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"Well, Miater, I knowed that you to $6

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"deer Sir: failed to receve yure check sald. "How can you manage to live glo 15 As the applause med, "I ruess you're rigbt. This this week ulus! please forward same

Yours truly

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with so berce a master?**
.corium and fairly made swearing is all wrong and the rankest

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Moral: Often the recipient of cher
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street ble ar."

to a companion, ube said: "I suppose cusses or your prayers Amount to a
Moral: Many a loud talker Is at you see now what the people think of
beart as gentle as a dove
M-y singing"

A man who was long on promises to

pay but short on cash, got in debt to On one occasion a stub-talled cur A widow who had been left a com- bis landlady for several weeks board bloe pencil it seans that this sample

I! you find this paragraph marked with dog folded a pack of greyhounds in Portable fortune was sought in mar. He would eartestly promise that he copy of the Missouri Valley Farmer i pursuit of a Kan$2.8 fackrabbit The riage by a smooth talker who was would settle in full at the close of the sent to you through the courtesy of Jack, in attempting to avoid the looking for easy money

He told her next week, and wben bis attention was making your special trial rate offer the hounds, pursued als usual tactics of how his heart was Olled with admira-called to the fact that be bad not come regular subscription plce of The Farmer doubling beck ou his track. By 30 do- tion and a tection for her and how mis down with the cash would say that cents per year. But for the purpose IDs be escaped temporarily tbe bounds, erable he would be without ber. The be bad fully intended to do so but of setting you better acquainted with our but unfortunately ran directly into the widow, wbo was tolerably moetb ber- bad forgotten It In the burry of trusl whole year for only 10 cents, which mouth of the stub-talled eur, bo was sell, beard his story through, then ness. After this bad gone on tor ses. Sarely pay the postage on the peper trailing along bebiod, and was gather drawing a letter from her dress pocket ern! weeka, the boarder came in one This offer to not good unless accepit ed in The cur, proud of his capture. wald with a deep sigh: "I am so glad to day to get his Sunday dinner and notice the many excellent features that began to boast of bis abillty as a run- ko that you love me with such a round a plate but nothing to eat Ar. are not found in any other papier The Der, she one of tbe bounds dryly re-consuming affection. This letter indi- ter walting considerable time be able Alone are worth more than the submarked "If you are wide enough to cates tbati bave probably not only called in the landlady and asked why paper carefully send 19 cents la silver ar rest your reputatioa outbla sceldeut lost all the property i bad, but will be bad Rodinger, Whereupon the late Per a year becription, address you may keep quite standing among bave a few thousands of debts to sat-leadlady apologzed, Mylog:

IDE the Missouri Valley Farmre, Topolu

I guarantee this paper to have the larget


into Missouri, Kansas,

the garden spot of the world; a live,
bright, popelar farm paper with a
it het on to recordem de fer

ves adventisero real, evident
Topeka, Kmisao June 2.190


"You 2

60th Year

Indiana Farmer

WEEKLY, este esta este INDIANAPOLIS.

Over 10,000 Advertisers Annually. Not a Word is necessary to be said to its old advertisers

who yearly use its columns,



Right Agency Work.

We are an Advertising Agency. Maybe that sounds good to you, maybe it does not. There are Advertising Agents of many kinds. Our method of work is simplicity itself. We want to sit down with you and talk sales. Not pictures, nor arrangement of type; just sales and how to sell a lot more goods at less expense. The story of selling plans originated with the beginning of trade, but it is ever new and vital to the sales manager. You let us talk to you, then we'll work out our own salvation and let you have the net results. We are willing to take the chances of battle. We simply offer to become a part of your selling system long enough to analyze conditions and suggest more effective methods of making folks want what you want them to buy. Let's talk it over.

The Long-Critchfield



156 Wabash Avenue,


New York Office,

150 Nassau St.

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