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such writers as Stepniak, Prince Krapotkine, etc.
It is hardly possible after reading his pages, to doubt
that many of the dramatic stories with which we have
been overwhelmed of late are as imaginary as Edgar Poe's

Dr. Lansdell's route was an interesting one, and parts of it he was the first Englishman to traverse."

-H: 1. Howoth in the Academy, June 20. Lauder, Sir T: D. Memorial of the royal progress in Scottland. 1843.

$ads/136 Lazerges, H. Catalogue de tableaux, peintures à

la cire, aquarelles et dessins par H. Lazerges.

1876. Legrand, A: Galeries antiques, ou esquisses des

statues, bustes, et bas-reliefs, fruit des con

quêtes de l'armée en Italie. 1803. Lemprière, C: Notes in Mexico, 1861–62; politi

cally and socially considered. 1862. BD.L54 Lenglart van Nuffle, C. J. M. Catalogue de tab

leaux anciens composant la collection Leng

lart. 1879. Litchfield, G. D. The knight of the Black Forest.

VL7IK Livermore, Rev. S: T. Harriet Livermore; the " pilgrim stranger.” 1884.

65.1757 Magazine of the fine arts, and journal of literature

and science, Vol. 1-4. 1833-34. 4 v. Mancini, D. The mirrour of good manners; tr.

by A. Barclay. (Spenser Soc.) Martel, la comtesse de, (pseud. Gyp). Plume et poil.

VFF-G99P Mérimée, P. Chronique du règne de Charles ix,

suivie de La double méprise et de La guzla. 1873.

VFF:M64ch2 Middlemore, Mrs. M. T. H. Spanish legendary tales.

VHXL•M58s Monnet, E. Histoire de l'administration provinciale, départmentale, et communale en France.

EMF-M75 Montague, F. C: The limits of individual liberty ; an essay

E01-M76 " A very suggestive and thoughtful book of the order of works which may be called retlective: that is, without pretending to be a formal philosophy it approaches with philosophic temper and method theories and ideas and projects current in politics. Mr. Montague writes a very clear-cut and forcible style, rich in concrete illus. tration, and often eloquent. The book needs to be read more slowly than most people like, but not more than it deserved. The doctrine of liberty as stated by Mill is still almost an article of faith. There is as yet no popular theory to take its place, and Mr. Montague's book may help to supply the want." – S. Alex.

ander in the Academy, Mar. 21. Moore, G. B. Perspective; its principles and prac

tice. 1850. Morand, P: de. Théâtre et auvres diverses. 1779.

VED.M79 Mulhall, M. G. and E: T. Manual de las Republicas del Plata. 1876.

BP:M89M Murfree, M.. N. (pseud. C: E, Craddock). Down the ravine.

Vc8421 " Charles Egbert Craddock, with half a dozen people - a boy, a horse, a ravipe – opens vistas for us that make us feel we are looking, not into a ravine, but over

the wide, wide world.” – Crilic, June 20. Norris, W. E. That terrible man; a novel. (Harper's handy ser.)

VN791 “The story is an interesting one; not too long, and containing in its final chapters scenes cleverly dramatic, and entirely new in fiction." – Critic, May 23.

Old Residents' Hist. Soc., Lowell, Mass. Contri.

butions. Vol. 1; 2, no. 4; 3, no. 1. 187984. 3 v.

96418-OL Oldroyd, 0. H. The Lincoln memorial; album.

immortelles; original life pictures, with autographs, from eminent Americans and Europeans, etc.; with introd. by M. Simpson. D. D., and a sketch of the patriot's life by I: N. Arnold. 1882.

65-163401 Paine, N. Genealogical notes on the Paine family, of Worcester, Mass. 1878.

964 w9-P Notes, historical and chronological on the town of Worcester, Mass. 1876.

964 w 9-P Paris. Exposition Universelle, 1867. Catalogue

général, le livr.; Euvres d'art; groupe 1, classes 1 à 5. 1867.

पा Parkman, F. Historic handbook of the northern

tour; lakes George and Champlain, Niagara, Montreal, Quebec.

951.P23 Peale, R. Graphics; a manual of drawing and

writing. 1835. Pembridge, pseud. The decline and fall of whist;

an old fashioned view of new fangled play. 1884.

SWW.P36 Pietra-Santa, P. de. Les Eaux-Bonnes, Basses Pyrenées. 1862.

