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The Editor's Horizon:.
Advertising from the Farmer's Standpoint-By Geo. J. Smith.
Salesmanship--By W. N. Aubuchon .....
General Publicity Advertising-By R. S. Thain.
Poem, "She Must Tell"-- By B. W. Barton..
Farmers as Critics of Advertising
Catalogues and Booklets...
The Sales Master and the Selling Organization-By Sherwood Anderson
Arrows for Advertisers....
Cause of Some Failures in Advertising--By F. A. Southwick...
Good Roads.......
Stories of Successful Advertisers.
Doings of the International Advertising Association
The New Trade Mark Law..
Unconscious Assimilation.
Evolution in Advertising-By F. II'. Stilwill.
Advertising Wisdom
Worth Reproducing
With Publishers and Advertisers.
Clipped and Condensed..

Copyright, 1905, by Long-Critchfield Corporation.

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1 page run of paper $50 % page run of paper $15
12 page run of paper 25 1 inch run of paper 5
No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special positions.
Reading matter 75c count line. Advertisements
set in regular reading type marked in italics
'Adv." or mus contain regular display head line.

Copy should be received by the 20th of the month preceding date of issue.

We advise subscribers to have Agricultural Advertising sent to their home addresses
so as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy" mail which all advertisers receive.

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Hoard's Dairyman

Stands for

Specialized Farming

and that is farming of the highest

The subscribers of Hoard's
DAIRYMAN own farms much above
the average, both in

acreage under
cultivation and physical conditions
of land and buildings.

Its readers belong to the pro-
gressive, money making class, who
buy the best in the way of
Farm Machinery and Implements.
They need them for the cultiva-
tion of the soil, for raising grain,
root and forage crops, and the
harvesting thereof.

Positively, there is no better
class to advertise to for everything
used on the farm, and no better
medium in which to advertise than

HOARD'S DAIRYMAN, Fort Atkinson,


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