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l'alues of foreign coins.

[Circular No. 1.]

Washington, D. C., January 1, 1903. Hon. LESLIE M. SHAW, Secretary of the Treasury.

SIR : In pursuance of the provisions of section 25 of the act of August 28, 1894, I present in the following table an estimate of the values of the standard coins of the nations of the world: (a)




Monetary unit.

Value in terms

of U. S. gold



Argentine Re- Gold...... Peso.....

$0.965 | Gold: argentine (34.824) and 4 arpublie.

gentine. Silver: peso and divisions, Gold: former system - 4 florins

(81.929), 8 florins ($3.858), ducat Austria-Hun- Gold...... Crown


(22.257) and 4 ducats (59.149). Sil.

ver: 1 and 2 florins. gary.

Gold: present system --20 crowns

($1.052); 10 crowns ($2.026). Belgium.... Gold...... Franc


Gold: 10 and 20 francs. Silver: 5

francs. Bolivia Silver Boliviano

. 361 Silver: boliviano and divisions. Brazil Gold.. Milreis

Gold: 5, 10. and 20 milreis. Silver:

19. 1, and 2 milreis. British Posses- Gold...... Dollar.

1.000 sions, N. A. (except New.

foundland). Central Ameri

can States-
Costa Rica.... Gold...... Colon...

. 165 Gold : 2, 5, 10, and 20 colons ($9.307).

Silver : 5, 10, 25, and 50 centimos. British Honduras.. Gold...... Dollar..

1.000 (iuutemala.. Honduras. Nicaragua Silver .... Peso...

.361 Silver: peso and divisions.
Chile..... Gold...... Peso...


escudo ($1.825), doubloon (33.650), and condor ($7.300). Sil

ver: peso and divisions. a The coins of silver-standard countries are valued by their pure silver contents, at the aver. age market price of silver for the three months preceding the date of this circular.



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Value in terms

of U. S. gold dollar.



.582 558 .570 .540 .594


. 193


(a) .518 .561

533 .539 585 566 .361 Gold: condor ($9.647) and double

condor. Silver: peso. 926 Gold: Doubloon Isabella, centen

($5.017). Alphonse ($4.8:33). Silver:

peso. 268 Gold: 10 and 20 crowns, . 487 Gold: 10 sucres ($4.9665). Silver:

sucre and divisions. 4.913

Gold: pound (100 piasters), 5, 10, 2),

and 50 piasters. Silver: 1, 2, 5, 10,

and 20 piasters. 193 Gold: 20 marks ($3.859), 10 marks

($1.93). Gold: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 francs. Sil.

ver: 5 francs. 238 Gold: 5, 10, and 20 marks. 4.86694 Gold: sovereign (pound sterling) and

1 sovereign. Gold: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 drachmas.

Silver: 5 drachmas. . 965 Gold: 1, 2, 5, and 11) gourdes. Silver:

gourde and divisions. 4. 8664g Gold: sovereign (pound sterling).

Silver: rupee and divisions.
Gold: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 lire. Sil.

ver: 5 lire.
Gold: 5, 10), and 20 yen. Silver: 10,

20, and 50 sen. 1.000 .392 Gold: dollar ($0.983). 216, 5, 10, and

20 dollars. Silver: dollar (or peso)

and divisions. Gold: 10 tlorins. Silver: 4, 1, and

4 florins.
1.014 Gold: ? dollars ($2.027).

Gold: 10 and 20 crowns.
Gold: 19. 1. and 2 tomans ($3.409). Sil.

ver: 14, 14, 1, 2, and 5 krans.
Gold: libra ($4.864i). Silver: sol and

divisions. 1.080 Gold: 1, 2,5. and 10 milreis. .515

Gold: imperial, 15 rubles ($7.718),

and 1g imperial. 719 rubles ($3.859).

Silver: 4:12, and I ruble. 193 Gold: 25 pesetas. Silver: 5 pesetas. .268 Gold: 10 and 20 crowns. .193 i Gold: 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 francs.

Silver: 5 francs. 044 Gold: 27, 50, 100, 230, and 500 piasters. 1.034 Gold: peso.

Silver: peso and divi. sions. .193 Gold: 5. 10. 20, 50, and 100 bolivars

Silver: 5 bolivars.

. 193


. 402


. 487

[blocks in formation]

a The “British dollar" has the same legal value as the Mexican dollar in Hongkong, the Straits Settlements, and Labuan.

b The sovereign is the standard coin of India, but the rupee ($0.321443) is the money of account, current at 15 to the sovereign. Respectfully,


Director of the Mint.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 1, 1903. The foregoing estimate by the Director of the Mint, of the values of foreign coins, I hereby proclaim to be the values of such coins in terms of the money of account of the United States, to be followed in estimating the value of all foreign merchandise exported to the United States on or after January 1, 1903, expressed in any of such metallic currencies.

H. A. TAYLOR, Acting Secretary of the Treasury.


Drawback on veilings.

Drawback on veilings manufactured by Stern & Stern, of New York, N. Y., with the

use of marabout or mousseline de soie.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 2, 1903. SIR: On the exportation of veilings manufactured by Stern & Stern, of New York, N. Y., wholly with the use of marabout or mousseline de soie, imported in the piece in a plain state and exported in the piece after having been printed in various figures or designs by a stamping and flocking of chenilling process, a drawback will be allowed equal in amount to the duty paid on the imported material so used, less the legal deduction of 1 per cent.

The preliminary entry must show the marks and numbers of the shipping cases, and separately the numbers of pieces of each class or kind of goods (marabout or mousseline de soie) contained in each case, the width of the same, together with the number of yards in each piece and in the entire shipment.

The drawback entry must show the number of yards of each class or kind of goods exported, that the said goods were manufactured of materials and in the manner set forth in the manufacturer's sworn statement, dated December 22, 1902. .

In liquidation, the quantity of imported material of each class or kind which may be taken as a basis for allowance of drawback may equal the quantity exported, as declared in the drawback entry, after official verification of exported quantities and kinds.

Samples may be taken or sworn samples furnished, as ordered by the collector, for required determinations. Respectfully,

0. L. SPAULDING, (721.)

Assistant Secretary. COLLECTOR OF CUSTOMS, New York, N. Y.


Chinese laborers. List of registered Chinese laborers whose certificates have been canceled because of

failure on the part of such Chinese laborers to return to the United States within two years after departure therefrom. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION,

Washington, D. C., January 3, 1903. The COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Washington, D. C.

SIR: Inclosed herewith find a descriptive list covering two certificates of residence of Chinese persons who have overstayed the two years which is the extreme limit allowed under the treaty and laws relating to the exclusion of Chinese for their return to the United States.

Inasmuch as the described certificates can be of no further use to the persons to whom they were issued, it is requested that you issue instructions to the respective collectors of internal revenue for the cancellation of the stubs of the said two certificates. Respectfully,


Commissioner-General. Approved: H. A. TAYLOR, Acting Secretary.



[blocks in formation]

Transportation of baggage destined for Canada. In instances where a sufficient number of packages to fill an entire car is not available,

baggage may be forwarded by bonded routes, when properly corded and sealed, in cars not secured by the prescribed customs fastenings.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 3, 1903. Sir: Referring to previous correspondence, and particularly to your letter of the 11th ultimo, in relation to the transportation of baggage arriving at your port and destined for Canada, you are directed to regard the instructions contained in Department's circular dated April 26, 1901 (T. D. 22995), concerning the transportation of corded and sealed packages of merchandise to and from Canada,

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