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Joint Rules.


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Joint Rule 1. When bills are on their passage between the two Houses, they shall be on paper, and under the signature of the clerk of each House respectively.

Joint Rule 2. After a bill shall have passed both Houses, it shall be duly enrolled on paper, and under the signature of the clerk of each House respectively.

Joint Rule 3. When bills are enrolled, they shall be examined by a joint committee of five from the Senate and five from the House of Representatives, appointed standing committee for that purpose; one of whom on the part of the Senate, and two from the House of Representatives, shall be sufficient to compare the enrolled with the engrossed bills, as passed in the two Houses, and correcting any errors that may be discovered in the enrolled bills, make their report forthwith to their respective Houses.

Joint Rule 4. After examination and report each bill shall be signed in their respective Houses during open session, first by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and then by the President of the Senate.

Joint Rule 5. After a bill shall have been thus signed by each House, it shall be presented by the clerk of the House in which the bill originated to the Governor for his upprobation-it being first indorsed on the back of the bill, certifying in which House the same originated; which endorseinent shall be signed by the clerk of the House in which the same did originate, and shall be entered on the Journal of each House. The said clerk shall report the day of presentation to the Governor, which time shall also be carefully entered upon the Journal of each House.

Joint Rule 6. All bills and resolutions passing from one House to the other shall take the course prescribed by the House to which they are transmitted.

Joint Rule 7. All orders and resolutions which are to be presented to the Governor for his approbation shall also be previously enrolled, examined and signed in open session,

and shall be presented in the same manner and by the clerk, as is provided in cases of bills.

Joint Rule 8. Every order, resolution or vote to which the concurrence of the Senate shall be necessary, shall be read to the House and laid on the table on a day preceding that in which the same shall be moved, unless the House shall otherwise expressly allow.

Joint Rule 9. When any papers may come officially before either branch of the Legislature, or any communication from the Governor, and are proper to be acted upon by both Houses, the House before which such papers are laid, or to whom such communications are made, shall, as soon as they have proceeded and acted on the same, lay them before the other House.

Joint Ruile 10. When there is a communication from the Governor, or a message from one House to the other, it shall be received without delay; if the House be in committee the Speaker shall resume the chair, and if any member be speaking, he shall suspend his remarks until the communication or message be received.


WHEN IN JOINT SESSION: Joint Rule 11. When it is not otherwise provided by law, the members of the Senate and House of Representatives, in the selection of all officers 'elective by the General Assembly as an entirety, and in the consideration and determination of any contested election for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant-Governor that may be brought before it, shall be convened in joint meeting, and unless differently prescribed by law, a majority of the members of the two bodies shall constitute a quorum in joint meetings, for the transaction of all busines before it.

All joint meetings of the Senate and House of Representatives shall be held in the hall of the House of Representatives, and in all cases in which the date of any such meeting is not fixed by law the time shall be designated and fixed by the order of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which order shall be entered upon the Journal of the House by the clerk thereof, and a copy of said order he shall certify and deliver to the clerk of the Senate, who shall enter the same upon the Journal of that body.

At all such meetings the President of the Senate if he be

not personally interested in the business before the joint meeting, and in that event the President pro tem, of the Senate, if he shall not be under like disqualification, may occupy a seat to the left of the Speaker of the House, but the Speaker of the House shall preside, preserve decorum, put questions, decide all points of order and perform the duties usually discharged by presiding officers. The clerk of the Senate shall be chief clerk, assisted by the clerk of the House. They shall enter upon the Journal of their respective bodies the proceedings of the joint assembly. In recording any vote required to be entered upon the record the names of the Senators shall be first called, and then those of the Representatives, and all questions shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. The sergeant-atarms of the Senate, assisted by the sergeant-at-arms of the House, shall perform the duties of that office in the joint meeting, and the doorkeeper of the House, assisted by the doorkeeper of the Senate, shall perform the duties of that office in the joint meeting.

Committees having in charge any contested election for the office of Governor or Lieutenant-Governor shall make their reports to a joint meeting of the two Houses of the General Assembly, accompanied by such declaration of findings and resolutions, or either, as may be proper; and the joint meetings may at any time compel the committee to report. Such rcport, when made, shall be immediately taken up for consideration and discussion for a time of not exceeding six hours, one-half of which shall be allotted to each side. At the conclusion of said time, or sooner if the discussion shall have ceased, the joint meeting shall vote to a conclusion of the business before it without intervening motion or business. The time of adjourning the joint meeting shall be controlled by itself, without reference to the hours of adjournment fixed by the rules for the government of the two bodies separately.


Adjutant-General's Office

Agricultural Commission

Appellate Districts with names of judges


Attorney-General's Office

Auditor's Office

Bankruptcy Districts with names of referees

. 108-109
Chief-Justices of Kentucky

Circuit Court Calendar

Circuit Court Judicial Districts with names of judges and
Commonwealth's attorneys

Cities and towns of Kentucky, classified

Clerk of the Court of Appeals

Committees of Senate

Committees of House

Committees on Governor's and Lieut.-Governor's Contest.162
Congressional Districts and Congressmen

Constitution of Kentucky

County Court Calendar

Counties of Kentucky, when formed

County Official Directory

Court of Appeals

Democratic State Central and Executive Committees.

Election Commissioners

Election Law

Electoral Vote for President, 1896..

Executive Office

Governors of Kentucky

Governors of the various States

House of Representatives, members of, and their ad-

Houses of Reform

Inspector of Mines and Curator Geological Survey .148
Internal Revenue Districts with names of collectors.. .96-97
Interest Laws and Statutes of Limitation

Joint Rules

Map of Kentucky, arranged by congressional districts.... 34
Moneys, various kinds in circulation.

Newspapers of Kentucky

Officers of Court of Appeals

Officers of Senate

Oflicers of House


Population of Kentucky according to the census of 1890..91-92
Population of the United States

Postal information

Prison Commissioners


Presidents of the United States

Quarterly Court Calendar

Railroad Commission

Railroad Commissioners, terms, salaries, etc.

Republican State Central and Executive Committees..120-121
Rules of the Senate

Rules of the House

Senate, members of and postoffice addresses

Sinling Fund Commission

School Statistics

Speakers of the Kentucky House

Siperintendent of Public Instruction

. 149
State Board of Health

State Board of Equalization

State College

State Custodian

State Inspector and Examiner

State Legislatures, matter relating to

State Librarian

State Normal School

Treasurer's Office

United States Circuit and District Courts.

. 108
United States Government

United States Senators

Vote of Kentucky (official), 1896, 1897, 1899.



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