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at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Flcet-Street:
And sold by ELIZ. NEWBERY, the Corner of St. Paul's

Churck Yard, Ludgate-Street. 1792.


Tle following, said to come e from the pen of a noble Lord, which bas been often employed in the

jervice of the publick, may be as usiful in other Coun:ios as in: Sulfex*. To the FRIENDS of the CONSTITUTION.

If the people of the country had, on the With a view to prevent the signature of first confulon, affocated for the protection We Allocations, it has been malicioutly fuse of their laws and properties, thero mischiers gelteil, that those who fign preclude then could not hae happened. leives from expecting, hereafter, an api. Kut far different is the situation of Eug. nion in favour of : Reform of the Represen- land. The nobility and gentry love the tation in Parliament. Such certainly is rot couniry, and much the greater part of them the cale. The inftrument of allocation spend the largest share of theirtime and forcontains a declaration in favour of the Con Tunes there. They are the Magiftrates, and Bitwion, and “tat Constitution (as has maintain good order, without benefit or rebeen well said poslefies the distinguiihed ward, except the consciousness of serving merii, that it has on former occasions been, their country--Thiey protect the weak arid and will in future he found, competent to curb the wicked --They lupport the poor correct its errors and reform iis ahuses.” and are the patrons of the friendless Their Thofe who fign may undoubtedly, and con-' exrences, whe: her for necellaries or superfiftently, entertain the dame opinions as he fluities, mainta'n the tradema!, and by fore, whether in favour of or againft re- promoting industry are more beneficial than funt, or whether it Bould be attempted at the distribu! on of so much money, whicla this time.

miglie encourage idleness and all its bad conIt has also been sugsched, that such asso. sequences. Their abundance supplies many: ciations fould only be useful to the gentle. rart is extended in lwipicality, but fill beco men, and that, when they had signed them, ter by employing tile industrious in agriculthey might quit tiie cou' try when they plea. tie, in building, or in ornainenting and iniject, and leave the nviddle ranks who had proving the country.—There is no ground figned to be p'undered and ill trested. This for jealousy as there was in France-- 1'0i, 1 ppetes that file of sun and confufion here are the fame laws for the greate: Duke which the aflociations un'oubtedly will pre- and the poorcit mau in the paruh.- Every

It is, however, (hvious that affocina man is equally free. By industry, activity, tion is none 116 cellary to the mus cf in: || and good conduci, any man may rise to the ihan olyret fortune, he suffers nooit in con his heit situation – The man of forty rila fufion :- Tlie bouc and personal property lings per annum bas as much to do in formning of a man of good estate, is a small part of the Legislature as he of 4 ool. per annum. his portions; bur one act of violence We have a king, who is as subservient to might ruin a man in the midlet sank. It is the lius as any of his subjects, and in fact, Irre, tlie robiliy and gently of France quities through the grea:er correctness of his conthe provires in confequence of want of doet, is much more so than most of them, union, and of the uitproportion, and who is not raited niore above them hy his little cornection, betu cen ille difier cut ranks Tiltration than by the excellence of his chain that country, and in many paits the vio Tafter is a mau, whether considered in publere: of the people was excited against then lic or privite life..— The government is mild, by the wickedness of deligning men. The and taxes fail as they ought, heavily on the cticct of their retiring was disastrous in the rich, and lightly on the poor-And such as

The country fell into the most do fall on the latter are in the end paid by diforder-there was no profection, no law, the rich, by an encreased price for all artireither lile ner p?speity nale; every min cies, and for all services, or by a poor-rate.-graditied his vengeance hy fille accusations, No other country has such provisions for the or alvation. At such a time the not

poor-110 other country has such advantaMedii nenda.ity, the greatest abilinence ses-such a Conftitution, such laws, and from inter cience, will !:0protect from the luch means of happiness, -and not to asieciaio greleit nichefs :--farmers and millers and use every exertion in our power, for the Werelung up for the sport of the perplepreserva:ion of such bielings, would surely ar:: to grucify them in respect to the price of prove how litle we are worthy of them.-In coin; arid, 10 turn their attention from the hurt, there is not the nightest ground to JOUS libres ulich were on foot, mops suppose that the nobility and gentry will koepels were obliged to tell at the price the quit the country, or emigrate, as long as sahne thought proper, and to take paper, there can be found in it a true Englith ipirit de recuted alıront i roching, instead of to maintain the Constitution ; at least fich is c::!. Trade of courle declined, and agri- the resolution of the person who fubicribes outure is so far ruined, in as fine a crn himiel countly as any in the world, that the seve

A SINCERE FRIEND to the COUNTY. reit lumine is expectedl.

* A fociation, on the best principle, is taking place throughout England, and no where in a better fouin than in Suttex, under the auspices of Lord Shcilield. The proximity of Suites te France procureu for its inhi!itzats a more than common degree of notice from the Jacauns; and Thomas Paine took care that his works should be dispersed in a county, wiere hul been the scene of his my mimurable setieris

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JULY, 1792.


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Printed by JOHN NICHOLS, at Cicero's Head, Red Lion l'allage, Fleet-Itreet ;

where all Letters to the Editor are deftree! to be addressed, Pos T-PAID.

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