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ed, and containing all the talking points, if sent both to the salesman and to the salesinan's customers, will, through the effect of the double attention gained, stimulate the salesman to better work on that proposition.

The customer's indifference is overcome by the printed page, and it is this attitude of indifference, assumed by most dealers, which acts most favorably upon the salesman's mind.

Personal letters to salesmen stimulating when praise is given for work done, yet if not carefully worded praise will do harm rather than good.

The most effective method of correcting error and directing attention to shortcomings, is by the use of an impersonal printed form. It is employed by many houses with the very best results.

The purchases of a buyer are influenced more by a personal inclination than by a price, and in all matter addressed by the house to its customers, a "touch of human nature" in methods of expression must be considered a paramount need.

It is not difficult for the house to secure a close "human touch" with nearly every dealer by proper construction of advertising matter. The usual form, with plain cold-blooded figures, is not enough to arouse among the trade a feeling that they have an actual living acquaintance with the house.

They must be interested and their interest sustained by pulsating heart to heart method, which brings them near in sentiment and opinion.

opinion that friendship was no longer a factor in trade getting. I contend that it is as strong a determining power as it ever was.

Friendships in business are not necessarily born of personal acquaintance of those engaged in transactions, in fact, stronger friendships are often formed where they are not too well known to each other, but the attachment may spring from a recognition of up-to-date methods, fair dealing, and considerate treatment. The SOcalled prestige of a house is simply an advantage which is measured by the number of its friends.

I believe that at least fifty per cent of the salesmanship of the salesman is dependent upon the prestige of his house. If prestige is to be measured by numbers, then the house man who neglects to make his house favorably known to the required number is responsible to that degree for the inefficiency of his salesmen.

The employer is prone to blame the salesman, and to place all the burden of poor business upon his shoulders, when the truth of the matter is that salesman is not properly sustained and led.

A salesman cannot be driven. Selling goods is an art, not a mechanical process.

It is a psychological problem and its solution is dependent upon a careful regard for the laws which govern human thinking.

You cannot attempt to teach the salesman the science of salesmanship and hope for a perfect exhibition of the art. Science is tradition, heavy, cumbersome, and retarding in action. Load the salesman down with rules, and while he is trying to discover a rule to meet a contingency, the opportunity is lost.

The science of salesmanship may be mastered by the man in the house, however, and his work based upon the knowledge gained.

Precept is of little value, example is worth its weight in gold. Show a salesman that you are doing it and like the baby in the wash bowl reaching for the soap, "He will never be happy 'till he does it too."

An artist works best when the work is a joy; a salesman is an artist. It


One spasm of printing is almost worse than useless. I have learned that the business of selling goods is usually the result of a succession of efforts. The human mind is brought to respond by repeated assertions, where a single statement falls unheeded.

When there is created for the salesman an interested friendliness for his house, he becomes a tenfold power. He sells the goods and has little trouble in securing a fair price.

I have recently heard expressed an

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I have emphasized the fact that ideas offered for the salesman's stimulation whether, through his trade or for his own reading, should be printed, not on the typewriter, but upon the printing press,

because printed matter is impersonal, and you can say what you please in the way you please and strike home without offending.


If an employer desires to arouse his own enthusiasm so that it may be communicated to those in his employ, Jet him sit down, write out his ideas as forcefully as he may, then print them, and if he doesn't do anything with them but read them himself, he will make every man under him a better and a stronger man-by the example which his own increased power will offer.

You cannot make a salesman. You can arouse him to do his best-but you can only arouse by reaching him on his human side.

The human side of trade and salesmen can be reached, in advertising, without great expense. Elaborate colored advertisements are not absolutely essential-simple, plain type will do the work. It's not the style of setting so much as what you say, and how you say it! I think the house journals wherein the personalities of the firm members are impressed, are of wonderful force in strengthening prestige. It gives a “human” side to the business, take: away its coldness and harshness and makes customers feel as if they knew the house intimately.

There are other and simpler methods of revealing the human side of

You cannot teach a salesman to be original, if he is not so by nature, but you can teach him the value of ideas, provide him with them, new, ready made, and he will profit by them to a very large degree--if you show him how, in the right way.

A jobber's customer, after he has

been induced to purchase may be con and direct his energies into right
sidered and stimulated in the same channels.
manner that we would any other sales-

We can almost afford to ignore all
man, for he is the next salesman in

direct stimulation of our own sales-
line, and upon his success in disposing

men, if house influence is brought to
of our wares, depends our further

bear forcefully upon the dealer.

