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N preparing this volume for the Girls OF THE UNITED

KINGDOM, every care has been taken to make it essentially (as its name imports) a Home Book. English girls will be happier for sharing their amusements with their brothers and their younger sisters; therefore the GAMES are made to embrace all the family. For some of the new ones

s—which are of a higher intellectual character—we are indebted to that real friend of girlhood, the Author of the “ Heir of Redclyffe," to Mrs. Ogilvy, and several other literary ladies. Great numbers of the Games are new and original, and the old ones have been remodelled so as to suit the requirements of the present day.

A most ingenious article on Dolls has been sent to us by Miss Dyson, by aid of which the younger children may both dress their “wax babies” and learn to work for themselves. The same lady has also obliged us with admirable directions for the care of DoMESTIC PETS, and with instructions in MODELLING IN LEATHER, Wax, &c.

ARCHERY has been intrusted to Miss HARTSHORNE, whose name is well known as a successful archer; CROQUET to Capt. Mc Coy, late 55th Regiment.

WORK--the especial portion of the young ladies of the homehas been carefully catered for. Mrs. Mee and Miss AUSTIN, whose names are in themselves authority on this subject, have furnished sixteen new and original patterns of Crochet, Crochet à Tricoter, Knitting, Tatting, &c., invented solely for the use of the HOME Book. Several other ladies have supplied new kinds of Fancy Work, and Plain Work (too much neglected) has had especial attention directed to it.

HOME STUDIES have been directed by the Author of the “Heir of Redclyffe;" Music by Miss PEARD; the FINE ARTS by HENRY WARREN, President of the New Water-Colour Society, ALBERT WARREN, skilled in Illumination, and EDWARD DALZIEL, the Wood Engraver.

Christmas has been well provided with Games; and original Charades have been inserted.

The AQUARIUM has been intrusted to a great lover of Aquaria; Miss Yonge has furnished SHELLS; and SEAWEEDS have been extracted (by the Publishers' permission) from Mrs. LANE CLARKE'S work on them.

To Mrs. ENGLISH (herself the wife of a clergyman) we are indebted for the GRAVER HOURS OF ENGLISH GIRLHOOD.

We trust the Home Book will be received by the fair young readers for whom it is designed, as a pledge of the anxiety and tenderness with which all thoughtful people in the present day regard the girlhood of Great Britain.







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apart for the younger children of the family; and we believe that in giving the games especially intended for them the precedence, we shall only be acting in conformity with the love entertained for them by the elder sisters of the household.

We shall begin with out-of-door games and amusements in which the youngest may join, and which the elder ones will not find without a charm in sweet sunshiny weather.

FLOWER TOY MAKING. Spring is the time for playing out of doors-on the green smooth lawn, in the garden, or in the meadows. How pleasant it is to gather daisies, and make them into chains or balls, sitting on the grass, with the bright sun shining on the tender green of the trees, and the lark singing high up in the blue sky.

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