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DIRECTORY-Of leading Newspapers, Magazines and other Periodicals, Circulation, Rates, Class, etc.
MEDIA-Valuable information concerning those best suited to promoting various lines of business.
POPULATION-Of all States, Cities and Rural Districts, Center of Population, etc. MAPS-of each
State. PRINTING PLATES-Method of making; kind, style and value of each. TYPE FACES-
Specimen pages of the standard, new and best fonts. ADVERTISING STATISTICS-Useful in plan-
ning any advertising campaign. COPYRIGHT AND TRADE MARKS-Instructions and restrictions.
STANDARD MEASUREMENTS-Including Point System, words to square inch, etc. STREET CAR

ADVERTISING-Space, rates and possibili-
ties in leading cities and towns.
BILL POSTING–List of stands,

Complete inRevised to spaces and other valuable in

formation on formation concerning outdate.

newspaper, door publicity. PAPER STOCK

magazine Various sizes, kinds and

and outdoor Complete,


advertising Concise,

revised to Authentic.

January ist, 1905.

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Bound in
Red Russia
Stamped and
edged with
Gold Leaf.
Printed on
Old Hamp-
shire Bond.

Size 212x512 inches. 144 pages.

844 Williams


CHICAGO Gentlemen : Please send Mahin'sVest Pocket Hand Book for examination. Will either return immediately or send $1.00 for same.




Your paper has paid us the best of any on our list; have received orders

from it as far as Mexico. TIFFANY CO., MERS. LICE KILLERS, Lincoln, Nebraska.

"So, when you start out, look upon every The most up-to-date poultry magazine in the

advertiser as a good listener. Remember, he is country, beautifully printed on enameled paper, mag. as much interested in added publicity, if it will nificently Illustrated, carefully edited. Size of Ladies' Home Journal. Circulates all over North

inure to his advantage, as you are in providing America. Brings results to the general advertiser,

it for him. Don't be stereotyped or make set as well as to the poultrymen. Rates 10 cents a line. Sample free. Get in touch with good people by

speeches. Take him frankly into your confiusing POULTRY.

dence and keep him there. Remember, first of Poultry Publishing Co., Freeport. III. all, that the advertiser is interested particularly

in these things:

"1. The character of your publication.

"2. The class of readers it reaches. The Peach Grower, Fruit

"3. The extent of its circulation. Culturist and Truckers Magazine

"4. The cost of it to him." of Savannah, Ga. reaches more than 5,000 of the leading fruit and There is more science in writing an adver. truck growers of the Southeast. Its circulation

tisement that will bring results than perhaps is increasing rapidly among the prosperous fruit growers of the South. Advertisers should

in any other form of composition.-Philadelphia not overlook it.


The advertising agency should coTHE

operate with the publisher who takes the stand that only advertisements of

integrity shall be inserted in his publicaAND DIXIE FARMER

tion. An instance is brought to our atI VOLUME 63

I NUMBER 5 10 tention where the publisher of a popular

farm paper turned down an advertisement received from a certain agency because they had found definite proof that the firm was not reliable. The agency immediately wrote back that no more business would be sent to a publisher who would turn down an order from them. This was not only dishonorable action on the part of the agency, but also an exhibition of very foolish anger. The publisher might have been the one who would have been expected to "get hot" for being presumed upon to run such business. It should not be the part of the agency to tempt the publisher away from his upright course. Instead

of such action, the agency should supSEMI-MONTHLY

port the publisher who stands for the The March 1st issue of The Southern Cultivator

best in advertising. was their Sixty-Second Anniversary number.


Poultry Gazette

The great poultry journal of the Middle West. Biggest in amount of advertising carried. Best in results. Covers best territory. Sworn to circulation, at least 25,000 monthly. Reach all these

people through their chosen medium. Rate 11 cents per line, flat. Kansas City, Mo. Topeka, Kas. Don't miss it. Address, Gillies Publishing Co., Topeka, Kansas.

What You Want to know

is how our special advertising
service will do you good.

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UR experience and the long list of successful campaigns we

have directed clearly illustrate our ability and judgment in some cases, but doubtless you argue that your case is different.

That's the way we argue.

In fact we feel positive that it is different in some respects from any case we have ever handled.

No two of our clients are using the same methods or the same plan of campaign.

That is where the significance of the term "special service" comes in.

Our experience simply affords us a foundation on which we work up each individual case.

To increase your sales and decrease the cost of each may require a new and distinct plan of action.

