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Members of the House of Representatives.--Continued.

Kenton, Second District-W. H. Collopy (D), Covington.* Kenton, Third District-M. Abele (D), Covington.* Louisville, Forty-fifth District-J. M. Letterle (D), Louisville. * Louisville, Forty-Sixth District-C. Mueller (D), Louisville.* Louisville, Forty-seventh District-Jno. R. Kelday (R), Louisville.* Louisville, Forty-eighth District-M. H. Heissman (R), Louisville.

Louisville, Forty-ninth District-William M. Hail (R), Louisville. *

Louisville, Fiftieth District-G. D. R. Aiken (R), Louisville.*
Louisville, Fifty-first_District-A. H. Charlton (D), Louisville.*
Jefferson County-J. D. Strong (R), Fern Creek.*
Larue-C. L. Shawler (D), Lyon Station.
Laurel and Rockcastle--B. J. Bethurum (R), Mount Vernon.
Lewis-Jas. Cooper (R), Ruggles.
Lincoln.-P. M. McRoberts (R), Stanford.
Logan-H. Brister (R), Russellville.*
Lyon and Marshall-H. B. Lyon (D), Eddyville.
Madison-W. T. Harris (R), Richmond.*
Marion-L. C. Rawlings (D), Bradfordville
Mason-J. W. Alexander (D), Maysville.
McCracken-J. P. Holt (D), Paducah.
McLean-G. W. Hickman (D), Calhoun.
Meade--W. A. Stith (D), Guston,
Menifee and Montgomery-I. N. Greene (D), Grassy.
Mercer--John M. Wilson (R), Salvisa.
Metcalfe and Monroe-J. E. Leslie (R) Tompkinsville.
Morgan and Wolfe-J. P. Rose (1)), Hazelgreen.
Muhlenberg--W. W. Lewis (R), Greenville.
Nelson--Eli H. Brown (D), Bloomfield.
Nicholas and Robertson-T. M. Sharp (D), Headquarters.
Ohio—R. O. Jarnagin (R), Beaver Dam.
Oldham and Trimble-Claude Terrell (D), Bedford.
Owen-Emmett Orr (D), Owenton.
Pendleton-E. E. Barton (1)), Falmouth.
Pike.-E. E, Trivett (R), Pikeville.
Pulaski-Eph. F. Hays (R), Somerset.
Scott-J. C. Cantrill (D), Georgetown.
Shelby--S. W. Booker (D), Eminence.
Simpson-G. T. Finn (D), Franklin.
Todd-W. H. Mimms (D), Allensville.
Trigg--Dr. J. C. Taylor (R), Canton.*
Union-G. T. Berry (D), Henshaw.
Warren, First District--M. H. Sledge (D), Allen Springs.
Warren, Second District-W. U. Grider (D), Bowling Green.
Washington-C. F. Bosley (D), Texas.
Webster-F. M. Willingham (D), Sebree.
Whitley and Knox-L. W. Hampton (R), Barbourville.
Woodford-G. B. Stout (D), Faywood.*

*Seat contested.

OFFICERS OF THE SENATE. President pro tem., Wm. Goebel, of Kenton. Chief Clerk-Claude Desha, of Harrison county, per day $8 00 Assistant Clerk-William Cromwell, of Franklin county per day

8 00 Enrolling Clerk-Mrs. Caswell Bennett, of Lyon county, per day

6 00 Sergeant-at-Arms-Ben Hensley, of_Pendleton, per day

5 00 Doorkeeper-J. F. Richardson, of Daviess, per day

5 00 Janitor- Tom McLaughlin, of Fayette, per day

4 00 Cloak-room Keeper–J. R. Catlett, of Caldwell, per day 3 50 Pages-Garth Ferguson, of McCracken, George Norris, of Garrard, Coleman Malloy, of Lyon, per day, each

2 50 OFFICERS OF THE HOUSE. Speaker-South Trimble, of Franklin county, per day .$10 00 Chief Clerk-Ed 0. Leigh, McCracken, per day

8 00 Assistant Clerk-Henry Williams, of Warren, per day

8 00 Enrolling Clerk-Miss Maragert Ingles, of Bourbon, per day 6 00 Sergeant-at-Arms-Percy Haley, of Franklin, per day

5 00 Door Keeper-Wm. Lyons, of Jessamine, per day

4 00 Janitor-W. H. Snodgrass, of Mercer, per day

4 00 Cloak-room Keeper-George Kendrick, of Campbell, per day 3 00 Assistant Cloak-room Keeper–Harris Alexander, of Mason, per day

3 00 Pages-Charles Parrish, of Clark, Chester Stacy, of Knott,

Elmer Wilson, of Union, and Wm. Peak, of Trimble, each, 2 50

SENATE COMMITTEES. Committee on Agriculture and Mechanical College-J. J. Johnson, J. Embry Allen, R. E. Puryear, T. R. Welch, W. 0. Jones.

Agricultural and Manufactures-J. H. McConnell, J. C. Gillespie, Newton Frazier, R. C. Crenshaw, W. O. Coleman, J. P. Huff.

Appropriations-J. M. Thomas, Newton Frazier, R. C. Crenshaw, George T. Farris, W. 0. Miller.

Ranks and Insurance-George T. Farris, T. R. Welch, W. 0. Coleman, W. T. Voires, J. D. Watson.

Charitable Institutions-T. R. Welch, S. B. Harrel, J. J. Johnson, J. G. Furnish, W. T. Voires, W. 0. Jones, J. D. Watson, R. E. Puryear, C. H. Dye.

Claims-George H. Alexander, John Barret, Thomas H. Hays, W. H. Cox, R. M. Jolly.

Codes of Practice-R. E. Puryear, T. M. Hill, N. W. Utley, T. S. Kirk, L. H. Carter.

Constitutional Amendments-J. Embry Allen, R. E. Puryear, N. W. Utley, Curtis F. Burnam, McD. Ferguson.

Criminal Lav-John A. Bell, R. E. Puryear, L. H. Carter, J. Embry Allen, N. T. Howard.

Corporations-McD). Ferguson, W. T. Voires, W. 0. Coleman, R. C. Crenshaw, John J. Johnson, John L. Whiteheal, Newton Frazier.

Courts of Justice-T. M. Hill, J. Embry Allen, McD. Ferguson, R. B. Puryear, T. S. Kirk.

Education--W. T. Voires, J. M. Thomas, L. H. Carter, R. (. Crenshaw, C. H. Dye, W. O. Jones.

Enrollments-George T. Farris, W. T. Voires, J. J. Johnson, R. M. Jolly, W. H. Cox.

Executive Affairs--W. 0. Coleman, J. D. Watson, R. S. Triplett, F. M White, B. S. Huntsman.

Federal Relations-John Barret, George H. Alexander, Thomas H. Hays, F. M. White, Curtis F. Burnam.

Kentucky Statutes-W. 0. Jones, William Goebel, N. W. Utley. John A. Bell, R. E. Puryear, George H. Alexander, John Barret. J. Embry Allen.

Immigration and Labor-R. C. Crenshaw, J. H. McConnell, John A. Bell, N. W. Utley, W. E. Miller.

Internal Improvements-J. C. Gillespie, W. 0. Coleman, J. G. Furnish, J. D. Watson, John L. Whitehead,

Judiciary-L. H. Carter, Curtis F. Burnam, William Goebel, W. 0. Jones, R. E. Puryear, John A. Bell, J. Embry Allen.

Library and Public Buildings-J. G. Furnish, R. E. Puryear, R. S. Triplett, J. M. Thomas, S. B. Harrel, W. H. Cox.

Military Affairs-J. Embry Allen, J. D. Watson, J. C. Gillespie, C. H. Dye, W. E. Miller.

Municipalities--J. D. Watson, William Goebel, J. Embry Allen, R. S. Tripett, McD). Ferguson, John L. Whitehead.

Penitentiary and House of Reform-N. W. Utley, S. B. Harrel, L. H. Carter, J. D. Watson, J. Embry Allen, R. E. Puryear, F. M. White.

Printing--T. H. Hays, T. R. Welch, N. W. Utley, J. J. Johnson, W. E. Miller.

Propositions and Grievances—W. H. Cox, N. T. Howard, T. S. Kirk, W. E. Miller, R. M. Jolly.

