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Ladies' companion at home and abroad; ed. by

Mrs. Loudon. 1850-[55]. 2 series in 10 v; Lammasch, H: Le droit d'extradition appliqué

aux delits politiques; tr. par A. Weiss et P.

Louis Lucas. Laughlin, J. L. The study of political economy.

c55:136 “ A book of foundations, which every would-be stu. dent or leacher of the subject should thoroughly master before beginning his regular work." - Lil. world, Oct.

17. Lawson, Mrs. E. M. The nation in the parish; or,

Records of Upton-on-Severn; with a suppl. chapter on the Castle of llanley, and a glossary by R. Lawson. 1884.

8EZUP8:1 Lawton, G: W. The American caucus system ; its

origin, purpose, and utility. (Questions of the day.)

ECC.L44 "To ose who perceives something of the scope and mnguitude of the subject, both historically and in the prenent current of our politics, the book is an ulier dis.

appointment.” – Littrury world, Oct. 31. Le Faure, A. Le socialisme pendant la Révolution

Française, 1789-98. 20 éd. 1867. c0s.152 Leriche, L: Les souvenirs d'un vieux libraire;

illust. de F. Besnier et P. Kauffman. 57:1563 Life's verses; illust.

W5A.9162 Litchfield, G. D. Criss-cross.

V1710 “A merry book is something to be grateful for, and such a one is Criss Cross." It is not merely a fumy, or amusing, or clever book; it is one that tills you with lightheartedness and laugliter, runuing dangerously near the edge where careless humor by a single misstep might easily fall into silliness, but never bring anything but

delightfully humorvus." Critic, Oct. 17. Lorris, G. de, and Meung, J: de. Roman de la

Rose; éd. accomp. d'une trad. en vers, préc. d'une introd., etc., par P: Marteau. 1878-80. óv. (Biblioth. elzev.)

V FOʻR72.2 Lubbock, Sir J: Representation. (Imperiul parliament.)

ECL96 Luther, M. Orden ung ayns gemainenkasten ;

radtschlag wie die gaistlichen gietter zu

handeln seind. 1523. Marie de France. Lais; hrsg. von K: Wanke, mit

vergl. Anmerk. von R. Köhler. (Suchier, H. Bibl. norman, v. 3.)

VD2-9SU Matthews, J. B. The last nieeting; a story.

V143L Maupassant, G. de. Bel-ami. 35e éd. ) vFF•M44B

Contes du jour et de la nuit; illust. de P. Cous

turier. [6e mille. 18—.) ) vFF*M4400 Contes de la bécasse. 9e ed.

DvFF•3140 Mlle. Fiti. 10e éd.

) VFFM14M La maison Tellier 12e éd. DvFF•M4431a Miss Harriet. 10e éd.

) VFT•MAMI Les saurs Rondoli. 18e éd. 1884. VFF:M+48 Une vie. 25e éd. 1884.

) VFF: 1144 v Yvette. 12e éd.

) VFF•MHAY Mitchell, S: A: Ancient geography; a system of

classical sacred and geog. 1850. :A0v.269 Mohindronauth Mookerjee. Onoocool Chunder

Mookerjee; a memoir. 3d ed. 1884. 55'0x Murfree, Miss M. N. (pseud. C: E. Craddock). The prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Vc842P " These pictures of low life under certain conditions

are beautiful with the sympathetic insight which

makes us interested in the characters of the story, not because they are strange people so unlike ourselves, but because after all they are strange people so like our.

selves." - Critic, vit. 21. My wife's niece; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

“ There are indications of literary ability, but it is

not a good novel.” – Spectator, Oct 3. Naville, E. The store-city of Pithom and the route of the Exodus. (Egypt Explor. Fund.)

AL'P6+x22 Nepos, C.

(Vitae excellentium imperatorum); with answered questions, etc., by Rev. T: K.

Arnold; rev. by E. A. Jolinson VJ.x5.1854 Newlands, J. A. R. On the discovery of the peri

odic law and on relations among the atomic weights.

