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STATE INSTITUTIONS. The State College, established at Lexington by act of Legislature in 1865, is supported partly by Congressional, partly by State aid. Its management is vested in a board of trustees, consisting of the Governor, who is ex officio chairman of the board, and fifteen gentlemen nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. One trustee is selected from each Congressional district ontside of the district in which Lexington is situated, and the remaining five from the Lexington district.

In consequence of the aid received from the State each legislative district is allowed to appoint one student each year to the college. The appointment is valid for four years, and gives the appointee free tuition, lodging, fuel, lights and traveling expenses from his home and return, provided he remains one year at the college. Each district may also appoint (each year) four teachers, or persons preparing to teach, to tuition in the normal school of the college. These appointments are valid for one year.

All appointments are made, on competitive examination, by the county superintendents. The State pays in aid of said college, one-half of one cent on all taxes received. The Federal government appropriates $25,000 a year to the two State Colleges in the following proportion: 3:42 per cent to State College at Lexington. 1412 per cent. to Colored Normal School at Frankfort, STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FOR COLORED PERSONS,

FRANKFORT, KY. This school was established by act of the Legislature, dated May 18, 1886.

It is supported by an annual State appropriation of $4,255.50, $1,000 received from John F. Slater's fund, and by about $3,000 appropriated by Congress under act of August 30, 1890, which is also paid annually.

It is under the control of a board of trustees, of whom the State Superintendent of Public Instruction is chairman ex officio. The other three members are chosen by the Governor, and must be residents of Franklin county.

The faculty consists of six persons.
The departments are a preparatory and a normal.

Tuition is free to pupils residents of the State. The enrollment this year is sixty-five.

Dear and Dumb Institution. Danville, Ky., was founded in 1822. Augustus Rogers, Superintendent. Number of white pupils

295 Number of colored pupils

40 Per capita, $140, and an additional appropria

tion of $13,700 per annum. Institution for the Education of the Blind, Louisville; established in February, 1842. B. B. Huntoon, Superintendent. Number of white pupils

101 Number of colored pupils

20 Per capita, $140, and an additional appropria

tion of $13,000 per annum. Institution for the Education of Feeble-Minded Children, Frankfort; established in 1860. Dr. C. K. Wallace, Superintendent. Number of hite pupils

146 Per capita, $150, and an additional appropria

tion of $7,500 per annum.

State Institutions.-Continued.


Eastern Lunatic Asylum, Lexington, Ky., established in 1815
as a private asylum, and became a State institution in 1824. Dr.
Edward M. Wiley, Superintendent.
Number of white men

Number of white women
Number of colored men

Number of colored women

77 Western Lunatic Asylum, Hopkinsville; established in 1848. Thos. W. Gardiner, Superintendent. Number of white inmates

576 Number of colored inmates

142 Central Lunatic Asylum, Lakeland, Jefferson county; established in 1869 as a House of Reform for Young Criminals; became a lunatic asylum, August, 1873. Levin E. Goslee, Superintendent. Number of white patients

1,123 Number of colored patients

184 All our lunatic asyluins receive for each non-paying patient, $150 per capita, and can not charge pay patients more. Each institution is managed by a board of (nine) commissioners appointed by the Governor, who serve without compensation. All were enlarged in 1891.

Salaries, per annum, of the asylum officials are as follows: Superintendent, $2,000; First Assistant Physician, $1,200; Second Assistant Physician, $1,000; Third Assistant Physician, $800; Steward, $1,100; Receiver, $600, and the salary of the Treasurer shall not exceed $500.


The Legislature of 1898 made an appropriation of $100,000 for the establishment of two schools of reform, one for girls, to be known as the “House of Reform" for girls, and one for boys, to be known as the "House of Reform" for boys. Six trustees, three women and three men, were appointed, according to the provis. ions of the law (Ky. Statutes, Sec. 2095), and they located the Houses of Reform at Lexington.

The object of this institution is for the reformation of juvenile criminals, under eighteen years of age, who by reason of moral depravity have rendered themselves burdensome to society.

The following officers have been appointed by the board of trustees: Mrs. Louise E. Yandell, president, Louisville;. Wm. Worthington, treasurer. Lexington; Mrs. Francis E. Beauchamp, secretary, Lexington; E. H. Drake, superintendent, Lexington, and Mrs. E. H. Drake, matron.

