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Elliot, Capt. R. Views in the East; comp. India,

Canton, and the shores of the Red Sea. 1833. 2 v.

$25+E15 Estienne, R. Causes amusantes et connues. 1749.

2 v. Etchings. Collection of 42 fac-similes of rare

etchings; with a descr. catalogue. (17—.] Féral, E. Catalogue de tableaux anciens et mo

dernes, livres d'art, formant la collection de

feu M. Fr. Nieuwenhuys. 1881. Fischbach, Dr. F: Lace album. 1884. Foppens, J: F. Historia episcopatus Silvaeducen

sis, continens episcoporum et vicariorum se

riem, etc. 1721. Forbes, H: 0. A naturalist's wanderings in the

Eastern Archipelego, 1878-83. "The more important journeys were those through the southern parts of Sumatra, the Portuguese territory in Timor, Timor-Laut (a group hitherto practically unknown), and last though not least in interest, the Cocos, or Keeling Atoll. The gains to science from the observations of so competent a traveller as Mr. Forbes

are very great." Coutts Troller in Academy, June 6. Foscolo, N. U. Opere edite e postume, v. 1-4: prose letterarie. 1850. 4 v.

VI.F78 Gaspé, P. A. de. The Canadians of old; tr. by G. M. Pennee. 1864.

W4F-G21-E Gates, T. B. The “ Ulster Guard," 20th N. Y.

State Militia and the war of the rebellion. 1879.

954N4-G22 Gems of art; collection of engravings. Gibson, W: S. Miscellanies, historical and biographical. 1863.

VE3-G354 Gisborne, L. The isthmus of Darien in 1852 ;

journal of the expedition of inquiry for the junction of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 1853.

:BIP-G44 Goadby, E. The England of Shakespeare. (1881).

AE653 Goldsmith, O. Works; ed. by P: Cunningham. 1854. 4 v.

VE-G573-2 Goncourt, E. L: A. H. de. La fille Elisa. lle éd. 1877.

VFF.G5827 Gordon, Maj.-Gen. C: G: General Gordon; the Christian hero.

5E.G652 Gorjy or Gorgy, J: C. Lidorie; ancienne chronique allusive. 1790. 2 v.

:VFF:6 67 Gossip, G. H. D. Chess player's manual. 2d ed. 1883.

SX-G69-2 Gould, G: Corrigenda and explanations of the

text of Shakspere. 1881. VE-871673 Same. New issue. 1884.

VE-571673 Graham, A. J. The handbook of standard or

American phonography. (18—.) :x20•G761 Grandes chroniques de France, Les, selon qu'elles

sont conservées en l'église de St. Denis en France; publ. par Paulin. 1836–38. 6 v.

8F8676 Great Britain. King vs. T: Amery and J: Monk.

Trial at large. 1786. Greene, W: T: Parrots in captivity. Vol. 2. Halkett, G: R. Notes to the 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st

exhibition of the Glasgow Institute of Fine

Arts, 1878-82. 4 v.
The Walker Art Gallery notes, Liverpool, 1878,

80. 2 v.

Hatton, Hon. H. F. Advance Australia ! an ac

count of 8 years' work, wandering, and amusement in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

BW-128 " This book is worth reading. It is freshly written, and gives a clear view of a continent which has a great and growing interest for us. Mr. Hatton writes from the squatter's point of view." – St. James's bud.

gel, June 20. Histoire de Gilion de Trasignyes et de dame Marie,

sa femme, publ. d'après le ms. de la bibliothèque de l'Université de Iéna par Q. L. B. Wolff. 1839.

VFF-G41 Holland, F: M. The rise of intellectual liberty

from Thales to Copernicus. “The writer of this work has pursued a distinct pur. pose of his own; for he has endeavored to write, not a history of philosophy, but a history of free thinking. A thorough examination of this work convinces us that Mr. Holland has read too much and thought too little. He has been an indefatigable collector of facts of a cer. tain kind. But he has not added to our stock of histori. cal truth. He has not brooded over the facts until their organic relations have been revealed; he has not grouped events so that they illustrate historic laws and processes.

He overloads us with statements of what occurred, but he gives us no conception of the causes of human progress; nor does he trace the continuity of historic

forces." Hugo, V. M., comte. Actes et paroles depuis l'exil. 1870-76.

8FM-787 Hutchinson, T. J., and Childs, R. Patriots of Sa

lem ; roll of honor of the officers and enlisted men in the late civil war, from Salem, Mass. 1877.