HKA:N 46 Norris, W.E. Mademoiselle de Mersac; a novel.

1880. (Franklin Sq. lib.) Olivier, E: Des chemins de fer en droit interna

tional. On the Charles at Riverside.

$264coon Ornsby, G: York. [1883.) (Diocesan histories.) Pantenius, T. II. Im Gottesländchen; Erzählun

gen aus dem Kurländischen Leben, vor-p19 Parker, J. The three powers of government; The

origin of the U. S., and the status of the Southern states on the suppression of the rebellion ; The three dangers of the republic; lectures, 1867-69.

E35-P22 Payn, J. The canon's ward. 1884.

V P29E In peril and privation ; stories of marine dis

aster retold. (Harper's handy ser.) "Seventeen stories of famous shipwrecks, from the Wreck of the Grosvenor,' and the loss of the Royal George to the famine on board the 'Le Jacques.' The romantic tragedies of the sea are well told.”. Brit

ish quurlırly rev., Oct. Peirce, J. N. Text-book of analytic geometry; on the basis of Professor Peirce's treatise. 1857.

463.735 Peyrebrune, G: de. Mademoiselle de Trémor.

VIF•P464 Plutarchus. Vies des hommes illustres ; tr. en fran

çais par E. Talbot. 1865. 4 v. VP: P6v•FT Power, F. Letters from Khartoum, written during

the siege. Pradier. Fodéré, P. L: E. Traité de droit interna

tional public, européen et américain ; suivant les progrès de la science et de la pratique

contemporaines. Vol. 1. Proctor, R: 1. Memorials of by-gone Manchester; with glimpses of the environs. 1880.

8E2M31+p94 Putnam, J. P. Lectures on the principles of house

drainage. Reeves, M. C. L., and Read, E. Pilot Fortune.

VR258P Regnier, Mme. (pseud. D. Darc). Une aventure d'hier.

VFF D24A Restrepo, J. M. llistoria de la revolucion de la

republica de Colombia. 1827. 10 v. :91.231 Rétif de la La Bretonne, N: E. Contes: Le pied

de Fanchette, avec une notice par 0. Uzanne. 1881.

$VFF-R31 Richepin, J: Les blasphèmes.

VFPR39 Robertson, T: The whole French language; ed. by L: Ernst. 1856.


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Robinson, E: A harmony of the Gospels in Eng

lish. 9th ed. 1860. Robinson, F. W. The courtship of Mary Smith;

a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.) Robinson, W'. C. Introduction to our early English literature; to the Norman conquest.

XVER:R56 Rousseau, J. Hans IIolbein. Ruskin, J: Præterita; outlines of scenes and thoughts in my past life.

5E:R894 Saunders, F: Pastime papers.

wö3.SA86P “Rambling demultory compositions of literary odds and ends tilted together with some degree of ingenuity

into an attractive mosaic.". - Literary world, Oct. 17. Schaff, P. Christ and Christianity; studies on

Christianity, creeds, and confessions, Prot

estantism and Romanism, etc. “Made up of his briefer productions, wrought out in time taken from his greater literary undertakings. Some of the most important services Dr. Schaff has ren. dered to his American theological world have been through his lesser and now all but forgotten publica. tions. This very first work in America, the inaugural discourse at Mercer-burg on 'The principle of l’rotest. antism' (1845), and the supplement to it, “What is Church history ? (1816, did mich to broaden the con. ceptions of American theologians in important directions. He teaches in one of the most intuential seminarice of the l’reshyterian Church, and the change marks how far the shadow has gone forth on the dial."

Americun, Oct. 21. Schlözer, A: L: von. Briefwechsel. 1777-82. 10 V.

:7x7•scu3 Schwatka, F: Nimrod in the north; or, Hunting and fishing adventures in the Arctic Regions.

SH-SCH9 " There is nothing monographic, acientific, or pro. found in the book, but it is pleasant reading, the illus.

trations are fairly good.” – Nution, Sepl. 21. Shakespeare, W: King Richard u; ed. by W: A. Wright. 1880. (Clarendon press ser.)

VE:SÖR:3 Sime, W: The red route; a novel. (Leisure hour ser.)

Vs143R "An entertaining tale of old Ireland." Critic, Oct.

17. Siva, pseud. A man of destiny.

656c5948 Smedley, F. E. Lewis Arundel; or, The railroad

of life. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Long drawn out.” — Critic, Oct. 3. Smith, Rev. I. G., and Onslow, Rev. P. Worcester.

1883. (Diocesan histories.) Smyth, J:, of Nibley. The Berkeley mss.;

a desc. of the hundred of Berkeley; ed. by Sir J: Maclean. 3 v.

5 E+97246 "Smyth possessed singular opportunities and quali. fications for writing the lives of the Berkeley's. lle wils fortunate, also, in his subject, for the Birkeleys have been conspicuous in English annals since the reign of King Suplier, und they stand alone in their continu. 0118 occupation of their feudul castle. Admirably edited and printed." - Edward Chester Walers in the

Acudemy, Oct. 6, 1883. Spring, L. W.

Kansas; the prelude to the war for the union. (American commonwealths.)

99.5918 “Kansas, young as it is has a history which is here told in an interesting and just manner by Professor Spring of the State University, The whole record of the slavery struggle, and the later development of the state is written with post.belluun fairness, and in thə historical temper.”

Crilic, Oct. 21.

Stedman, E. C. Poets of America. PWöpist3

“Ten years have passed since Mr. Stedman completed his Victorian poets. This volume is a continuation of that work. It is comprehensive, full of facts, and critically sugli stive. The whole tone of the book

is optimistic rather than severely critical." Sullivan, T. R. Roses of shadow; a norel.

Vst53R "A strong, human, life-like story, adniirably told." Talford ; an affair at the Club in New York.

VT14 Taming of a shrew, 1594. For private circulation.

(18-] (Dram. fac-similes.) VF-872 r15 Terhune, M.. V. 11. (pseud. M. Harland). Com

mon sense in the nursery. Toronto Public Library. Catalogue of books and pamphlets presented by J: Hallam.

:XX 4+163 Tulloch, J. Movements of religious thought in

Britain during the nineteenth century. . Hoe some of the merits of Mrs. Oliphant's history of English literature. There is the same endeavour to survey an extensive, thungh not unlimited area from an adequate elevation; there is the

effort to prove or disapprove, as well as to understand in about the same measure; and both writers are kept from going lar wrong by the conscientious188 which some. times seems as if it hindered them from being accurately right.”

G. A. Simcor in the Academy, Oct. 17. Union Club of Boston. Constitution, by-laws,

and house rules with list of officers and members.

DZ1648 UX3.4 Uzanne, 0. Son Altesse la femme; illust. de H:

Gervex, J. A. Gonzalez, etc. Vaux, C. B. (pseud. Dot). Canoe handling; the canoe history, uses, etc.,

SP V46 Veredarius, O. Das Buch von der Weltpost. lá lleft.

C10r/v58 W., A. M. Molly Carew; an autobiography.

Vw112 White, R: G. Studies in Shakespeare. VEs6 w58

" Articles which appeared in the Atlantic' from time to time during the two years which preceded the death of their author."

“The capital paper on the Baconian lunacy is one of the beme things Grant White ever wrote, and perhaps the very best that any body bas ever written on the sub

ject." - =W.J. Bolje in the Lit. world, Oct. 31. Wilken, G. A. Das Matriarchat; Das Mutterrecht

bei den alten Arabern; übers. dem Hollan

dischen. Auf Grund eines reichen Materials weint es die Herr. schaft les sugenannten Mutterrechten bei den alten Ara. bern nach; sugar Spuren des Hetäri-mus und der l'oly. andrie werden gefunden. Mit dem Matriarchat zusun. mehangende Gebrauche in der Benennung des Stamines und in den Kindernamen, endlich in den Heiratsgebräu.

chien werden mit Scharfsinn entwickelt." Winter, J. S. Hloup-la; a novellette. (Harper's handy ser.)