AFP99.8A Pinelli, B. Nuova raccolta di cinquanta costumi

pittoreschi. 1817. Porter, N. The 200th birthday of Bp. G: Berkeley; discourse at Yale College, Mar. 12, 1885.

5DU-B452 Proctor, R: A. How to play whist. (Harper's handy ser.)

SWW•P94.2 Robinson, F. W. Lazarus in London; a novel.

(Franklin Sq. lib) “There is little of swift, stunning tragedy, or of pic. turesqueness, in the history of the millions to whom the struggle for existence is made doubly hard by selfcompelled reference to standards of respectability. Their lives are on the whole barren of events, with a limited and simple range of emotions. Nothing but a keepness in getiing at the pathos, dignity, and humour there may be in common things can make such people

even endurable in fiction." - Nation, July 2. Rutherford, J: The Troubadours; their loves and

their lyrics; with remarks on their iufluence, social and literary. 1873.

XVFYR93 Saint Foix, G. F. P. de. Cuvres complettes. 1778. 6 y.

VF-SA 25 Schiller, J: C. F: von. Fiesko; or, The conpiracy

of Genoa ; an historical tragedy ; from the German. 1832.

VGD-sch3F-E Scidmore, E. R. Alaska, its southern coast and Sitkan archipelago.

Bilösc2 The result of several summers passed in the region.

With the maps of the Coast Survey Pilot of Alas. ka,'this little work will form a very entertaining hand.

book for the inland passage.” – Nation, June 25. Shakespeare, W: Chromolithograph of his tomb.

1883. - Dramatic works; with S: Johnson's preface

and notes, pref., life (by N. Rowe). 1803-04. 8 v.

VE:81803 Shand, A. I. Letters from the west of Ireland, 1884.

AdrW32•s11 “He is enough of a sportsman not to be a mere man of letters, and enough of a politician not to be a mere sportsman. He writes of land and farming as one who

3 v.

Vining, E: P. An inglorious Columbus; or, Evi

dence that Hwui Shan and a party of Buddhist monks from Afghanistan discovered America in the 5th century;

B22-176 " He seeks to show not only that America was discov. ered, but thai the religion, the institutions, and the arts of its more civilized nations were greatly affected, and in part transtornied by the teachings of the Buddhist missionaries from eastern Asia. ... There is one specics of evidence which would be decisive on this point. The narrative of Hwui Shan distinctly affirnis that • Budd. ha's religious books and images were made known among the people of Fu-sang. Let Mr. Vining dis. cover a single pre-Columbian inscription in Mexico, or elsewhere in America, couched in any alphabetic or hieroglyphic characters now or formerly used by Asiatic Buddhists, and his case will be established. Until this is done, be must be content with the verdict of not

proven.'Critic, June 27. Viollet-le-Duc, E. E. Habitations modernes. 1877.


2 v.

knows. He can use his eyes, and he can use his pen. The peregrination began at Lough Foyle and followed the coast round to Kerry. It touched therefore, on not a few points touched on in the immortal Irish sketch book,' and here the comparison of things after forty years is instructive. It touched also on several points which Thackeray did not visit, and here the supplement

is interesting.” Saturday rev., May 21. South Wales illust. ; views (of) the scenery, an

tiquities, etc., by H. Gastineau; [with] historical and topographical descriptions. (18—-).

$ad ws0+50 Stanford, E: Catalogue of maps and other geo

grapical publications. Stevens, J: A. Yorktown centennial handbook ;

hist. and topog. guide to the Yorktown peninsular, Richmond, James River, and Norfolk. 1881.

96TY08-ST Stickney, A. Democratic government; a study of politics.

ERööstö "We fear that Mr. Stickney is more to be congratul. lated upon the motive than the results of his labors. As the science has to do with that very arbitrary pro. duct, human nature, be tirst step must be to examine thoroughly how that product has been developed and manifested itself in the past. For Mr. Suickney, as far as appears from this book, history has no existence. We have been unable to find any reference to precedent

except in the most general terms." - Nation, June 25. Strada, F. De bello Belgico decas prima, ab ex

cessu Caroli v. usque ad initia praefecturae

Alexandri Farnesii. 1653. :87vl•st8.2 Sumner, W: G. Collected essays in political and social science.

C-S16 Contents. Bimetallism. Wages. The argument against protective taxes. - Sociology. - Theory and practice of elections. – Presidential elections and civil Bervice reform. - Our colleges before the country.