6648A-297 Imbert de Saint Amand, A. L., baron. Les

femmes des Tuileries : la jeunesse de l'impératrice Joséphine.

57:37751 Irving, R. D. The copper-bearing rocks of Lake

Superior. 1883. (Geol. Survey. Mono

graphs.) Jameson, Mrs. A. B. M. Shakespeare's charac. ters of the passions and imagination. (186-?]

VE-873323s Jeaffreson, J: C. The real Shelley; new views of the poet's life. 2 v.

5E-S1473 "His whole aim is to strip. Shelley, and exhibit bim to the astonished hero.worshipper as a very sorry mani. kin." — Atheneum, May 30.

“ Founded on severe and minute study of the materi. als, drawing from them relevant though one-sided conclusions, and setting these forth with exceptional en. ergy." - Atheneum, June 6.

“New views' he has rightly styled his work, for of new documents, new biographical material, such contri. bution as he makes is of the slenderent kind. In lieu of ascertaining the facts of Shelley's iife, Mr. Jeaffreson supplements his ignorance with conjectures - conjec. inres which to one who knows the facts cannot but ap. pear in many instances strangely unfortunate, and Burangely ill-tempered.” – E: Duwd en in the Academy,

June 6. Kampen, J. van, and Nobel, C. Bedenkwürdige

Verrichtung der Nederländishen Ost-Indischen Gesellschaft in dem Kaiserreich Tai. sing oder Sina; als auch die dritte Gesandtschaft, verricht durch P. van Hoorn. 1676.

:A3/k12 Keddie, Mrs. H. (pseud. S.. Tytler). Saint Mun. go's city. 3 v.

V 1996s “ Full of local colour from beginning to end." - Sat. TD., Aug. 23.

Keene, H: G: A sketch of Hindust \: from the

first Muslim conquest to the am of the Mughol empire.

852-1K25 " A perusal of his interesting and painstaking sketch will not tend to the inference that ih."ask of ruling such a motley array of nationalities and peoples can under any circumstances be easy of accomplishment or free

from error.” – A. N. Wollaston in the Academy, June 6. Kendall, J., and Gilman, G: H. History of Houlton, Me., 1804-83. 1884.

961181-H Kennedy, Capt. W. R. Sport, travel, and adventure in Newfoundland and the West Indies.

B4N45-K38 " The fisheries of Newfoundland, valuable as they are, constitute, according to Captain Kennedy, but a small portion of the wealth of the country. The soil is good, the timber tine; it is rich in minerals, their quantity and quality, especially that of the copper, is only just being appreciated, while as to the sport, on that subject Capt. Kennedy speaks with genuine enthusiasm, filling nearly half his book with talk of cariboo, salmon, trout, etc. In Jamaica he found, like other travellers, that the blacks are going back to barbarism, the Obi rites being now restrained with difficulty. But in Hryti these rites under the name of Voudoux have developed into horri.

ble excesses.” – St. James's budget, June 20. Kett, H. F. & Co. The voters and tax-payers of

Bureau Co., Ill. ; cont. also a biog. directory of its tax-payers and voters; a hist. of the county and state, a business directory, etc. 1877.

B79-651 La Calprenède, G. de C. de. Hymen's præludia;

or, Love's master-piece; being that romance intituled Cleopatra rendered into English by R. Loveday. 1687.

:VFG/Lilla Lajétchnikof, I. The heretic; tr. by T: B. Shaw. 1844.

VBG-414 Leopardi, G. Essays and dialogues; tr. by C: Edwards; with biog. sketch. 1882.

VI-155-E Longfellow, H: W. Poetical works; illust. 187980. 2 v.

w5P/L86 Lowell daily journal and courier. Vol. 18, 19.

1853. 2 v. Mahérault, M. J. F. Catalogue de dessins an

ciens et modernes, aquarelles et miniatures

formant (sa) collection. 1880. Malet, L. Colonel Enderby's wife; a novel.

VM29c "In these days of hurried workmanship it is a wel. come contrast to encounter a story which combines imagination, observation, and tinish in such a high degree. This is no sketch, but a whole gallery of portraits which have not suffered from the author's elaborate method,

but only gained in lifelikeness." — Athenceum, June 6. Mayhew, H: The Rhine and its picturesque scen

ery; illust. by B. Foster. Rotterdam to Mayence. 1856.