The buildings are now completed and ready for occupancy. Per capita, $75.00, and an additional appropriation of $5,000 per annum.

. $2,000

1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200

900 720

State Institutions.-Continued.

Kentucky Penitentiary, was completed in 1799.
Hon. E. T. Lillard, Warden (House) and
J. H. Punch (temporary) Deputy Warden
Gervis H. Stone, Clerk
Dr. H. L. Tobin, Physician
Lew G. Wallace, Chaplain
R. E. Gaines, Chief Engineer
Forty-two guards (each)

White male prisoners
Negro male prisoners
White female prisoners

Negro female prisoners
Branch Penitentiary, established in January, 1891.
Hepry F. Smith, Warden
Henry F. Taylor, Deputy Warden
Geo. Catlett, Clerk
A. W. Brasher, M, D., Physician
S. K. Breeding, Chaplain
P. W. Depp, Chief Engineer
Twenty-one guards (each)

White male prisoners
Negro male prisoners

508 700

5 32


1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200

900 720



SENATE. (D), Democrat; (R), Republican; (P), Populist. First District-Hickman, Fulton and Graves-Jas. D. Watson (D), Mayfield.

Second District-McCracken, Marshall, Ballard and Carlisle McD Ferguson (D), Paducah.

Third District-Lyon, Livingston, Calloway and Trigg--N. W. Utley (D), Eddyville.

Fourth District-Caldwell, Crittenden and Webster-J. H. McConnell (P), Cobb.

Fifth District-Henderson and Union-Dr. John Bell (D), Mor. ganfield.

Sixth District-Christian and Hopkins-R. C. Crenshaw (D), Pee Dee.

Seventh District-Ohio, Muhlenberg and Butler-N. T. Howard (R), Morgantown.

Highth District-Daviess and McLean-R. S. Triplett (D), Owensboro

Ninth District-Logan, Simpson and Todd-Dr. S. B. Harrel (D), Russellville.

Tenth District--Breckinridge, Hancock and Meade-R. M. Jolly (R), Irvington.

Eleventh District-Warren, Allen and Edmonson-B. S. Hunts. man (R), Scottsville.

Twelfth District-Hardin, Grayson and Bullitt-W. 0. Jones (D), Leitchfield.

Thirteenth District-Hart, Larue and Green-C. H. Dye (R), Athertonville.

Fourteenth District-Nelson, Shelby and Spencer-Newton Frazier (D), Clarke's Station.

Fifteenth District--Marion, Washington and Taylor-R. Eumett Puryear (D), Campbellsville.

Sixteenth District-Clinton, Cumberland, Adair, Russell and Wayne-W. E. Miller (R), Burksville.

Seventeenth District-Laurel, Pulaski, Whitley, Knox, Bell, Jackson and Rockcastle-John L. Whitehead (R), Williamsburg.

Eighteenth District-Lincoln, Boyle, Garrard and Casey--Geo. T. Farris (D), Lancaster.

Nineteenth District-Barren, Metcalfe and Monroe--F. M. White (R), Tompkinsville.

Twentieth District-Anderson, Franklin and Mercer-L. H. Carter (D), Lawrenceburg.

Twenty-first District-Henry, Oldham, Carroll and Trimble.--W. 0. Coleman (D), Sulphur.

Twenty-second District-Woodford, Scott and Jessamine-Dr. T. R. Welch (D), Nicholasville.

Twenty-third District--Gallatin, Boone and Owen-Dr. J. G. Furnish (D), Burlington.

Twenty-fourth District-Kenton-Wm. Goebel (D), Covington. Twenty-fifth District-Campbell-T. M. Hill (D), Newport.

Twenty-sixth District-Bracken, Pendleton and Grant---. T. Voires (D), Butler.

Twenty-seventh District-Fayette-J. Embry Allen (D), Lerington.*

Twenty-eighth District-Bourbon and Clark-J. M. Thomas, Paris.

Twents-ninth District-Madison, Estill, Powell and Lee-Curtis F. Burpam (R), Richmond,

Thirtieth District-Nicholas, Harrison and Robertson-J. C. Gillespie (D). Carlisle.

Thirty-first District-Mason and Lewis-W. H. Cox (R), Maysville.