Public Health-S. B. Harrel, T. R. Welch, J. G. Furnish, J. P. Huff, J. C. Gillespie.

Railroad and Commerce-R. S. Triplett, J. G. Furnish, R. C. Crenshaws, G. T. Farris, J. M. Thomas, W. T. Voires, N. T. Howard, L. H. Carter, Newton Frazier,

Revenue and Taxation-Newton Frazier, N. W. 'Utley, W. 0. Coleman, S. B. Harrel, J. H. McConnell, R. S. Triplett, T. S. Kirk.

Religion and Morals--A. D. Roberts, J. M. Thomas, R. E. Puryear, 1. H. Carter, Men). Ferguson, G. T. Farris.

Rules-Wn. Goebel, L. H. Carter, J. M. Thomas, W. 0. Jones, G. T. Farris, R. C. Crenshaw, R. E. Puryear.

Sinking Fond -T. S. Kirk, W. F. Cox, N. T. Howard, F. M. White. W. E. Miller.

Suffrage and Election-McD. Ferguson, N. W. Utley, S. B. Harrel, W. 0. Coleman, L. H. Carter.


Judiciary-W. T. Lafferty, Chairman; G. W. Hickman, Claude Terrell, C. c. Bagby, G. T. Finn, V. H. Baird, Eli H. Brown, G. A. Holland and J. P. Haswell, Jr.

State Prisons and House of Reform--P. M. Willingham, Chairman; I.. C. Rawlings, H. B. Lyon, E. M. Money, T. J. Nickell, Benjamin Stephens, Stere Henry, J. P. Holt and L. W. Hampton.

Railroad and Commerce--C. A. Nelson, Chairman; T. H. Armstrong, W. U. Grider. W. F. Klair, Emmett Orr, David Bell, J. W. Alexanler, C. Mueller anl R. C. Jarnagin,

Charitable Institutions, John T. Hinton, Chairman; A. S. Denton, C. Mueller, Benjamin Stephens, W. H. Collopy, J. C. Cantrill, David Rell, W. H. Mimms and Eph F. Hays.

Education-W. A. Stith, Chairman; M. Abele, C. F. Bosley, W. F. Klair, C. A. Nelson, Robert Swan, W. U. Grider, R. O. Cochran and K. H. Spurrier.

Revenue and Taxation-Emmett Orr, Chairman; W. P. Cox, J. L. Egbert, G. B. Stout, S. W. Booker, G. W. Hickman, J. C. B. Conrad, C. L. Shawler and Henry S. Rerry.

Agriculture and Manufactures-Geo. C. Traver, Chairman; Abram Renick, G. B. Stout, P. M. Willingham, I. N. Greene, C. L. Shawler, C. F. Bosley, R. W. Slack and J. F. Rogers.

Land Titles-V. H. Baird, Chairman; J. P. Holt, J. W. Hance, C. L. Shawler, E. M. Money, J. F. Rogers, Ben T. Robinson, E. H. Read and W. S. Randolph.

Kentucky Statutes-Claude Terrell, Chairman; W. T. Lafferty, V. H. Baird, G. T. Finn, G. A Holland, M. R. Yarberry, E. Ë. Trivett, John M. Wilson and E. E. Barton.

Municipalities–A. H. Charlton, Chairman, M. Abele, W. U. Grider, C. A. Nelson, Emmett Orr, David Bell, W. F. Klair, H. Brister and C. Mueller.

Classification of Cities and Towns-J. P. Haswell, Jr., Chairman; William Ray, W. H. Collopy, M. H. Sledge, J. L. Egbert, George C. Traver, Claiborne J. Walton, W. C. Tipton and P. H. Taylor.

Constitutional Amendments-G. W. Hickman, Chairman; W. T. Lafferty. I. N. (reene, M. H. Sledge, Kobt. Swan, R. E. Watkins, W. C. Tipton, J. C. Taylor and J. H. Sturgell,

Proposition and Grievances—W. C. Ray, Chairman; J. P. Rose, H. 1. Lyon, J. C. B. Conrad, J. C. Cantrill, J. P. DeLong and Wm. M. Hail,

Claims--J. W. Alexander, Chairman; L. C. Rawlings, W. C. Ray, W. H. Mimms, W. P. Cox, L. W. Hampton and w. T. Harris.