" As a counteractive to all false doctrine, heresy, and schirm' in social science this book is to be recom.

mended." - Nation, June 25. Superior woman, A. (No name ser.) Vsu73

A pleasant, entertaining story. Very prettily if

not very arifully put together.” Critic, June 25. Tallis, J: Drawing room table book of theatrical

portraits, memoirs, and anecdotes. Tcheng-ki-tong, Col. The Chinese painted by

themselves; tr. by J. Millington. A3•121 "It is a screed intended to satirize Parisian politics, focial life, and customs, rather than to inform concern. ing the sons of Han. Such a person as Tcheng-ki. tong may exist, he may be a colonel of infantry, and he may have written much of the tedious matter of the book; but the flavor of the writing is so Frenchy that we prefer to trust for our information about the Chinese to foreign instead of native authors of the Tcheng ki. tong sort.

A thoroughly honest book which can fairly claim the title here usurped, is certainly needed."- Nu.

tion, June 11. Thompson, W. Swampscott; historical sketches of the town.

964s w2.T Torry, B. Birds in the bush. Trollope, A. kept in the dark; a novel. 1882.

(Franklin Sq. lib.) University of Va. Sketch of the Univ. of Virginia.

fuvõuxiy-485K Vade-mecum for maltworms; or, A guide to good

fellows; being a description of the manners and customs of the most eminent public houses in London and Westminster. Pt. [1,] 2. (16.)


Mémoire sur la défense de Paris, Sept. 1870 –

janv. 1871; avec figures et atlas de 12 plan

ches, 1871. Peintures murales des chapelles de Notre-Dame

de Paris rel. par M. Quradou. 1876. 60

chromolith. plates. Walcott, M. E. C. Scoti-monasticon; the an

cient Church of Scotland; history of the cathedrals, conventual foundations, etc., of

Scotland. 1874. Watkins, M. G. Gleanings from the natural his

tory of the ancients. " An agreeable book, with an ample sufficiency of learning, but not overweighted with it.” – - Spectator,

June 6. Webb, J: Some plain and necessary directions to

obtain eternal salvation; in seven sermons.

1741. Westall, W: Red Ryvington.

Vw523 “ Abounds in adventures, bair.breadth escapes, and so. forth, that are quite blood-curdling, but, nevertheless,

fascinating to a degree." - American bookseller, July 1. Wilhelm, L. W. Local institutions of Maryland.

(Johns Hopkins Univ. Stndies.) Williams, F: H. Arguments and testimony before

the leg. committee on towns in favor of the incorporation of the easterly part of Medway into the new town of Millis."

1964M46-W Winter, J. S. Mignon; or, Bootle's baby. (Harper's handy ser.)

Vw 7311 "A bright and taking little story, well worth reading.'

Critic, June 13. Worcester Lyceum and Nat. Hist. Assoc. Ac.

count of the Lyceum, by N. Paine, President. 1876.

964w9-P Young, W.H. Journal of an excursion from

Troy, N. Y., to Gen. Carr's head-quarters,
Wilson's Landing, Va., in May, 1865. 1871.

B61J23+Y Zeisbeger, D: Diary among the Indians of Ohio

(1781-98]; tr. and ed. by E. F. Bliss.

Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Ofice, Boston, Mass.,

as second class matter.

Alken, H: The art and practice of etching; with

directions for other engraving. 1849. Allard, P. Esclaves, serfs, et mainmortables.

D93.ALB “ J'ai essayé de faire tenir en un volume ce qu'un • honnête homme' comme disaient nos pères, doit savoir de l'histoire des esclaves et des serfs dans l'ancien monde, depuis les premières civilisations jusqu'à la fin du dix-huitième siècle.' Pour s'acquitter d'une tâche comme celle que s'était imposée M.Allard, il fallait joindre comme lui aux connaissances de l'érudit le talent du peintre et de l'écrivain. Son volume que nous recommandons très vivement, est à lire." - - Polybiblion,

Dec. 1884. Anderson, A. (Engravings : 811 small wood-cuts,

engravings of Matteson's designs for Shake

speare, and a few others. 18—?) Argles, Mrs. M. A maiden all forlorn; and other stories.

VAR34M “O tender Dolores ;" a novel. VaR340 Armstrong, J: The art of preserving health ;

pref. a critical essay on the poem by J: Aikin. 1804.

