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Supplement to Additions No. 101.

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B. m.

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Afrique explorée, L'. Genève. m. 1879. Allgemeine Zeitung. Stuttgart, Augsb., München.

d. 1839. American textile. B. m. Auk, The. B. q. 1884. Bedfordshire notes and queries. ir. Bibliographer. L. m. 1882. Boston journal of commerce. Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornith. Club. Camb. q.

1876. Canadian journal. w. 1884. Chronicle of the American connaisseur. B. m.

1883. Colorado gazette. Colorado Springs. w. 1884. Every other Saturday. B. bi-2. 1884.

Gardener's chronicle. L. W. 1841.
Gardener's monthly. Phila. m. 1860.
Granite monthly. Concord, N. H. m. 1877.
Hour. N. Y. w.
Illustrazione italiana. Milano, w.
Independance belge, L'. Brux., d. 1858.
Industrial record. B. m.

Combined with the "American textile.”
Journal of the Anthropological Inst. L. m. 1863.
London weekly times.
Manchester quarterly, 1883.
Massachusetts magazine. B. m.
Medical register.
Modern review. L. q. 1880.

Monograph, The. Bangor, Me. m. 1881.
New Jerusalem messenger. N. Y. .
Newport historical magazine. m. 1880.

Continued as the “Rhode Island historical magazine.'
Overland monthly. San Francisco, m. 1868.
Perseveranza, La Milano, d.
Photographic news.
Précis of official papers. L. m. 1880.
Republicain, Le. B. .
Romanische studien. Bonn. y. 1871.
Royal Geographical Soc. Journal. L. m. 1861.

In 1881, the "Jonrnal” was merged in the “ Proceed. ings." Sanitary engineer. N. Y. m. 1883. Victorian review, The. Melbourne. m. 1870. Western manufacturer. Chicago bi-m. Woods and forests. L. w.

American law review. Eds. L. Eaton, S. D.

Thompson, L. A. Jones. St. Louis. m.
Aurore, L'. Montreal, w.
Boston beacon. B. 1885. w.
Boston home journal. Ed. S. T. Cobb. B. w.
Bulletin de la Société Franklin. P. m.
Christian, The. Ed. H. L. Hastings.

1885. Civil service record. Ed. B. C. Davis. B. m. Co-operative index to periodicals. Ed. W. I.

Fletcher. N. Y. q. 1885. Harvard lampoon. Camb. bi-w. 1886. India-rubber and gutta-percha and electrical trades

journal, The. L. m. Johns Hopkins University. Studies. Balt. ir. Journal de la compagnie général transatlantique.

P. w. 1884. Monthly weather review. Direct. W. B. Hazen.

Wash. New Princeton review. N. Y. bi-m. 1886. Pilgrim teacher, The. Ed. M. C. Hazard. B. m.

1885. Revue internationale. 1884. Rhode Island historical magazine. q. 1885.

Formerly the “ Newport historical magazine." St. Nicholas. Cond. M. M. Dodge. N. Y. m.

1874. Southern bivouac. m. State, The. B. w. 1886.

Traveler's record. Hartford. m.
U.S. Consular report. q.
U.S. Publications monthly catalogue. Ed. J. H.

Hickcox. Wash.
Voice, The. N. Y. w.
Weekly mail and express. N. Y. . 1884.

L. W.

Aguilar, G.. Essays and miscellanies; sel. by S..

Aguilar. 1853. Albee, J: Newcastle; historic and picturesque; illust.

962N43.AL Apostles. Three pages of the Bryennios ms.;

incl. the last verses of the epistle of Barna

bas, etc.; ed. with notes by J. R. