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The medium that brings up to date
manufacturers and up to date farm.
ers into close acquaintance

and business relationship.


Agricultural Experiment Station.

Madison, Wis., Jan. 30, 1905.
W. D. HOARD COMPANY, Ft. Atkinson, Wis.

Dear Sirs;

I have known, read and studied Hoard's Dairyman from
its beginning. It has been a constant surprise and pleasure
to me to observe the loyalty, intelligence and "push" of
its readers. My book, "Feeds and Feeding," has been a
success. It has been widely advertised in your paper.
Hoard's Dairyman has sold more copies of this book than any
other paper in America.

It is evident to me beyond question that your readers
not only keep cows, but are trying to keep good cows and
feed them well. This means that they not only read your
paper and read good books along dairy lines, but also that
they aim to raise large crops of corn, oats, other grains,
corn forage, hay, including clover, alfalfa, etc., etc.
A dairy farmer must be, in a measure, a general farmer to
succeed. He must feed vast quantities of grains and rough-
age. This makes a demand for plowing, seeding, harvesting,
threshing, filling silos, etc., etc.

These things being true, it seems to me that whoever
has any good kind of farm machinery can find no better ad-
vertising medium anywhere than Hoard's Dairyman, and I wish
you success in any effort you may exert to extend your
advertising columns along these lines, thereby bringing up
to date manufacturers and up to date farmers into close
acquaintance and business relationship to the great advan-
age of all concerned.

With the highest regards and wishes for continued success, I am,

Yours cordially,

(Signed) W. A. HENRY, Dean.

Hoard's Dairyman

reaches a larger proportion of farmers who farm on a large scale, and who need and buy the best of everything used on Large Farms, than any other Agricultural Paper published. If you are interested in reaching such a constituency, you can get facts to prove this by addressing

Hoard's Dairyman, Fort Atkinson,




The Homestead

Holds Its Old Patrons and
Steadily Gains New Ones.

Mr Austir. Renshaw, proprietor of the Rose Hill Herd of Duroc Jersey swine

at Blair, Neb., writes: "Enclosed please find check for $26.25, as payment for the first quarter of my advertisement. I can truthfully say that my advertisement in The Homestead has done me more good than my announcement in all the other papers in which I carry an advertisement put together.” Mr. J. L. Barker, well known as a breeder of poultry at Harlan, Iowa, writes:

“From a three line advertisement in your paper, inserted for three weeks' I sold $167.00 worth of Barred Plymouth Rock cockerels. I am entirely sold out and have had to return a large number of orders that I could not fill. The Homestead is the main spoke in the wheel for the poultry Breeder.” Mr. Axel F. Johnson, the well known Duroc Jersey breeder of Osceola, Neb.,

writes: “I have had better results from my advertisement in The Homestead, and have made more sales as a result of it, than from the three other papers I have used. I consider The Homestead the greatest advertising medium of them all. It has not only brought me more inquiries, but it makes sales as well, and that is what we all want. Just put me down as one of the loyal friends of The Homestead.”

Mr. J. D. Stevenson, proprietor of the Missouri Herd of Registered Duroc

Jersey swine, New Hampton, Mo., writes as follows: “I send draft for $31.50 for my advertisement in The Homestead, and also $11.67 for my advertisement in The Farmer and Stockman, of Kansas City, Mo. My swine advertisements in both of these papers have run continuously for years, and your papers have always done me a great deal of good. They have been the principal factors in finding buyers for my surplus stuff.”



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Up-to-Date Farming,
New York


J. A. Everitt, Publisher.

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