$AGR3-M45 The upper Rhine; the scenery of its banks

and the manners of its people; illust. by B. Foster. Mayence to the Lake of Constance. 1858.

$AGR3-M450 Michelet, J. Les femmes de la révolution. 6e éd. 1883.

L'insecte. 10e éd. 1884.
Jeanne d'Arc, [1412-32). 1879. 57•D244MI
Louis Xi, et Charles le 'l'éméraire. 9e éd.

8F9c•M58 Pologne et Russie; légende de Kosciusko. 1852.


Précis de l'histoire moderne. Nouv. éd. 1884.

7Y.M58 New world; a weekly gazette of literature, criti.

cism, etc. Vol. 1. 1853. Noel, B. W. Notes of a tour in Switzerland, 1847. 1848.

AK-N 68 Northern Cambrian mountains, The; or a tour

through North Wales; describing the scen

ery, etc., of that country. 1820. $apw/x81 Orr, Mrs. S. Handbook to the works of Robert Browning.

VEP.38232 "If any poetry may reasonably be considered a terra incognita,' or a play ground for poetical tourists, it is Mr. Browning's. The work of condensation, with all that pertains to a descriptive index, is executed with considerable skill, expressed in simple and perspicuous

language." - Sat. rev., May 16. Paris, A. P. Les aventures de maitre Renart et

Ysengrin son compère, mises en nouveau langage, etc., et suivis de nouv. recherches sur le roman de Renart. 1861.

VEL:29P De la particule dite nobiliaire. 1862. 7NF-P21 Essai d'un dictionnaire historique de la langue française. 1847.

YFEH+P21 Les historiens des croisades. 1858. 7x-P21 Les mss. françois de la Bibliothèque du Roi;

leur hist. et celle des textes allemands, anglois, etc. 1836-48. 7 v.

:X4F-P21m Paris. Acad. Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture,

etc. Explication des ouvrages des artistes vivants, exposées au Musée Royal, etc. 1836

81. 25 v. Poole, S. L. Coins and medals; their place in his

tory and art, by the authors of the British Museum catalogues. Contents. Poole, R. S. The study of coins. – Head B. V. Greek coins. — Grueber, C. F. English coins.Gardner, P. Early Orienial coins. — Poole, s. L. Mo. hammadan coins. - Gardner, P., and Poole, S. L. Coins of India. - Terrien de la Couperie. Coins of China and Japan. - Wroth, W. Medals.

"The modest title hardly gives an adequate idea of the scope of the volume, which is well fitted to serve as a general introduction to numismatics, ancient and mod.

An introductory treatise, dealing with the study of coins from a point of view higher than that of the mere collection, has long been desired.” -0. Oman

in the Academy, June 0. Portraits. Collection of engraved portraits of

illust. and eminent personages ; 49 plates.

(185-.] Prout, S., etc. Picturesque sketches of rustic scen

ery ; 54 plates. 1815. Riordan, R. A score of etchings; with text.

(188-) Rogers, C: Pictorial illustrations of the novels of

Sir Walter Scott by G: Cruikshank, etc.;

with descriptions, memoir, etc. (1871.) Russ, K: The speaking parrots; tr. by 1. Schultze. Sappho. Memoir, text, selected renderings and a literal translation by H: T. Wharton.

VP1.1885 " Mr. Wharton has collected all the extant fragments attributed to the Greek poetess. The memoir is practically a discussion of the authenticity of the vari. ous tales told in ancient times about Sappho. The chief novelty of the book is a series of translations writ. ten expressly for it by Mr. J. A. Symonds, which are not nearly so good as we have a right to expect from Mr. Symonds." - Athenæum, June 13.


Saussure, H. B. de. Voyages dans les Alpes. 1834.

AKAL6-SA81-2 Scharf, Catalogue de 24 tableaux anciens et

modernes et 2 aquarelles de la collection de

M. Scharf. 1876. Schauplatz des Tezelischen Ablass-Krams, u. des

darwider streitenden sel. D. Martini Lutheri, bey diesem 2ten evangelisch-lutherischen Ju

bel-Fest; nebst einem Anhang. 1717. Scott, Sir W. Provincial antiquities and pictu

resque scenery of Scotland ; illust. 1826. 2 v. in 1.

$ads/sco8 Scudder, M. L., Jr. Congested prices. 1883.