Vw7311 Wylde, k. An ill-regulated mind; a novel. (Leisure hour ser.)

VW 971 Contains something that may not unfairly be called promise. G: Suintsbury in the dcudemy, Aug. 22.

Published by the Boston Atheneum, Beacon St., Borion, Mass., tri-weekly. l'rice by the year 25 cts ; by inaii, 50 cts. Entered at the Poni Obice, Boston, Mass.,

is second class matter.

Adams, NChurch pastorals, etc. 1864. TUP.9apl Allen, C: G. B. Charles Darwin. (English worthies.)

5E.D255A “A very fresh and interesting account. Darwin's life having been singularly devoid of outward incident, the book is naturally taken up for the most part with his work and opinions, and of these Mr. Allen contrives in the brief space at his disposal to give a clear and adequate exposition.

But under the savan Mr. Allen delights to find the man, and to show us the singularly pure, elevated, and human character of the great biolo.

gist.” Contemporary reciev, Nov. Allen, W:

Faithful memorial of (the) meeting of officers of the army in England at Windsor Castle, 1648. (Clarendon Hist. Soc.)

8E-8c54 Arnold, M. Poems; dramatic and later poems.

VEPAK 64.4 Athens, Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη. Κατάλογος. Τμήμα β', Ελληνική φιλολογία. 1884.

:XMQ+AR Baedeker, K. London and its environs. 6th rev.

ed. 1885. Beale, J. The battle flags of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg, Penn., July 1-3, 1863.

7L0F/B36 Bengal monthly sporting magazine and Bengal

register, 1833-44. 12 v. Bernard, P.J., dit Gentil-Bernard. Euvres. Ed. complète. 1833. 2 v.

VF-145 Bettany, G: T: Eminent doctors; their lives and

work. 2 v. It goes over the whole field of English medical he. roes from Linacre to Sir Henry Thomson.

The author's power of stating the essential contribution of each of his worthies to the sci of healing deserves particular recognition. ... Not so long as monographs, and fuller than the dry articles of dictionaries, his lives of past and present great workers have just such treatment as creates interested and intelligeni appreciation of their labours. Mr. Bettany's style is of that sound kind which fultils its purpose without demanding special at.

tention to itself." - Contemporary reviero, Nov. Bolton, H: C. Catalogue of chemical periodicals.

TXXHK-163 Bonwick, J. Curious facts of old colonial days. 1870.

9w•B64 Bouillet, N: Dictionnaire universel d'histoire et

de géographie, rev. et cont. par A. Chassang, 28e éd., (avec) suppl. 1884. Also Atlas

universel, etc. 3e ed. 1877. Brackenbury, H:, Maj.-Gen. The river column;

the advance of the river column of the Nile expeditionary force, and its return down

the rapids, with maps by F. L. L. Colborne. “The advance of the river column of the late Nile ex. peditionary force through a hundred miles of cataracts and rapids in an enemy's country, possesses suflicient in. terest and importance as a military operation to deserre a permanent record from a competent authority; and no one can be better qualified to write such a record than General Brackenbury, who commanded the column after General Earle was cut down by his side.

Not only more exact and full than previous accounts, but also just

as readable." – Contemporary review, Nov. Brydges, Sir S: E. Note on the suppression of

memoirs announced June 1825; containing strictures on contemporary public characters.

VEB84 Buff & Berger. Astronomical instruments, etc.;

hand-book and illus. catalogue of engineers' and surveyors' instruments.

Burr, S. J. Life and times of W:H: Harrison. 8th ed. 1840.

65.1246B Caillot, A. Histoire de France repr. par figures ac

comp. d'un précis hist.; les figures gravés

par F. A. David. 1817-19. 3 v. 85.c12 Callet, J: F. Tables portatives de logarithmes,

contenant les logarithmes jusqu'à 0 000 Ed. stér. 1795.