Ways and Means-L. E. Weatherford, Chairman; E. M. Money, Wm. Ray, A. P. Crawford, G. B. Stout, B. F. Meadows and J. D. Strong.

Public Morals-J. P. Rose, Chairman; J. C. B. Conrad, J. W. Hance. T. J. Nickell, Isaac Johnson, J. A. Mahaffey and J. McDowell.

Internal Improvements-G. B. Stont, Chairman: 'W. P. Cox, Steve Henry, W. S. Randolph, S. W. Booker, J. W. Catron and Jaines Cooper.

Military Affairs-H. B. Lyon, Chairman; A. P. Crawford, W. H. Mimms, J. L. Egbert, L. E. Weatherford, J. P. Delong and Isaac Johnson,

Sinking F'rindW. P. Cox, Chairnan; J. P. Holt, T. J. Nickell, Wm. Ray, W. H. Collopy, H. Brister, W. A. Burkamp, M. R. Yarberry and John M. Wilson.

Banks and Banking-S. W. Booker, Chairman; J. W. Alexander, John T. Hinton, Abram Renick, Henry S. Berry, R. R. Benningfield and G. D. R. Aiken.

Court of Appeals-G. A. Holland, Chairman; C. C. Bagby, E. E. Barton, Eli L. Brown, G. W. Hickman, William Lewis and W. H. Lilly.

Circuit Courts-G. T. Finn, Chairman; R. E. Watkins, C. C. Baghy, 6. A. Holland, P. H. Taylor, R. W. Slack and B. J. Bethurum.

County and City Courts-R. E. Watkins, Chairman; W. C. Ray, G. T. Finn, Robert Swan, V. H. Baird, W. H. Lilly and P. M. MCRoberts.

Codes of Practice-Eli H. Brown, Chairman; R. F. Watkins, W. T. Lafferty, G. T. Fiun, G. T. Berry, E. E. Trivett and P. M. MeRoberts.

Criminal La-C. C. Bagby, Chairman; G. T. Berry, R. E. Watkins, Jno. R. Kelday, W. W. Lewis, W. C. Ray and B. H. Lott.

Agricultural and Mechanical College-W. F. Klair, Chairman; T. M. Sharp, M. H. Sledge, Robert Swan, Eli H. Brown, R. R. Henningheld and Henry S. Berry.

linmigration and Labor-C. Mueller, Chairman, A. H. Charlton, J. W. Hance, T. M. Sharp, B. F. Meadows, J. McDowell and J. A. Mahaffey.

Insurance-M. Abele, Chairman; T. H. Armstrong, C. F. Bosley, C. A. Nelson, Claude Terrell, L. E. Weatherford and Troy P. l'erkins.

Corporate Institutions- Abram Renick, Chairman; T. H. Armstrong, R. (). Cochran, J. M. Letterle, C. A. Nelson, W. A. Stith anil L. E. Weatherford

Ketrenchment and Reform-L. C. Rawlings, Chairman; J. P. Rose, Benjamin Stephens, George C. Traver, P. M. Willingha:n, Win. Lewis and G. D. R. Aiken.

L'ublic Health--A. S. Denton, Chairman; David Bell, E. E. Barton, S. W. Booker, A. H. Charlton, E. H. Read and Ben T. Robinson.

Public Offices and Library-J. C. Cantrill, Chairman; W. C. Ray, W. F. Klair, E. M. Money, Claude Terrell, C. J. Walton and G. T. Berry.

Mines and Mining-W. U. Grider, Chairman; A. P. Crawford, Troy P. Perkins, G. T. Berry, J. W. Hance, M. H. Heissman and R. C. Jarnagin.

Suffrage and Elections-C. F. Bosley, Chairman; R. O. Cochran. Troy P. Perkins, Steve Henry, J. C. Cantrill, Eli H. Brown and Jno. R. Kelday.

Legislative Accounts-E. E. Barton, Chairman: A. S. Denton, J. P. Holt, J. C. B. Conrad, T. M. Sharp, B. J. Bethurum and J. E. Leslie.

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