VEP AR5.2 Arnold, M. Discourses in America. VE3-AR6 “ His method is that of the lay sermon.

His secret is his subacid reasonableness and his serious levity or frivolous seriousness. What strikes one in bis criti. cisms of life even more than their penetration is their sanity and completeness. He takes human nature all around, and sees how far a proposed remedy an. swers to all its needs. Herein he is really penetrated by the scientific spirit in its best aspect, and he has been no insufficient teacher of the higher anthropology. Men see that what he says tallies in the main with what they know, and at the same time they are half attracted, half repelled by the tone in which he says it.” – Athenæum,

June 27. Bataille, A. Causes criminelles et mondaines de

1884. Batty, E.. F. Italian scenery; from drawings made in 1817. 1820.

$al+B32 Bauer, K. P. A. Caroline Bauer and the Coburgs;

tr. and ed. from [her] Nachgelassene Memoiren by C: Nisbet.

56:832 "The autobiography of a popular actress contains also much curious information about the lives and do. ings of some socially illustrious and technically honora.

ble personages." — Spectulor, Oct. 18, 1884. Bishop, W: H: Fish and men in the Maine islands. (Harper's handy ser.)

B6118: 154 “With a realism that is at times a trifle dull, it is a truthful, novel, and on the whole not unattractive por. trayal of life among the fish and men of the Maine is.

lands." Literary world, Aug. 22. Boughton, G: H. Sketching rambles in Holland.

AHS-B66 “The special charm of the book (as of the art which illustrates it) is its life. Its narrative, its thoughts, its humour, its sentiments, and its satire - and there is plenty of all these - retain the colour and spirit of the occasion." – C. Monkhouse in the Academy, Dec. 20,

1885. Bourget, P. Cruelle énigme. 7e éd. VFF:B66240 Bowen's Boston news-letter and city record. Vol.

1. Jan. - July 1826; J. V. C. Smith ed.

1826. Byrrne, E. F. Entangled; a novel. (Franklin

Sq. lib.) "To any reader of Entangled' who seriously inclines to Bhut the book at page 81 of the first volume, we say, 'Don't.' The story rises much above this silly chapter, aptly named ' unceremoniously introduced,' and is well worth reading." – Spectator, July 25.

Caird, E: The social philosophy and religion of Comte.

coc12 “ Professor Caird's articles on Comte in the • Contemporary review'deserved to be reproduced in this more convenient form not only on account of the excellent criticism they contain, but because of the importance of the subject itself. No good account of Positivism in its religious and social aspects was available for general readers or students till this volume appeared; it helps to show the great advance which Comte made on his

predecessors." Athenæum, Apr. 25. Cellesi, D. Sei fabriche di Firenze. 1851. Chamberlain, M. S: Maverick’s palisade house of 1630.

165-M44 Charnay, D. Les anciennes villes du nouveau

monde, voyages d'explorations au Mexique et dans l'Amérique centrale, (1857-82); 214

gravures et 19 cartes ou plans. BC/B38 Church, A. H. English earthenware; handbook to

the wares made in England during the 17th

and 18th centuries. “The work of a man who is master of his subject."

Academy, May 2. Clermont-Ganneau, C. Les fraudes archéolo

giques en Palestine; suivies de quelques

monuments phéniciens apocryphes. Cleveland, R: J. Narrative of voyages and com

mercial enterprises. 1842. 2 v. :A:c59.2 Cörberus, J: Tragemata melica. 1622. :VJYP.c65 Conference of Charities. Proceedings of the Nat.

Conference of Charities and Correction, at the

11th session. 1884. Cooke, G: Charts of classic art, photographs and

descriptions of the most celebrated works of Greek sculpture and the modern masters.

1st ser., no. 1. 1872. Cortes, H. Historia de Mejico; aumentada con

otros documentos y notas por F. A. Lorenzana, rev. y adapt. por M. del Mar. 1828.

:902-c811 Coupland, W: C. The spirit of Goethe's Faust.

xvolG550 “ An attempt, and in some respects a helpful one, to do for Goethe's great two-fold work what Mr. Symonds has tried to do for Dante in his Introduction,' etc. Both books contain a great deal of information not readily accessible elsewhere, which is essential for a right understanding of Dante and Goethe; both illustrate the extreme dificulty of doing justice to high poetry in

popularizing lectures." — Athenæum, July 25. Curtis, J. S. Silver-lead deposits of Eureka, Nevada. (U.S. Geol. Survey. Monographs.)

