

CRESWELL, JOHN A. J., Postmaster General, 507.
CUBA, message as to, 542-514.

CURRENCY, increasing the, 580, 581; backing alȧ, US-


DAVIS, Garrett, motion on enforcing bil1, 555; currency
bill, 589; financial bill, 599; incor tax, 608.
DAVIS, NOAH, funding bill motions, 603, 604; introduces
naturalization bill, 618.

DAVIS, Justice, 523.

DAWES, HENRY L., moves substitute to Georgia bill, 614.
DEBT, act to authorize the refunding; of the national,
597; statements of national, 627-630.
DECISIONS, judicial, 509-532.
DELAWARE, Vote on XVth amendment, 557.
DICKEY. OLIVER J., motion on Georgia bill, 615.
DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A., introduces Illinois Central Rail-
road bill, 564.

DRAKE, CHARLES D., amendment to Virginia bill, 575;
motion on apportionment bill, 384; on Georgia bill,

[blocks in formation]

HARLAN, JAMES, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 567.

HAWLEY, JOHN B., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568; as to income tax. 605.
HENDRICKS, WILLIAM, reports Wabash and Erie Canal
bill, 563.

HOAR, E ROCKWOOD, Attorney General, 507.
HOLMAN, WILLIAM S, resolution as to land-grant policy.

572; funding motions, 602, 603; as to taxation of
bonds, 605.
IIOWARD, JACOB M, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
funding bill, 600.

HOWE, TIMOTHY O, motion on currency bill, 591; on nat-
uralization, 619; motions on funding, 601.
HOWELL, JAMES B., proviso on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 568.


ILLINOIS, new constitution of, 621; Central Railroad bil!, RESTORATION OF GEORGIA, act relating to, 611.
REVENUE, receipts and reductions, 626.
RHODE ISLAND, Vote on XVth amendment, 559.
ROBES N, GEORGE M., Secretary of the Navy, 507.
Ross, EDMUND G., motion on currency bill. 590.
SAN DOMINGO TREATY, message as to, 541, 542.
SARGENT, AARON A., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 569.

INDIANA, Republican platform for 1870, 622; Democratic,
INGERSOLL, EBON C., substitute for currency bill, 593,
594; introduces currency bill, 596; funding mo-
tions, 602, 603, 604,


IOWA, vote on XVth amendment. 558.
JONES, ALEXANDER II., introduces apportionment bill, 583.
JUDD, NORMAN B.. motion on apportionment, 585; on cur-
reney, 594; on funding, 603.


KELLOGG, WM. P., motion on currency bill, 589.
KELSEY, WILLIAM H., motion on tariff, 581; on appor-
tionment bill, 584.

LANDS, 625.

LAND SUBSIDIES, 563-572, 625.

LAWRENCE, WILLIAM, motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill, 571; on Georgia bill, 615.
LEGAL-TENDER CLAUSE, as it relates to prior contracts,


LOGAN, JOHN A., motion on Cuban resolution, 620. LOUGHRIDGE, WILLIAM, resolution on increasing currency, 580.

LYNCH, JOHN, substitute to currency bill, 594.
MARSHALL, SAMUEL S., resolutions on tariff, 581, 582; on
apportionment, 585; on funding bill, 602.
MARYLAND, vote on XVth amendinent, 558.
MAYHAM, STEPHEN L.. funding motion, 60.
MAYNARD, HORACE, funding motion. 604.
MCCARTHY, DENNIS, motion to abolish income tax, 606.
MCNEELY, THOMPSON W.. resolution as to purchase of
bonds, 580: as to issue of greenbacks, 596
MCPHERSON, EDWARD, Clerk House of Representatives,


[blocks in formation]

SAUL-BURY, WILLARD, motion on currency bill, 89. SCHENCK, ROBERT C., reports substitute to Senate funding bill, 6 1; funding motions, 603; reports bill to reduce internal taxes, 605; tariff amendinent, 606; statement of reductions under revenue act, 609. SCOFIELD, GLENNI W., motions on apportionment, 585; on currency bill, 596,

SCOTT. Jous, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on Northern
Pacific Railroad bill. 568.

SHERMAN, JOHN, motion on Texas bill, 579; reports cur-
reney bill, 587; motions to strike out and insert,
5SS; on currency bill, 589, 593; reports funding
bill. 598; motions thereon, C00; as to gross re-
ceipts, 607; on Georgia bill, 615.
SunLDS, JAMES, reports Illinois Central Railroad bill,


SHIPPING, message of President Grant on European
war and American shipping, 616.
SMITH, JOSEPU S., motion on currency bill, 594.
SPINK. S. L, resolution on tariff, 581.

STATE BANKS, right of United States Government to
tax, 523-580.


STATE TAXATION of national banks, 530-532.
STATISTICAL TABLE--Public lands, revenue, and national
debt statements, 625-630.

STEWART, WILIAM M., moves substitute to enforcing
bill, 552; funding motion, 601.

STOKES, WILLIAM B., motion as to disability bill, 583.
STRONG, Justice, 523.
SUBSIDIES, land, 563-572.

SUMNER, CHARLES, motion on currency bill, 589; to strike
from naturalization laws the word "white," 618,

[blocks in formation]

THURMAN, ALLEN G., amendments to Northern Pacific
Railroad bill, 567, 568; motion on currency bill,
590; to tax interest on bonds, 607.
TowNSEND, WASHINGTON, funding motion, 603,
TREATY, message as to San Domingo, 541, 542.
TRUMBULL, LYMAN, reports apportionment bill, and
moves to amend, 584; moves direct vote of Senate
on Chinese naturalization, 619.

VALIDITY, of contracts in Confederate money, 509–511;
of XIVth and XVth amendments, 583.
VERMONT, Vote on XVth amendment, 560.
VICKERS, GEORGE, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on cur-
rency bill, 589.

VIRGINIA, act of admission and votes on, 572-576; act
to amend said act, 576; under civil authority, 579;
vote on XVth amendment, 560.

WARD, HAMILTON, motion on currency resolutions, 580;

resolution abolishing tariff on coal, 582.

WARNER, WILLARD, motion on currency bill, 588; moves
amendment to naturalization bill, 619.
WAYNE, Justice, 523.

WELKER, MARTIN, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 569.

WHITTEMORE, B. FRANK, motion as to perjury, 574.
WILLEY, WAITMAN T.. motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
Mississippi bill, 577.

WILLIAMS, GEORGE H., motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
Georgia bill, 612; as to naturalization of Chinese.
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill. 572; resolution as to currency, 580.
WILSON, HENRY, amendment to Virginia bill, 575; mo-
tion on Northern Pacific Railroad bill, 567; on cur-
rency bill. 590; funding, 600, 601; income tax, 607;
Georgia bill, 612.

WOOD, FERNANDO, moves to admit Texas without conditions, 578; motion on tariff, 581; on funding bill, 603.

WOODWARD, GEORGE W., motion to tax bonds, 605.

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