H4L-6013 Campbell, T: Poetical works; pref., a biographi

cal sketch. Ist Amer. ed. 1821. VEP:c15.2 Cecil, R: Remains; ed. by J. Pratt. 1826. Channing, W: E. Euvres sociales ; trad. franç.

préc. d'un essai sur sa vie et sa doctrine, etc. par E: Laboulaye. 1882.

C.C36 Chardon, H: La troupe du Roman comique dé

voilée et les comèdiens de campagne au 17e

siècle. 1876. Christian teacher's manual. Vol. 1, no. 1-6.

(1828) City and Guilds of Lond. Inst. for an Advance

ment of Technical Educ. Council. Re. port to the governors, March 22, 1885,

DCT-L84R Clauer, von. Der Kreuzzug gegen die Franken,

1.8.w., nebst der Erklärung der Rechte des

Menschen u. des Bürgers. 1791. EAFG•9c57 Clement, C. E., and Hutton, L. Artists of the

nineteenth century. 3d ed. rev. 2 v. Dahn, F. Eine Lange für Rumänien. 1883. Dalton, C: Life and times of Gen. Sir E: Cecil,

Visc. Wimbledon, colonel of an English regiment in the Dutch service, 1605-31, 1628-38. 2 v.

5E:w7140 “ The subject of a biography, if the author's work is 10 be attractive, must be the centre of the world in which he moves. Unfortunately for Mr. Dalton, Ed. ward Cecil was never the centre of anything. He was a good, honest soldier of considerable military abilities, and undoubted courage.

He showed skill and bra. very in a subordinate post in the Dutch war. The consequence is that much even of the biographical part of the book is dreary reading. Details of campaigns in the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century bang very loosely on Cecil, and are out of place anywhere except in a history of the Netherlands or in a biography of Maurice, whose skill they illustrate. Uuluckily Mr. Dalton has attempted not merely to write the life, but also, the times of Sir Edward Cecil. Whether he might be a historian if he gave time enough to acquire the nec. essary knowledge, it would be difficult to affirm or deny. That his kuowledge is inadequate is beyond question.

- S: R. Gardiner in the Acudemy, Oct. 24. Dalzel, A. Collectanea Graeca majora, cum notis.

Vol. 1. Ed. prima Amer. 1808. VP-9017 Dancourt, F. C. Le vert-galant; com. (1760).

vfb.pl9v Defence of the drama, cont. Mansel's “Free

thoughts," etc., and a discourse on the lawfulness of plays, by F. Caffero. 1826.

Tl•p36 De Mille, J. The lady of the ice; a novel. 1874.

VD39L Desenfans, N. Memoirs, also Plan for preserving

the portraits of distinguished characters; poems, and letters. 1810.

5HV-146 Dix dizaines des Cent nouvelles nouvelles, Les;

réimp. par les soins de D. Jouaust, avec notice, notes, et glossaire par P. Lacroix. 1874.

) VFFN:c33.2


Dobson, A. At the sign of the Lyre. VEP:D655A2

" Mr. Dobson converts into living poetry a mood of sympathy with the past which is very real to him, and also to numbers of his contemporaries. Fine criticism, loving study, exquisite workmanship, and vivid vision are subtly mingled here with sense, with fancy in its sphere noi le-s ilive than Keats's, and with a genuine droplet of what Mr. Dobson styles. The lost elixir.'.

J: Addington Symonds in the Academy, Nov. 7. Dodgson, C: L. Euclid and his modern rivals. 1879.

15.p66 Douai, A. Practical and complete German grammar. 1858.

:YGG•174 Dowell, S. History of taxes and taxation in England. 1884. 4 v.

CTE•4075 A monument of laborious industry and investigation, and moreover, it presents an excellent example of the way in which a treatise on a dull subject may be made readable in the hands of a skilful writer." Spectutor,

Aug. 22. Dupuy, E: Le grands maîtres de la littérature russe au 19e siècle.

XVBY.D92 Contents. N. Gogol. I. Turgénef. Comte L. Tolstoi.