IKÕ+UN3M Darby, J: F. Personal recollections of many prom

inent people whom I have known, and of events during the first half of the present century. 1880.

65-D242 Davitt, M. Leaves from a prison diary. 2 v.

EGAE•D29 Delavigne, J: F. C. Marino Faliero. 1829.

(VFD:D37 Delpit, A. Solange de Croix-Saint-Luc. 16e éd.

VFF.D388 Dogma no antidote for doubt; incl. a review of Bp.

McLaren's Catholic dogma the antidote of

doubt, etc.; by a member of the N. Y. bar. Douglas, A. M. Sydnie Adriance; or, Trying the world. 1869.




Ellis, F. S. The Huth library; catalogue of the

printed books, mss., autograph letters, and engravings coll. by H: Huth, with collations

and bibliog. descriptions. 5 v. :XHE+H97 Fenn, G: M. Poverty Corner. " A little world ;" a city story.

/F36P “A story of London life. The power of the story is in its tender love of humanity, and interest in all its

manifestations." Fenollosa, E. F. Review of the chapter on paint

ing in Gonse's L'art japonais. Finley, J: P. Tornado studies for 1884. (U. S. Signal Service. Prof. papers.)

T Finn, H: J. American comic annual ; illust. by D. C. Johnston. 1831.

w5A AM3 Forbes, A. Souvenirs of some continents. Lond.

VE3•774 Same. New York.

VE3•774.2 Contents. Skobeleff. - How I became a war corre. spondent. -- The Emperor and his Marshall. - Social Australia. Macgahan, the American war correspond. ent. - Where was Villiers ? — Wolseley; a character sketch. – The American gentleman with the moist eye. - Interviewed by an emperor. – Some society aspects of America. - Doughtown scrip. A poei waif. Christmastide in the Kyber Pass.

“Reprints of familiar articles combined with sev. eral new papers, less stirring and lurid, but not less vi.

vacious and graphic.” – Saturday rev., July 25. France, A. Le livre de mon ami. 5e éd.

VFF.P84L “ Un homme charmant, un agréable causeur, tour à tour enjoué ou attendri. C'est plaisir de l'entendre évoquer les souvenirs de sa jeunesse. Et chacun de ces souvenirs est l'occasion de quelques réflexions morales ou philosophiques, mais morales si agréable. ment et d'une pbilosopbie si souriante que c'est un

charme." - Rev. pol. et lit., 18 avril. Galignani's new Paris guide. 17th ed. with maps, etc. [1833.]

AFP2.6613.3 Gasnault, P., and Garnier, E:

French pottery. (South Kensington art Handbook.) “The work of men who are masters of their subject." - Academy, May 2. Gerando, J. M., baron de. Letters inéd. et souve

nirs biog, de Mme. Récamier et de Mme. de Staël. 1868.

5FR2446 Gibbon, C: Heart's delight; a story (Franklin

Sq. lib.) “It is hard to find thrilling incidents of a romantic nature in the so-called nineteenth century. By a judi. cious use of a secret society of apparantly Irish traitors; of an abortive attempt to assassinate the Queen as she is driving in the neighborhood of Balmoral; and of the dignitied and mysterious personality of a certain chevalier, the author has nearly accomplished his purpose of a

nineteenth century romance.” – Atheneum, July 11. Girtin, J., and others. Etchings; also engravings

by J: T: Smith; and by J.S. M. (John Sebastian Muller?] from Hayman's illustra.

tions of Paradise Lost. Gloucestershire, Eng. Eyre Court. Pleas of the

crown for the county of Gloucester, 1221;

ed. by F. W. Maitland. 1884. Goncourt, E. L. A. H. de and J, A, H. de. Charles Demailly. 1877.

VFF.G582c La Faustin. 1882.

VFF.G5827 Germinie Lacerteux.

VFF.65826 Idées et sensations. 1877.

vx4.658 Mme. Gervaisais. 1883.


Manette Salomon. 1877.

VFF:6582MA Quelques créatures de ce temps. 1878.

VFF.6580 René Mauperin. 1877.

VEFG582R Sæur Philomène. 1876.

VFF°6582s Gordon, Maj. Gen. C: G: Private diary of his exploits in China; amplified by S: Mossman.

