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Página 226 - Departments shall ascertain that it owes the other a balance exceeding five thousand dollars, the indebted administration shall promptly remit the approximate amount of such balance to the credit of the other.
Página 225 - States, shall follow the pattern " B, " hereto annexed. The lists dispatched from each exchange office, as well as the entries therein, shall be numbered consecutively, commencing with No. 1, at the beginning of each year. These lists must always be sent in duplicate, and must be written in copyable ink.
Página 224 - Italy desiring to remit to the United States a sum of money within the limits prescribed by Article I...
Página xxviii - ... in the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia in the years eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, 'eighteen hundred and sixty, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and before said States respectively engaged in war against the United States; and the provisions Opinion of the Court.
Página xxvii - That the sum of three hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be appropriated to pay the amount due to mail contractors for...
Página 227 - Administration in each country shall be authorized to adopt any additional rules, (if not repugnant to the foregoing,) for the greater security against fraud, or, for the better working of the system generally. All such additional rules, however, must be promptly communicated to the Post Office of the other country.
Página xxvi - I think it may be taken as settled by Congress that regular, legitimate, printed periodicals, issued at stated Intervals from a known office of publication, shall pass through the mails at less than the cost of their transportation.-" Still more eloquent testimony to the service ideal of the Post Office is found in the rural free delivery.
Página 227 - July, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven, and shall continue in force until twelve mouths after the date at which one of the contracting parties shall have notified the other of its intention to terminate it.
Página xxxi - January, 1867, and on the day the first steamship of the line shall depart from the port of San Francisco with the mails for China.
Página 245 - It must be originated and published for the dissemination of information of a public character, or devoted to literature, the sciences, arts, or some special industry, and having a legitimate list of subscribers.

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