I do not for one moment believe
The dealer, therefore, must be sup-
plied with everything necessary

that we can send out any kind of a

arouse and sustain his enthusiasm.

man and get equal results simply be-

cause we conduct our house affairs
The retail dealer, viewed

as the

energetically. I recognize the need of
point of attack, offers the possibility good salesmen— men who can carry
of the maximum of result for the our ideas to fruition. I realize that in
minimum of effort. He is the center order to arouse a force there must be
of influence. His favor reflects itself a force which can be aroused.
upon the jobber's salesmen, and in

I further know that not more than
reaction is intensified, and it extends

one salesman in twenty is a good one.
to the consumer or user with a like
reaction upon himself.

I believe, however, that good sales-

men can be made better, poor ones be
If we plan a campaign of business iinproved, and the best results ob-
getting, and our distribution is made tained by a systematic and persistent
through a retail dealer, then let every adherence to a rule of business pro-
thing that is done to teach the value cedure, which is based upon a recog-
of our goods, be so controlled that its nition of the fact that “human na-
primary object, is to convince him ture" is at the bottom of it all.

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hocest careful description of buis what kind of material toes into I

One of the modern methods in teaching the proper use of language is by
taking incorrect sentences, and calling attention to the errors in them.

We will pursue a different policy in our attempt to educate along advertising
lines, and in launching this new department, “Worth Reproducing," it shall be
our aim to reproduce only such advertisements as we consider worthy of com-
ment, rather than reproducing poor ones and criticising them.

It is said that it is easier to criticize than it is to originate; therefore we feel
that the policy we shall pursue in this department will be such as to make it
interesting as well as instructive.

E ARE showing here a re it is not likely that they will attract

production of a series of an unusually large number of in-
Woven fence advertise quiries, although we have no positive
ments used by the Peer proof that they will not do this. They

less Fence Company, of will undoubtedly attract attention.
Adrian, Mich., reduced one half. They do illustrate the fence and the
The advertisements here reproduced uses of the fence. They will stand
have earned their way 10 reproduc out in any farm paper. They are not
tion and recognition, because they in a rut; that is to say they are not
have been called good advertisements like 999 other fence advertisements
by every advertising man and every

you will

see. Lay your hand over
publisher who has seen them.

five advertisements and the sixth
As the purpose of this series of ad stands out strongly for itself, and un-
vertisements is to do publicity work. cover the whole series and they have

Peerless Woven Wire Fence

The best proof you can have that your fenen les food fence is that you

Bever have to think leave. We can prove to you that


We put our advertisements
in the paper to get you to write for

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wireis made the

tbal csa't stip, has
If you can baly a beny, hard sidelberimpeafacture of a good remice


beasy, hard steel, one pieco uprighta, lamurine rigidity to the whole foon

It is ide at a good common en bass by men who know what the farmer

Deeds. We beleve there is not a renon is the world that can compare with
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We may not have et vind you, but that is the reason we put this

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just want you to read our explanation of how the lence is bulit, Ourenta
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Togue is sent out free and this pictures of the feno in se and a plain de
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logue to you Write for it. Address Factory Odloe No.
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Peerless Fence Co., (Ltd.) ADRIAN, MICH.
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be the Peer.ess Fence is just the thing you have been looking
and money full
go over or under it. We know We want to talks by Is

en cinta y animal how it is bulle autors into

how ghout the fence you buy

Local that goes about the

a collective strength that is at once this kind of work and do it effectively apparent.

without experience. The manufactTo make a good advertisement for urer that can get this kind of work farm papers is an art in itself. The from an agency is getting good sermagazine advertising writer has no vice, and the advertiser that uses this grounds for supposing that he can do kind of work is getting good advertising

PEERLESS Woven Wire Fence

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the lowest cont

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far, it

fesce that will save you the most trouble Wo may not be able to convince you, but anyway we want you to bear our side of the story. When a great be corupsey, that has a future ahead of


crimped wire, tith
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ser and


Construction olber

to they onth at least to have a hearing. We want a hearing with you-not

Cantot to send you a long, beter en lång sering of letters, but to tell you plainly

bail printed a book

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Pictures of the fence in ise and giv.
famous never slip Perfoss loek alone would make the Peerless fence &
Erat leader, but there is more than this about it. The book we are stad

ve want to send one


the way it is built an tre ek out in tell you the story. It has pleatures of the ferice In B B1

The plain, carefully sitten description of the fence it eif, bow 18 is built, what

huneatly written it

doesn t cost you anytlaing and it isn't our intention in bother you kind of material is wel los ita cadretica and here it will save you money Bird trouble. A postal card will bring this book to your door, sa it is sent

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The originals of this series of six advertisements are double column, and designed by

The Long-Critchfield Corporation.

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