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HROUGH its columns you can reach a better class of country

people than through any other channel. None but bona fide subscribers kept on its list. Our subscription books are open to the inspection of interested parties at any time. Advertising rate 35 cents a line with discounts on large orders. Send for specimen copy and rate card. Address


358 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.

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The Editor's Horizon:.
Live Stock in the Middle West-By F. D. Coburn
President Roosevelt starting for the Colorado Wilderness
Advertising a Nation--By Sherwood Anderson .....
Advertising from the Farmer's Standpoint-By Mrs. W'. W. Pope.
The Live Stock Industry-By Geo. N. Neff.
Salesmanship-By W. N. Aubuchon..
Portrait of Mr. L. L. Pope
The Transforming Power of Advertising.
Portrait of Mr. C. V, Miller......
Live Stock Advertising--By T. W. Morse.
Arrows for Advertisers.
Agate Club Banquet.....
"Needs Ballasting"--Cartoon by R. J. Thain.
Catalogues and Booklets..
Long-Critchtield Banquet
Farmers are not "Reubens"-By James Slocum
A Dutch Advertising Homilet.
Among Publishers and Advertisers.
Doings of the International Advertising Association
Worst Kind of Theft.
On the Pacific Coast..
The Poor Old Trading Stamp-Poem..
Clipped and Condensed ........

Copyright, 1905, by Long-Critchfield Corporation.

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1 page run of paper $50 74 page run of paper $15
32 page run of paper 25 1 inch run of paper

No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special positions. Reading matter 75c count line. Advertisements set in regular reading type marked in italics *Adv." or must contain regular display head line.

Copy should be received by the 20th of the month preceding date of issue.

We advise subscribers to have Agricultural Advertising sent to their home addresses
so as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy" mail which all advertisers receive.

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