Retooling the Church: Finding Your Place in Ministry

Destiny Image Publishers, 2007 - 204 páginas
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Too many church leaders expire before their time because of the demands within a top-down leadership structure. Learn how to multiply your church membership involvement with a team-up style that includes everyone. Ron Satrape shares his successful techniques how to: Lead others effectively without domination or manipulation. Encourage others to "buy in" to the faith, and fully participate in leadership and ministry. Build relationally healthy, functional teams. Imprint each team member's fingerprints onto the blueprints, of God's vision. Use an apostolic development process to advance team character, as well as the Kingdom of God. Build a great team model, a first-class fruitful ministry, and team reproduction. Develop accountability structures. Organize an apostolic network. Book jacket.

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This book is a must read for every leader and especially for pastors who's prayer is for the Lord to help them lead effectively in this hour we live in. The honesty and vulnerability Ron shares, helps me as a Pastor to do the same and not to be afraid to make mistakes. Leer comentario completo

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Thank you, the book is prayer answered.
Ps Godfrey

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Retooling the Leadership Model
Recognizing the No Team Symptoms
Your Team The Key to Moving Forward
Developing a Reproducible TeamUp Model
Making a Team Covenant
Curing Communicable Team Diseases
Your Ministry Pattern
Successful Retooling Methods
Team Vision and Goals
Planning Team Action
Team Management
Leadership Development
Team Ministry Multiplication
Regional Apostolic and Prophetic Teams
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