Safety Engineering, Volumen29

A. H. Best. Company, 1915

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Página 206 - Whoever shall knowingly violate, or cause to be violated, any provision of this s_ection, or of the three sections last preceding, or any regulation made by the Interstate Commerce Commission in pursuance thereof, shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than eighteen months, or both.
Página 206 - Sec. 235. Every package containing explosives or other dangerous articles when presented to a common carrier for shipment shall have plainly marked on the outside thereof the contents thereof; and it shall be unlawful for any person to deliver, or cause to be delivered, to any common carrier engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by land or water...
Página 247 - THE AMERICAN SOCIAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATION Has been offered a prize of $1,000 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance company to be awarded to the author of the best original pamphlet on social hygiene for adolescents between the ages of twelve and sixteen years, approved by a committee of judges to be selected by the association.
Página 474 - Ohio, fixing the cost of extinguishing preventable fires upon citizens disregarding fire prevention orders, and a more general legal recognition of the common law principle of personal liability for damage resulting from fires due to carelessness or neglect. 6. The wider general use of the automatic sprinkler as a fire extinguishing agent and life saver and the more general adoption of the fire division wall as an important life saving exit facility.
Página 207 - This Is to certify that the above articles are properly described by name, and are packed and marked and are In proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Commandant of the Coast Guard.
Página 206 - ... any explosive, or other dangerous article, under any false or deceptive marking, description, invoice, shipping order, or other declaration, or without informing the agent of such carrier of the true character thereof, at or before the time such delivery or carriage is made.
Página 395 - Volatile, flammable, and combustible liquids, or flammable liquefied gases, such as gasoline, naphtha, petroleum oils, or liquefied petroleum gas, in large quantity and spread over a large surface, will form vapors that will ignite at a considerable distance, depending on the kind and quantity of liquid and the direction and force of the wind. Many of the liquids, regarded as safe to carry under ordinary conditions and transported in tank cars without the "Dangerous" placard, should still be treated...
Página 564 - The object is to bring to the user the best obtainable opinion on the merits of appliances, devices, machines and materials in respect to life, fire and collision hazards, and theft and accident prevention.
Página 192 - All steam or hot water heating pipes passing through floors and ceilings or lath and plastered partitions shall be protected by a metal tube one inch larger in diameter than the pipe, having a metal cap at the floor...
Página 344 - ... beyond his expectations, a limit of expense is fixed in each case beyond which charges are not made. By this means an opportunity is afforded anyone at comparatively low cost to secure the opinion of the recognized authorities covering any device, system or material in its relation to the fire hazard. The amounts of the fees are in proportion to the nature and extent of the work required in examinations and tests. The cost of experimental work is practically the same in each class of device,...

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