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Intelligent Advertising

is best expressed in the selection of mediums.
You can be guided in this only by personal ex-

perience or the experience of others.
Past and present achievements are what count.

The Vickery & Hill List
The American Woman

and Good Stories

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of Augusta, Maine

are in a class by themselves, where all claims are based upon

For the agricultural mail order advertisers they con-
stitute the surest, quickest and most forceful method of reaching
the highest type of farmers, and the great mail buying element of
the small towns.

We have convincing letters from prominent advertisers in all branches of manufacture, testifying to their pulling power.

The Largest Paid-in-Advance

Circulation in the World

representing thirty years of accumulated confidence and sub-
stantial influence.


The Vickery @ Hill Publishing Co.


E. H. BROWN, Boyce Building, CHICAGO.

Flat Iron Building, NEW YORK,

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In A Class by Itself.

It is so

Of its class—we might almost truthfully say

of any class-one of the best of the holiday annuals is the Christmas number of the BREEDER'S GAZETTE, of Chicago and the United States. exceptional that a service is done the readers of the Democrat by calling their attention to the publication. There are 88 large pages, every one of them worth looking at. There is a double-page supplement giving a panoramic photograph of the grand parade of the prize winning cattle of the beef breeds at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The first-page cover in color shows the cowboy in action. Some of the most noted stockmen of the country contribute to the text.

In fact, one of the most readable of the many articles is entitled "Women as Managers of Stock Farms," and there are ten photographs of women who have succeeded in just that line of work.

THE BREEDER’S GAZETTE stands alone in faithfully representing one of the country's greatest industries, and there is probably not a county in the United States that does not have one or more copies. The intelligence of a stock growing or stock breeding community can be pretty well measured by the circulation of this paper. It is found in the well-regulated libraries, and the institution in this city falls within that number--Davenport, Iowa, Democrat, Dec. 22, '04.

THE GAZETTE is a $2.00 weekly. Its average circulation for 1904 was 67,751. Its circulation for 1905 will unquestionably exceed 70,000. Advertising rate, 35c a line with discounts on large orders. Specimen copies can be had on application. Address

Sanders Publishing Co.,



There are 1,501,963 Sunday School

Superintendents and Teachers
in the United States and Canada.

About one in every ten
of them is a reader of

The Sunday School Times

Of all this million and a half THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES' one-tenth are the most intelligent, wide-a-wake, progressive Sunday-school workers-the honor list of efficient Sunday-school superintendents and teachers of different denominations--adults only. These are not the richest people, but they are the people who have the kind of homes by which the neighborhood at its best and the nation at its best like to be known. Showing the paper to new people has gained for it thousands of new subscribers, because “ It is the best religious paper in America.”

And now


“It is a better paper than it ever has been before.” If you have something to sell-any good thing which will supply a need of mind or body for intelligent people in the best religious homes—and will tell these buying, thinking men and women about it, the large circulation and the low advertising rate will help to make paying returns possible.

80c. per line or $11.20 per inch

We shall be pleased to hear from you.

The Religious Press Association

901-902 Witherspoon Building, Pittsburg, Pa.

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