Sketches of Married Life

Hilliard Gray, and Company, 1838 - 304 páginas

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Página 63 - seat; But, by the storms of circumstance unshaken, And subject neither to eclipse nor wane, Duty exists." WORDSWORTH. " I HAVE been out of tune this evening," said Edward, as soon as he and Amy were alone together. " So I have observed; and I was sorry
Página 140 - Be sure to remind him daily of his ride. Have no fear for me." She could not speak to her father; she kissed him and hurried off. CHAPTER XI. " The billows they tumble with might, with might, She flings out her voice to the darksome night; Her bosom is heaving with sorrow.
Página 126 - is more life and motion here in a week than there is in Boston or Philadelphia in a year. Here we go up up up, And here we go down down downy; Here
Página 133 - face was seen To come and go with tidings from the heart, As it a running messenger had been." " What is it, my child ? " said her father ; " What is the matter, dear Miss Amy!
Página 74 - A little pot is soon hot. I would not give much for your secret." Jerry ran off. It was his only chance for safety from Ruth's tongue. CHAPTER VII. " The heart that feels for others' woes Shall feel each selfish sorrow less; His breast who happiness bestows Reflected happiness shall bless.
Página 30 - But, turning these jests out of service, let us talk in good earnest.
Página 195 - sometimes this is indeed cutting off the right hand, and plucking out the right eye; and then thinking always about money and bargains has such a contracting influence upon one's mind! " " But, how often, Edward, have I heard you say that no man has such wide and various
Página 13 - Are then most humble; I have no ambition To see a goodlier man.
Página 162 - away. Like to the summer's rain, Or as the pearls of morning dew
Página 277 - thought and felt. Her husband heard her in profound silence; but his rising color, and his quivering lip showed how deeply he was moved. At last, as she spoke of her sufferings, he bowed his head, and covered his face with his hands, and groaned out,

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