“ Pour chacun des trois romanciers, il prend l'euvre dans l'æuf, si je puis dire, et la suit dans son évolution complèle, marquaut très distinctement les phases de l'esprit en quête. Avec beaucoup de tact le critique extrait des passages les plus saillants, il les amène adroitement comme des examples en contirmation des ses appréciations. Et nous quittons le livre avec un ré. sultat précis : M. Dupuy instruit et intéresse. Il en dit assez pour ceux qui n'ont pas le loisir de plonger dans les longs romans, comme l'aix et guerre, Anna Karinine; et il en dit aussi ce qu'il faut pour décider à cette entreprise ceux qui réservent de leur temps à la lecture."

P. 2. in Le livre, 10 oct. Elementary German grammar. 1847. :YGG•EL2 Ellis, J: Deterioration of the Puritan stock and its causes. 1884.

1 Erdmann, J: E: Entwicklung der deutschen Spe

culation seit Kant. 1848. 2 v.

Psychologische Briefe. 1852. Erörterung der Erklärung der Rechte des Menschen. 1791.

EAFG:9c57 Euripides. The Bacchae and Heraclidae, tr. into

Eng. prose from the text of Elmsley, with notes. 1828.

VP-E8B-E F., E. F. Pebbles of poetry. 1858. W5P-Fll Filmer, E: Defence of plays, etc. 1707. Tl•F18 Flameng, l. Paris qui s'en va et Paris qui vient.

(26 etchings, with text by various authors.

1859?) Fleischer, tí. F. Der vollkommene türkische Selbstlehrer. 1853.

YNG: F62 Foresti, E. F. Crestomazia Italiana ; sel. pieces in Italian prose. 1851.

:Y19.F76 Fowle, W: B. The companion to spelling books. 1843.

:YEI:F82 Frampton, M.. Journal, 1779-1846 ; ed. with notes by H. G. Mundy.

5E:F842 “Many of the letters, taken singly, would hardly have deserved publication, but collected and arranged as they have been in chronological order, with very careful explanatory notes, they form a good picture of the events and manners of the period to which they relate.”

Saturday rev., Nov, 7. France dramatique, La, au 19e siècle. 1775-1840. 150 plays.

VFD-9F84 Franklin, A. Les ruines de Paris en 1876. Docs. officiels et inédites. 1875.


Garrison, W. P. and F.J. W: Lloyd Garrison,

1805-79; the story of his life. 2 v. 65:6195 “ The story of Garrison's life is told with minuteness, many of his letters are published, numerous and extended extracts from the Liberator' are included, and much is said of his co-workers. The foot notes are numerous, and contain a great amount of matter relating to anti-slavery agitation. Indeed, this work is largely a history of the movement against slavery. ... When completed it will undoubtedly be the most thorough and

satisfactory one given to the public." – Critic. Genast, E: F. Aus dem Tagebuche eines alten

Schauspielers. 1862–65. 3 v. T5G.G28 Genovés, F. Sermon panegirico y accion de gra

cias por el restable cimiento del santo tribu

nal de la Inquisicion. 1817. Gilman, A. The story of Rome, from the earliest

times to the end of the republic. (Story of the nations.)

8J:G42 "Mr. Gilman adapts himself to the youthful andiences with the same ease and felicity as Professor Harrison in his · Story of Greece.' He is wise to give the mythology of the origin of the nation along with the facts."

Christian register, Nov. 5. Gosse, E. From Shakespeare to Pope; inquiry

into the causes and phenomena of the rise of

classical poetry in England. XVEPG69 " Lectures delivered at Cambridge and in America. ... The subject is comparatively fresh, and carries us over pleasant fields which are probably less known than we make-believe them to be. Mr. Gosse is an excellent guide, and throws much charm and stimulus into his discussion of the subject. His conclusion seems to be that we owe our classical poetry to Waller, but what Waller owed it to nobody can well say." - Contempo.

rary review, Nov. Greeks, The; twenty-four portraits of the leaders

and personages conspicuous in the Greek rer.

olution. 1827. Groome, F. H. Ordnance gazetteer of Scotland.