Thirty-second District-Boyd, Greenup, Lawrence and Elliott-John J. Johnson (D), Louisa.

Thirty-third District-l'erry. Letcher, Clav, Harlan, Floyd, Pike, Knott, Leslie, Martin and Johnson-T. S. Kirk (R), Paintsrille.

Thirty-fourth District-Magoffin, Breathitt, Morgan, Wolfe and Owsley-A. D. Roberts (D), Booneville.

Thirty-fifth District-Rowan, Bath, Fleming, Carter and Menifee-J. P. Huif, (R), Poplar Plains.

Thirty-sixth District-Jefferson and the first and second wards of Louisville-Thomas H. Hays (D), Lonisville.

Thirty-seventh District-Third, fourth. fifth, sixth and seventh wards. Lonisville-John Barret (R), Louisville.

Thirty-eighth District--Ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth wards of Louisville-Geo. H. Alexander (D), Louisville.

*Seat contested.


REPRESENTATIVES. Adair and Cumberland-M. R. Yarberry (R), Columbia. Allen-E. H. Read (R), Scottsville. Anderson-W. P. Cox (D), Fox Creek. Ballard and Carlisle-W. C. Ray (D), Bardwell. Barren-V. H. Baird (D), Glasgow. Bath and Rowan-W. C. Tipton (R), Owingsville.* Bell, Harlan, Leslie and Perry-Wm. Lewis (R), Hyden. Boone-Benjamin Stephens (D), Florence. Bourbon-Jno. T. Hinton (D), Paris. Boyd and Lawrence-J. H. Sturgell (R), Wilbur. Boyle-C. C. Bagby (D), Danville. Bracken-T. H. Armstrong (D), Augusta. Breathitt, Lee and Magoffin A. P. Crawford (D), Jackson.* Breckinridge-J. P. Haswell, Jr., (R), Hardinsburg. Bullitt and Spencer-R. 0. Cochran (D), Normandy. Butler and Edmonson-Isaac Johnson (R), Round Hill. Caldwell-W. S. Randolph (R), Princeton. Calloway-Robert Swan (D), Murray. Campbell, First District-Geo. C. Traver (1). Alexandria. Campbell, Second District-W. A. Burkamıp (R), Newport. Carroll and Gallatin-J. W. Hance (D), Warsaw. Carter and Elliott-J. McDowell (R), Sandy Hook. Casey and Russell-P. H. Taylor (R), Liberty. Christian-J. F. Rogers (R), Hopkinsville. Clark-Abram Repick (1)), Syeamore. Clay, Jackson and Owsley-Dr. J. A. Mahaffey (R), Sturgeon* Clinton and Wayne-J. W. Catron (R), Albany. Crittenden and Livingston-T. J. Nickell (D), Grand Rivers. Daviess, First District-R. E. Watkins (D), Philpot. Daviess, Second District-R. W. Slack (R). Owensboro. Estill and Powell—W. H. Lilly (R), Irvine. Fayette, First District-W. F. Klair (D), Lexington.* Fayette, Second District-Henry S. Berry (R), Lexington.* Fleming-E. M. Money (D), Sapp. Floyd, Knott and Letcher-Troy P. Perkins (D), Hindman. Franklin-South Trimble (D), Frankfort. Fulton and Hickman--J. L. Egbert (D), Clinton. Garrard-Wm. Ray (D), Buckeye.* Grant-J. C. B. Conrad (D), Dry Ridge. Graves-L. E. Weatherford (D), Mayfield. Grayson-R. H. Spurrier (R), Caneyville. Green and Taylor-R. R. Benningfield (R), Elkhorn. Green up-B. F. Meadows (R), Hoods. Hancock-B. H. Lott (R). Lewisport. Hardin-Charles Aaron Nelson (D). White Mills. Harrison-W. T. Lafferty (D), Cynthiana. Hart-Claiborne J. Walton (R), Munfordville. Henderson-Dr. A. S. Denton (D), Robards. Henry-G. A, Holland (D), Eminence. Hopkins-Ben T. Robinson (R), Morton's Gap. Jessamine-David Bell (D), Nicholasville. Johnson and Martin-J. P. DeLong (R Inez. Kenton, First District-Steve Henry (D), Earlanger.

*Seat Contested.

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