CMOP.scu9 Senault, J: F. The use of passions; put into Eng

lish by Henry Earl of Monmouth. 1649. Simpson, J. H. Journal of a military reconnais

sance from Santa Fé, New Mexico, to the

Navajo County, 1849. 1852. BAE-S16 Smith, P. The student's ecclesiastical history.

Pt. 2. History of the Church during the
Middle Ages, with a summary of the Refor-

mation: centuries 11 to 16. (Student's ser.) Smith, U. Our country's future; the U. S. in the

light of prophecy; or an exposition of Rev.

XIII. 11-17. 1884.
The sanctuary and the twenty-three hundred

days of Daniel viii. 14. 1877. Society in London ; by a foreign resident. (Harper's handy ser.)

A E1.84•sol Society of Painters in Water Colours. Gallery.

1883. Sohm, R. Etudes sur les institutions germaniques:

La procédure de la lex Salica; tr. et annoté

par M. Thévenin. 1873. Solly, N. N. Memoir of W: James Müller ; with

letters and an account of his principal works.

1875. Spitta, P. Life of Sebastian Bach ; tr. from the Ger

man by C. Bell, and J. A. Fuller-Maitland. Vol. 3. “ A work which reveals all that we can ever know of the inspired composer.".

- Sat. rev., May 16. Stanley, H: M. The Congo and the founding of

its Free State; a story of work and exploration. 2 v.

AXC76-ST " In a certain sense the object of this work, as explained in the preface and the closing chapters - which, from the politico-commercial side, are its most impor. tant portions – is to raise £600,000 for a railway 147 miles long to pass the cataracts of the Upper Congo. These volumes constitute as remarkable a record of indomitable effort as has ever been published.” — Spec

tator, June 6. Swinburne, A. C: Marino Faliero ; a tragedy.

VED Sw6M “This dramatic incident was made the subject of a tragedy by Lord Byron. Byron's play was not considered successful at the time of its publication. He at. tributed its failure to the absence of melo-dramatic fea. tures purponely omitted, and to the fact that it was acted on the stage against his wishes. There is action and energy in almost every passage in Byron's Marino Faliero,' Mr. Swinburne's lines are often powerful, but their chief characteristic is scholarly precision and ingenuity in the complete expression of subtle ideas." —

St. James's budget, June 3. Temple, H: J:, 3d Viscount Palmerston. The new Whig guide. 1819.

:VEA T24

Tesauro, E., conte. Il cannocchiale Aristotelico

o sia l'idea dell'argvta et ingeniosa elocvtione che serue a tutta l'arte oratoria, lapidaria, et simbolica esaminata co' principie del divino Aristotele. 1679.

:x1l-128 Thackeray, W: M. History of Pendennis ; illust.

by the author. 1849-50. 2 v. $Vr323P The Virginians; illust. by the author. 185859. 3 v.

$vT323 v1 Theuriet, A. Eusébe Lombard. 10e éd. VFF•T34E

“His view of life, if sombre, is large and save, and he no more walks in a vain show of vice than he walks in a vain show of virtue. His landscape painting is excel. lently true; his characters live.” – Sat. rev., Apr. 11.

"An agreeable book, with an ample sufficiency of learning, but not overweighted with it." – Spectator,

June 6. Todtentanz der Stadt Basel (nach den Frescoge

malden der Kirchhofmauer der Predigerkirche mit deutschem, franz., u. engl. Text.

1868]. Unitarian affirmations; seven discourses given in

Washington, D. C., by Unitarian ministers.

1882. Vacherot, E. Essais de philosophie critique. 1864.

La métaphysique et la science, ou principes de

la métaphysique positive. 2e éd. 1863. 3 v. La religion. 1869.

La science et la conscience. 1870. Valentinelli, G. Catalogo dei marmi scolpiti del

Museo archeologico della Marciana di Ve

nezia. 1863. Vallardi, G. Trionfo e danza della morte o danza

macabra a blusone; dogma della morte a Pisogne, con osservazioni storiche ed artis

tiche. 1859. Vizetelly, H: Christmas with the poets; a coll. of

songs, etc., relative to Christmas; illust. by B. Foster. 1851.

VEP-98c4 Voiture, V. Euvres ; lettres et poésies. Nouv.

éd., augm., avec le commentaire de Talle. ment les Reaux, par A. Ubicini. 1855. 2 v.