3 v.


“A gazetteer of Scotland at once accurate and full ought to have been in existence years ago. Mr. Groome has supplied this unquestionable want. Based on the Trigonometrical Survey, the handsome volumes before us are almost entirely free from topographical and geo. graphical errors. A work of exceptional accuracy

and research." — Atheneum, July 18. H., T. History of Sir Richard Whittington; ed.

with introd. by H: B. Wheatley (Villon

oc. Chap-books, 1st ser., no. 6.) VELW61 Haggard, H. R. King Solomon's mines. Vh123K

" The romance is one of the most exciting of its kind ever published in a modern language, decidedly superior 10 the best of Jules Verne's, and surpassing even Her. man Melville's • Kaloolah,' which very few people in England seem to have read, but which we should previ. ously have placed at the head of this department of lit

Spectator, Oct. 17. Hawley, C: Early chapters of Cayuga history;

Jesuit missions in Goi-o-gouen, 1656-84; also an account of the Sulpitian mission among the emigrant Cayugas, about Quinte Bay, in 1668; with introd. by J: G, Shea. 1879.

(967c31-131 Hector, Mrs. A. P. At bay.

VAL24AT Here and there in our own country; sketches of

travel and descriptions of places, etc.; by popular writers.

B5.942 Higginson, T: W. A larger history of the United

States of America, to the close of President
Jackson's administration.


erary art."

Hinton, C. H. “ What is the fourth dimension?"

(Scientific romances, no. 1.) 168.159 “ Short but carefully worked out pamphlet of 32 pagee.

The romance is a curious one." - Nation, Mar. 12. Holmes, 0: W. Urania; a rhymed lesson, pro

nounced before the Mercantile Library Assoc.

Oct. 14, 1846. 2d ed. 1846. sw5p-173 Hovelacque, A. Le chien dans l'Avesta ; les soins

qui lui sont dus; son éloge. 1876. LQ-182 Innes, Mrs. E. The Chersonese with the gilding off. 2 v.

A4M292.IN “: Miss Bird described the Malay Peninsula in a work called the Golden Chersonene; and Mrs. Innes bas therefore given to her account of part of the same coun. try the above title. ... A very graphic account of about six years' experience of official life in the protected native states of Malaya. The book is neither dull nor gloomy; it is on the contrary, a bright and lively account of dullness and gloom.' – $t. James's budget,

Nov. 7. Kapp, F: Geschichte der deutschen Einwanderung in Amerika. 1868.

952G:K14 Laboulaye, E. R. L. Discours populaire. Droit

de réunion. Education, etc. 1880. VF3.152 Lawrence, T: J. Essays on some disputed ques.

tions in modern international law. 2d ed. rev. and enl. “ Expansions of lectures delivered by Mr. Lawrence as Sir W. V. Harcourt's deputy at Cambridge. Three of them relate to subjects essentially modern, namely, the Suez Canal, the projected Panama Canal, and the primacy of the 'Great Powers.' The other three deal with the question of the reality of international law, the work of Grotius as a reformer, and the possible future exist.

ence of universal peace.” Atheneum, Sept. 19. Leger, L: Cyrille et Méthode, 1868. Legouvé, J. W. E. G. Eugène Scribe. 1874.

XVFI-SCR3 M. Samson et ses élèves. 1875. 55-SA4L Théâtre complet; pièces en vers. 1873.

VFD'L52 Contents. Médée. – Un jeune homme qui ne fait rien.

- Les deux reines de France. Poésies diverses. Lorenzo, F. di. S. Bernardino of Siena healing a

wounded man, from the picture in the Pinacoteca at Perugia ; copied by Signor Fatto

rini. (Arundel Soc.) Mackay, C. The founders of the American repub

lic; a history and biography; with a suppl,

chapter on ultra-democracy. 65.9EM19 "A series of short popular biographies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison.