83•665 “This diary of exploits' consists of only twenty foolscap pages, containing the barest possible record of the operations of the campaign. The entire collec. tion of potes might be printed in less than a page of the • Athenæum,' and would present nothing probably that was not already known from Wilson's book." - Athe

næum, July 25. Greene, W: T: Parrots in captivity, with notes by

F. G. Dutton, Vol. 1. Guy of Warwick, Romance of; ed. by J. Zupitza.

Pt. 1. 1883. (Early Eng. Text Soc.) Hamerton, P. G. Landscape; illust. Harcourt, L. F. V. Harbours and docks; their

physical features, history, construction, etc.; with statistics as to their commercial devel.. opment. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Text. 2. Plates. Hearne, T: Remarks and collections. Vol. 1. (Oxford Hist. Soc.)

7BE-H35 "Nothing occurred in the life around him which did not come under his notice. For those who read his notes aright the prejudices and the hatreds of the con. temned antiquary of Oxford only add point to the par.

rative." W. P. Courtney in the Academy, May 23. Hérisson, M. d'I., comte d'. Journal d'un officier

d'ordonance, juillet 1870 - février 1871. 45e éd.

8FMl•142 “ Ecrit d'un style vif, alerte, naturel. C'est une conversation parlée, avec le ton un peu militaire.” – Poly

biblion, Avril. Howison, J: Sketches of Upper Canada; added,

details for the information of emigrants, and

recollections of the U. S. 1825. B40x8-H Jenkins, E: A week of passion; or, The dilemma of Mr. George Barton the younger; a novel.

V3413w “ The best piece of fiction accomplished by Mr. Jen. kine. The reader will find more than ample stimulant to his curiosity, and food for his imagination. The story is well written in point of style, and some pas. Bages are very eloquent in their shrewdness or tender

ness." - Atheneum, Sept. 27, 1884. Johnson, S: W. How crops feed; treatise on the

atmosphere and the soil as related to the nu

trition of agricultural plants. 1884. J8.163 Keeling, E. D’E. Three sisters. 2 v. VK24412

“A very charming book." - Saturday review, July 21, 1884. Keith, T: New treatise on the use of the globes. 1805.

HTG'K 26 Kladderadatsch; humoristisch-satirisches Wo.

chenblatt. 6, 13, 34. Jahrg. 1853, 60, 81. Knight, H: G. Architectural tour in Normandy;

with remarks on Norman architecture. 20

ed. 1841. L., G. G. Novissima Sinica, historiam nostri tem.

poris illustratura, etc. 1697. Laborde, J: B: de. Choix de chansons mises en musique, ornées d'estampes par J. M. Mo

1773. 106 plates. Illustrations only.

3 v.


Landis, J: H., and Clare, I. S. Life of James Gillespie Blaine.

65.8574L Landon, C: P. Vies et æuvres des peintres les plus

célèbres de toutes les écoles. (Vol. 19-21).

1813. 3 v. Law, E. History of Hampton Court Palace in Tudor times; illust.

8wzu18-L “It is certainly a matter of surprise that Hampton Court should have had no historian until the present time, but Mr. Law has taken care that it should be no matter of regret. ... Every page of his book bears traces of care, and it will be read with pleasure not only by the historian and antiquary, but by every one who shares in the English fondness for the relics of a glori.

ous past." – 0: J. Robinson in the Academy, July 25. Lawson, R. Upton-on-Severn words and phrases. (Eng. Dialect Soc.)

VEQ-8EN Leypoldt, F: The American catalogue, 1876-84;

books recorded July 1, 1876 - June 30, 1884; comp. under the direction of R. R. Bowker by A. I. Appleton. 2 v.

x05/159 Contents. Vol. 1. Author-and-title alphabet. 2. Subject alphabet, etc. Library Company of Phila. Bulletin, July 1885.

:XN5-1613B Low, Sampson, etc. English (annual) catalogue of books, 1884.

XTE+7L9E Luchaire, A. Histoire des institutions monar

chiques de la France sous les premiers Capé

tiens, 987-1180. 1883. 2 v. 8Fx8-196 “ Voici une euvre de la plus haute importance, tant par le sujet auquel elle est consacrée que par le re. marquable talent dont l'auteur y a fait preuve." — P.

Fournier in Polybiblion, déc. Lyman, T. Memoir of Theodore Lyman, Jr. 1881.