Vf.v87 Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Contes, satires, epitres,

poésies diverses, odes, stances, poésies mêlées,

traductions, et imitations. 1863. VEP:v88C Romans. 1866.

VFFV88R Vulliemin, L: Chillon; étude historique. 2e éd. 1855.

8Kzc4:v Wagenaar, J: Vaderlandsche historie, vervattende

de geschiedenissen der nu vereenigde Nederlanden, inzonderheid die van Holland. 1770. 21 v.

:818-w12 Wahreste und neueste Abbildung des Turckischen

Hofes, welche nach denen Gemahlden der franz. Ambassadeur, M. de Ferriol, hat verfertigen lassen ; nebst einer aus dem franz. übers. Beschreibung. 1719.

7BU•F41 Welles, A. Pedigree and history of the Washington family. 1879.


Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boeton, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass.,

as second class matter.


2 v.

Ancient devotional poetry, now first pub. from a ms. of the 16th or 17th century. 1846.

VEP-AN2 Ancient gems from the collections of Earl Percy,

Hon. C. T. Greville, T. M. Slade. (184–?] At the Red Glove; a novel.

VATI " A series of little stories and separate scenes each exhibiting a certain art and cleverness, but with very little relation to each other. Whatever interest the story possesses is due solely to the execution, which is

in its way excellent.” Critic, July 4. Austin, A. Vindication of Lord Byron. 1869.

T5E-B99A Bailey, L. H., Jr. Talks afield about plants and the science of plants.

J3•315 "A simple and unpretentious but interesting and helpful little book, aiming to give a concise and popular ac. count of the leading external features of common

plants." – Critic, June 10. Balzac, H. de. Balzac moraliste, Pensées, extraites

de la Comédie humaine, mises en regard des maximes de Pascal, etc.; introd. par A. Pagès. 1866.

VF4:B21 Barham, R: H. D. (pseud. T: Ingoldshy). Ingoldsby legends. 1st, 3d ser. 1848, 47. 2 v.

VEP:B23:3 Beattie, W: Brief memoir of W: H: Bartlett. 1855.

5E-8283 The Danube; its history, scenery, and topography; illust. by Abresch. (1844).

$ALD23+B38 The Waldenses or Protestant valleys of Pied

mont, Dauphiny, and the Ban de la Roche; illust. 1838.

$A1P59+B38 Bidpai, Kalilah and Dimnah; or, The fables of

Bidpai; an account of their literary history; with an Eng. trans., and notes, by I. G. N. K. Falconer.

v5SAH-B4-E " The fables have their own special beauty - the charm of well-preserved and venerable old age. There is in their wisdom an old-fashioned perfuine; like a whiff of 'pot-pourri,' most soothing to nerves agitated by the patchoulis and jockey clubs of modern pretend. ers and petits-maitres.' with their grey young beads and pert experience, A useful and scholarlike vol.

ume." R: F. Burton in the dcademy, June 20. Binns, R. W. A century of potting in the city of

Worcester; history of the Royal Porcelain

Works, 1751-1851. 1877. Bivouac. Vol. 1, no. 1-8, 11-12; 2, no. 2-12.

1883-84. 2 v. Black, J. S. Essays and speeches; with a biog. sketch by C. F. Black.

w5-1564 Blaydes, F: A: The visitations of Bedfordshire,

1566, 1582, 1634. (Harleian Soc.) :5E+92x39 Bloody register, The; a collection of the most re

markable trials, 1700-64. 4 v. Boston directory. 1885. Bowlker, C: The art of angling. 1839. SC.168 Bradford, V. L. Life and writings; ed. by H. E. Dwight.

65-8723 Brainard, C: H. John Howard Payne; a biograph

ical sketch of the author of “ Home, sweet home," with a narr. of the removal of his

remains from Tunis to Washington. 65-P294 B Brunet, P: G. Notice sur une édition inconnue du

Pantagruel, et sur le texte primitif de Rabelais. 1844.


Bryant, W: C. A forest hymn; illust. by J: A. Nums. (1860.]

W5P-B8427 Buonarroti, M. A., il vecchio. Drawings and stud.

ies in the University Galleries, Oxford ; etched and engraved by J. Fisher. New ed.

rev, and enl. 1879. Burnouf, E. Introd, à l'hist. du buddhisme in

dien. 2e éd.; préc. d'une notice de Bar

thélemy St. Hilaire. 1876. Calvo, C: Dictionnaire de droit international pub

lic et privé. 2 v. Calwer, C. G. Kaferbuch; Naturgeschichte der

Käfer Europas : hrsg, von G: Jager. [1877.] Campoamor, R. de. Doloras y cantares. 13a ed. 1875.