He thinks the rock ahead of the American Republic is the lust of territory, which is commonly thought to be a specially monarchical failing. His reasoning on the subject will afford some food for reflection, and his ac. count of the several fathers of the Great Democracy will be found fresh and stimulating." Contemporary

reo., Nov. McSherry, R: Essays and lectures. 1863.

w53-M24 Contents. The early history of Maryland, Mexico, and Mexican affairs. - Å Mexican campaign. Homceopathy. - - Elements of hygiene. - Health and happi.

Marshall, Rev. F. Oxford. 1882. (Diocesan his

tories. Mason, L., and others. New Sabbath hymn and

tune book. 1867. Menzel, W. Geschichte der letzten vierzig Jahre,

1816-56. 2e verb. Aufl. 1859. 2 v. 9Y8-M52 Metastasio, P. A. D. B. T. Due drammi. 1847.

vid•M56 Mines, Rev. F. S. A Presbyterian clergyman

for the Church. 1853. Molloy, S. F. Royalty restored; or, London under Charles 11. 2 v.

8EYRM73 " Amusing gossip.

We find ourselves in a strange company, where the moral order is suspended, and its place taken by something not so cruel as the contempo. rary orgies in France, and very far less vulgar than the profligacy of German courts, but having very little that can commend itself to the imaginations of those who are accustomed to make the common distinctions between right and wrong." - E. Peacock in the Academy, Oct.

31. Monnier, M. Après le divorce.

VFF-M75A A very amusing and perfectly 'honnête' novel. The sketches of Swiss society are capital, and the central figures very cleverly drawn." – Satur.

day rev., June 20. Mother Bunch's closet newly broke open, and The

history of Mother Bunch of the West; ed. with introd. by G: L. Gomme. (Villon Soc. Chap-books, 1st ser., no. 3.)

VEL:M85 Newton, R. H. The book of the beginnings;

study of Genesis, with introd. to the Penta

teuch, 1884. Nuremberg, Lit. Verein. Album, 1844-47, 53. 2

:VG:8All Ossoli, S.. M. F., marchesa d'. Women in the 19th

century. 1846. Patient Grisel, History of, 1619; ed. with introd.

by H: B. Wheatley. (Villon Soc. Chapbooks, 1st ser., no. 4.)

VEL:P27 Paucker, A. Manual of Russian conversation. 1863.

YNG F62 Peralta, M. M. de. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, y Panamá en el siglo xvi.; su historia, etc. 1883.

Sel•P41 "Señor Peralta has done very useful service to his own country by bringing so many historical documents to light which record its conquest, and settlement; and Englishmen also owe him gratitude for the publication of these Spanish reports on the proceedings of Sir Fran. cis Drake." Clements R. Jurkham, in the dcademy,

Oct. 11, 1884. Perey, L. and Maugras, G. La vie intime de Vol.

taire aux Delices et à Ferney, d'après des lettres et des documents inédits. 2e éd.

5Fv88P ** J'aime M. Lucien Perey, et M. Gaston Maugras, parce qu'ils rajeunissent et enrichissent l'histoire litté raire du 18e siècle de documents nouveaux et inédite, parce que, trouvant ces matériaux demeurés enfouis, ils ne les entassent pas pêle-mêle, mais les disposent avec un art ingénieux, parce qu'ils raniment les cendres et font revivre les morts, parce que ce ne sont pas seulement des chercheurs, mais des artistes. L'autre jour, Galiani res. suscitait grâce à eux; avant-hier. Mme. d'Epinay dans la verdeur de son radieux printemps; hier, la même Mme. d'Epinay dans la grâce souriante de son automme et même de son hiver encore parfumé des fleurs d'ar. rière-saison." - Marime Gaucher in Rev. pol. el lit., 30

mai. Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore R. R.

Rules and regulations. 1844. CJORP5'R

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Maine, Sir H: S. Popular government; four essays.

E6.M18 “The purpose of these four essays is to warn the Eng. lish people of the risks they run in yielding to the dem. ocratic craze which has been growing for nearly a hun. dred years, and to urge them, if they must yield, to do 80 as discreetly as possible.” – Athenæum, Oct. 31.

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