If, after going to the heart of your business and studying it from every point of view, we cannot devise a plan that we honestly believe will be successful in your particular case, we will not handle your appropriation. The service we render is selling force: the buying of space

and placing of advertisements are but links in the chain of systematic selling agencies we employ. However, advertisements are a very ini: portant link in some cases, and if you think that feature of our service would apply to your cast:, the samples of our work on the two following pages will give you an idea of our ability in that line.

How the Woodpecker advertising appeals to farmers is shown in the following:

“Why, when I was figuring on getting an engine, I
could no more get past an ad like the Woodpecker,
than an old toper could get past a saloon."

Henry Field, Shenadoah, Ia.
The following shows what the advertiser thinks of it:
“We are pleased to report the "Woodpecker” adver-
tising you are placing for us is bringing for us very
satisfactory returns.”

The Middletown Machine Co.

Harry T. Wilson, President.
We will put our time against yours to talk it over whenever

convenient to you.

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The Long-Critchfield Corporation New York City.

Chicago, Illinois.


bext mulwe koos that you will of Dut wait son har or


that comes to your farm and works thirty days on free trial. We will ship a "Woodpecker"
Engine direct to your farm and let you make a thorough test of it before you buy. We don't
ask you to take our word for anything about this wonderful little engine. We will ship it to
you. You can put it through its paces. Make it work up to every pound of its power, and,
that you may be absolutely sure of getting a power you can handle without expert help and a
power that will do your work, we tell you to try it for thirty days, and if it is poi all right slip
it back to us. We mean just what we say. If there is anything wrong with the Wood
pecker" that you get from us, you will know it in thirty days and ihen it won't be your engine,
but ours, and you are not out one cent,

We have been advertising in the National Stockman and Farmer, and now we want to
receive a letter from every farmer that reads this paper. We want to do business with good,
common sense men; the kind of men that read this paper and who will see this advertisement.
We want such men to write to us and tell us all about the power problem as they see it. If
you write to us we will give personal attention to any questions you may ask, and we will send
you the book that tells the whole story of the Woodpecker."
Don't put it off. Write to-day. Address

Black Street Office,

Middletown, Ohio.
All sizes up to 18 H. P. shipped complete, ready to run on any dirt or board

floor without the bother of building a foundation.

Reduced from 7 inch 3 column size.
About the advisability of owning

When you bave a chance now to a good power on your farm? Are

decide right at home on your farm you a bit uncertain and unde

whether it will

pay to own a gasocided about it? Why don't you

line engine? We will ship you a let us ship you one of our

3% horse power
34 Herre "Woodpecker" Englies

on 30 Days Free Trial?

Then you can decide in the right

way, on your own farm. We couldn't let you have an engine on this plan if the "Woodpecker was

on 30 Day. Free Trial. That means that you won't be lont.caced in an ordinary engine. It isn't You won't need to build a foundation for

making up your mind by anytblog except the merits of the engine itself. it, or make any kind of preparation. Just let us ship the engine and then

The engine will have to prove itself for you. You can make it work for you for 30 days you make it work for you. Saw wood, pump water, cut feed,

grind feed run a busker or shredder, or a cream separater. Make it do anything

your neighbor to see it. You can test it to see how much and how many you want done, and then decide whether or not you want to buy it

different kinds of work it will do in a day. sad thes you can sit duen ned A "Woodpecker" will cost you less than one-half as

figure out whether it is going to make money for you. Wheu you have done much as a good team of borses, and

all of these things tbeo decide about keeping the engine. If you don't wait it will do more work, live longer, eat less and will practically take care

it, sed it back of itself. Write to us. Send your name now and let us tell you our tall stary. We won't misrepresest anything and we're to my tricks, lisaseare,

We Make This Offer because thousands of farmers have bought abowboard deal, and the best way to decide the poter question on your farm. The engine

have that teed 30 days ca your fares, cou you nothing if you don't keep it. The whole wory is free

it And on our plan wo Write for it now. Address

take all of the chance. We are just asking you tonite And let us tell you all of the fact

We will tell them to you without any color rossed the bars or by babe "WOODPECKER." Wala Street Omica, Middletown, Ohio.

Why don't you be 3 Days Trials and start veril

you are worn out

deteg your hard work by band send to your name for the whole story A postala do All size up to 8 horse power sped ceplete ready to run any det er board for althout the bother of Gadis a foundation

"Woodpecker," James Street Office, Middletown, Ohio.

Wo make all up to "hore power



Reduced from 4 inch double column size.

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