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Farms in the Great


Nowhere in the world are there better op-
portunities to-day than on the rich but
unfarmed lands of Idaho, Oregon and
The Pacific Northwest is best reached via
the lines of the

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul


Choice of routes offered. Via St. Paul
and Minneapolis—the route of The Pioneer
Limited-or via Omaha and Ogden—the
route of The Overland Limited.
Descriptive books and folders sent to any
address for 2c. postage and coupon below.


General Passenger Agent, CHICAGO.

Send me books descriptive of




DIRECTORY-Of leading Newspapers, Magazines and other Periodicals, Circulation, Rates, Class, etc.
MEDIA-Valuable information concerning those best suited to promoting various lines of business.
POPULATION-Of all States, Cities and Rural Districts, Center of Population, etc. MAPS-Of each
State. PRINTING PLATES-Method of making; kind, style and value of each. TYPE FACES-
Specimen pages of the standard, new and best fonts. ADVERTISING STATISTICS-Useful in plan-
ning any advertising campaign. COPYRIGHT AND TRADE MARKS-Instructions and restrictions.
STANDARD MEASUREMENTS-Including Point System, words to square inch, etc. STREET CAR

ADVERTISING-Space, rates and possibili-
ties in leading cities and towns.
BILL POSTING-List of stands,

Complete inRevised to spaces and other valuable in

formation on formation concerning outdoor publicity.

newspaper, date. PAPER STOCK

magazine Various sizes,

and outdoor

kinds and Complete,


advertising Concise,

revised to Authentic.

January ist, 1905.



CHICAGO Gentlemen : Please send Mahin'sVest Pocket Hand Book for examination. Will either return immediately or

send $1.00 for same. Name

Advertisers Need the Services of this Great Farm Paper.

In the rich farming and stock raising states which center on the city of St. Louis, the Monthly National Farmor and Stock Crower has a superior circulation, which is better in quality and greater in number than any other six farm papers in the samo territory.

Colman's Rural World

The National Farmer

and Stock Grower

of St. Louis, Mo., is giving away Coburn's Famous Book on Alfalfa, a pound of pure and selected Altal. fa Sood and a years subscription, all for ono dollar. By discovering other field crops which pay farmers great dividends, Tho National Farmor and Stock Grower is building up a remarkable circulation,

For instance, the Cow Horn Turnip made the immense yield of 1,333 bushels per acre at an experiment station, exceeding next largest yield 480 bus.

For One Dollar Tho National Farmor and_Stock Growor is sent for two years and sufficient Turnip Seed to sow an acre of ground can be selected as a premium. Send for sample copy. The National Farmer and Stock Grower,

Philip H. Hale, editor and Manager 3550 Vista Ave.,

St. Louis, Mo.

Pronounced by good authorities the best weekly agricultural paper published in America. For over fifty years it has been conducted by Norman J. Colman (the First Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.) It speaks for itself. Send for free sample copy. Published weekly at $1.00 per year. New and trial subscriptions taken at fifty



cents a year.

Eastern Representative C. D. COL MAN 1706 Flat Iron Building,

New York, N. Y.


Colman's Rural World

821 Holland Building,

St. Louis, Mo.

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