165-K98 Marmier, X. Les drames intimes, contes russes. 1876.

VBF9M Mask, The; a humorous and fantastic review of

the month; ed. by A. Thompson, and C. Lewis. Vol. 1. 1868.

VE2+M37 Maskell, A. Russian art and art objects in Rus.

sia; handbook to the reproductions of goldsmiths' work. etc., in the South Kensington

Museum. (So. Kensington handbook.) Masson, D: Carlyle personally and in his writings; two Edinburgh lectures.

5Ds:c1985M “One of the most important of recent contributions to the now formidable literature which has for its object the vindication of Carlyle's memory. – W: Wallace in

the Academy, July 11. Mickiewicz, A. Hist. populaire de Pologne, pub. avec notes, etc., par L. Mickiewicz. 1867.

8MP•M58 - Les premiers siècles de l'hist. de Pologne; tr.

par les fils de l'auteur, 1868. 8MPl•M58 Montalembert, C: F. de T., comte de. Les moines

en Gaule sous les premiers Mérovingiens;

chap. 1-6. 1869. Monti, V. Prose e poesie, novamente ordinate e

prec. da un discorso intorno alle (sua) vita, etc. 1847. 5 v.

VI•M76 Mowry, W: A. Talks with my boys. IM•M87 Mrs. Keith's crime; a novel. (Harper's handy ser.)

VM875 "In Mrs. Keith's crime there exists a combination of excellences pathos, humour, subtle characterization, and brilliant dialogue - any one of which would have

sufficed to lift it far above the level of ordinary novels."

Athenæum, May 23. Mügge, T. Switzerland in 1847; and its condi.

tion before the war; ed. by Mrs. Sinnett. 1848. 2 v.

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VFF.N22c New Shakespere Soc. Photogravure of W:

Shakespeare. 1882. Niccolini, G. B. Opere. 1831, 3 v. VI-N51 Nicolai, F. Das Leben und die Meinungen des

Herrn Magister Sebaldus Nothanker. 177476. 3 v.

:VGF.N54 O'Conor, J. F. X. Cuneiform text of a cylinder of

Nebuchadnezzar; from the original in the

Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y. Ohnet, G. La Grande Marmière. 38e éd.

VFF.01456 Orne, P. Simply a love-story.

VOR6s A very creditable novel." Pancoast, S. The Kabbala; or the true science of

light, etc., with a chapter on light in the

vegetable kingdom. [1883]. Pasquino, pseud. The American cyclops, the hero

of New Orleans, and spoiler of silver spoons, dubbed LL.D. 1868.

w5b:P26 Pennell, J. and E. B. A Canterbury pilgrimage.

AEK41-P3 “A most pleasant account of the Canterbury pilgrim. age which they went last year on a bicycle. They have illustrated their little book with some charming woodcuts, and have taken their drawings of Chaucer's characters from the Ellesmore Ms. as drawn for the Chaucer Society. The book is redolent of the breeze from

English fields." — Academy, July 18. Perry, W: S., Bp. of Iowa. History of the Amer

ican Protestant Episcopal Church, 1587

1883. 2 v. Pestalozzi, J: H: Léonard et Gertrude, ou les

mæurs villageoises, tr. de l'allemand (par L:

E. Pajon de Moncestz]? 1783. :VGF.P43.7 Phelps, E., S. An old maid's Paradise. Vp5lo

* The elements of fun are all used to advantage; and as a background there are glowing descriptions of sea and shore in sunshine and in storm; bits of pathetic • genre' from the lives of a fisher folk, charming presentations of fascinating types.' The book is perhaps no more than a trifle - but it is a trifle that could only come from a practiced pen of an adept. It has in it the zest of sea breezes, the light and color of summer days.'

Library world, Aug. 22. Poole, J: The comic miscellany for 1845. VEA:P78 Poynter, E.. F.

Madame de Presnel. (Leisure hour ser.)

VP8787 "A book of considerable quiet charm, containing

much natural dialogue." - Alhenæum, June 20. Probyn, T. W. Correspondence relative to the budgets of different countries. 1877.

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(183-?] 29 plates. Pulling, F. S. The life and speeches of the Mar. quis of Salisbury. 2 v.

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Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Carlton

House, etc.; illust. 1819. 3 v. Quarles, F. Argalus and Parthenia; originally

compiled in prose by Sir P. Sidney; with life of author. 1726.


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