VHXP:c150 Poesías y fábulas. 5a ed. 1874. VHXP.clop Cawse, J: The art of painting in oil colours ;

with app. on cleaning and restoring ancient

paintings. 1840. Cervantes Saavedra, M. The ingenious gentle

man Don Quixote of La Mancha; with introd. and notes by J: Ormsby. Vol. 1, 2.

VHXG-C3307 "The versions of this the most popular of the masterpieces of foreign literature among English readers, are none of them wholly satisfactory. Mr. Ormsby's is done well. His verbal accuracy is unimpeachable. The fault which must be charged against his version is that it does justify Cervantes's own criticism of all ren. derings from a foreign language, that they after all give us only the back of the tapestry. We see the design of the original in Mr. Ormsby's English, but the colour has lost some of its vividness, and the outline is at times blurred. Mr. Ormsby prefixes a sketch of Cervan. tes's Life, and an essay on Don Quixote.' They are both of them sane and scholarly. The notes are full and accurate, being carefully selected for the most part from Pellicer and Clemencin." - Saturday review, June

13. Charpentier, J: P: Etude sur Cicéron. 1870.

VJ:c7•YC Chester, W. D. Chronicles of the Customs De. partment.

EKEL.C42 "The chief attraction does not lie in its quaint details and its good stories. The author knows how a book should be produced. He has printed it on stout paper, and bound in genuine vellum, with an old-fashioned Customs' seal on the cover, and he has illustrated it with photo-lithographs of a series of engravings of all the known buildings in which the London Custom House has been located from the reign of Elizabeth down to the

present time.” – Academy, Apr. 11. Clifford, W: K. Common sense of the exact sciences. (Internat. sci. ser.)

12.061 “The late Professor Clifford had a strong desire to bridge over the gulf between mathematicians and non. mathematicians, and, more than any one that ever tried, had the power to overcome the undoubted difficulties of such an undertaking. - A. Y. Fruser in the Academy,

June 20. Cottin, Mrs.S. R. Matilda, Princess of England;

a romance of the Crusades; from the French by J. W. Raum; ed. by G: E. Raum. 2 v.

VFG.c82M Coues, Prof. E. Biogen; a speculation on the origin and nature of life. 1884.

1 Court album, The; portraits of the female aristoc

racy (of Great Britain), from drawings by J:

Hayter. 1852-54. 3 v. Cunningham, A. The cabinet gallery of pictures;

with biog. and critical descriptions. 1834.

Cushing, T: Memorials of the class of 1834 of

Harvard College. 1884. Dv5H-K1834 Davies, H: Stranger's guide through Cheltenham. [1834.]

AEC41-6sT DeForest, J. B. A short history of art; illust.

1881. Dexter, F. B. Biographical sketches of the grad

uates of Yale College; with annals of the

college, Oct. 1701 - May 1745. Dv5y+k152 Disraeli, B:, Earl of Beaconsfield. Home letters, 1830-31.

ARS.163 Same. (Harper's handy ser.) ARS:D63.2

" This little book contains wisdom as well as wit, and it abounds with passages which could have only been penned by a man of warm feelings as well as of genius."

Suturday rev., May 30. Dodge, T. A. Patroclus and Penelope; a chat in the saddle.

SK-D66 “ Colonel Dodge is an expert in all the finesse and paraphrenalia of horseback-riding; he has seen much of England and has Rotten Row at his fingers' ends; and he is as full of talk and advice about horses to the uni. tiated as an egg is of meat. The advice is sound and simple, and very direct, and many of the motions are il. lustrated by accurate instantaneous photographs." —

Critic, June 13.
Du Boisgobey, F. Une affaire mystérieuse.

L'auberge de la Noble-Rose. VFF: D855AU
Le mari de la diva.

VFFD855MR Dumas, F. G. 1885: Catalogue illustré du Salon. Durand, Mme. A. F. (pseud. H: Gréville). Un crime.

VFF.G86cQ Ehlert, L. From the tone world; essays; tr. by

H.. D. Tretbar. Ely, R: T. Recent American socialism. (Johns

Hopkins Univ. Studies.) Fournier, E: Histoire des enseignes de Paris. Francis, F. Fish culture; a practical guide to the

modern system of breeding and rearing fish.

2d ed., rev. 1865. Geikie, W: Proof etchings. (183-.] Gilbert, W: S., and Sullivan, Sir A. Vocal score

of The Mikado; or, The town of Titipu ; arr. for piano by G. L. Tracy. " Will rank next after • Patience,' and Patience is al. ready classed among nearly immortal things. It is great nonsense, no doubt; but then it is the very funni. est fooling to be seen, and so pretty, too." Academy,

Mar. 28. Gillies, R. P. Childe Alarique; a poet's reverie; with other poems. 1814.

VEP-641 Gool, J: van. De nieuwe schouburg der neder

lantsche kunstschilders schilderessen.

1700. 2 v. Gray, T: Poetical works; Eng. and Latin ; illust.

with introd. stanzas by Rev. J: Moultrie, and

life by Rev. J: Mitford. 1847. $VEP-679 Hale, E: E. Stories of adventure; told by adventurers. 1881.

A H13 Hall, S: C: The book of gems; poets and artists

of Gr. Britain. 1836-38. 3 v. $VEP-9h14 Harris, W: C. The angler's guide book and tour

ists' gazetteer of the fishing waters of the U. S. and Canada 1885,

sc.6H24 Harte, F. B. By shore and sedge.

VH2538 Contents. An apostle of the Tules. — Sarah Walker. - A ship of '49.

Herald, The; a gazette for the country. Vol. 1-4.

N. Y., 1794-97. 4 v. Herdman, W: G. Treatise on the curvilinear per

spective of nature; and its applicability to

art. (1853.) Hey, Mrs. W: Sylvan musings; or, The spirit of the woods. 1849.

JV•51 Holst, H. von. Constitutional and political history

of the U. S.; tr. by J: J. Lalor. 1850-54. Compromise of 1850. Kansas-Nebraska bill.

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portraits of ladies of rank and fashion ; engraved by C: Wilkin; annotated by A. W.

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65. AD 174 "An interesting and appreciative life of Adams – one which fairly sets forth the man, his work, and his times."

Nation, June 11. Intrigues, Les, de Molière et celles de sa femme, ou

La fameuse comédienne; avec préf. et notes par Ch. L. Livet. 1877.

5FM73 Jefferds, C. M. Trial for murder, Dec. 1862. Jenkins, E: A week of passion; or, The dilemma

of Mr. George Barton the younger; a novel.

(Franklin Sq. lib.) " True, to dispose of the victim so completely that there is nothing left of him but spatters has its conven. ience, but the effect is too gruesome for the first chapter of a novel. The book is a poor imitation of Boisgubey and Trollope, incongruous as the combination may

seem." - Nation, June 25. Jenkins, J: S. The generals of the last war with Great Britain. 1849.

65.9RJ41 Jewett, S. O. A marsh island.

VJ653 Scarcely equal to 'A country doctor.' Aside from its main thread, the chief interest of the book lies in its thorough sympathetic study of rural life, and its

description of rural pleasure.” – American, June 6. Kaye, J:, Bp. of Lincoln. Nine charges to the

clergy of the diocese of Lincoln; with other

works; ed. by (W. F. J. Kaye). 1854. Klaczko, J. Deux chanceliers; Le prince Gort

chakof et le prince de Bismarck. 3e éd. 1877.

58.668K Kobell, F. Etchings of picturesque landscapes.

24 plates. (17—.)

Radirungen. [1776.] Laing, D: Select remains of the ancient popular

and romance poetry of Scotland; re-ed., with memorial introd. and add. by J: Small.

VDSO-9L Lane, W: C. The Dante collections in Harvard College and Boston Public libraries. Pt. I.

:XP+9H26 Lansdell, H: Russian central Asia; incl. Kuldja,

Bokhara, Khiva, and Merv. 2 v. A19-L29 “It invites comparison with a corresponding book written a few years ago by Mr. Schuyler. The two works supplement each other, and may take rank side by side as examples of what books of travel should be.

The main purpose of Dr. Lansdell's journey was to visit the prisons and hospitals in the Russian-Asiatic do. minions, and to distribute among them copies of the Scripture, and other religious literature. His real work as colporteur is not too obstrusively enlarged upon in the book. More space is given to his report on the actual condition of Russian prisons, and the treatment of Rus. bian prisoners. Here he joins issue completely with


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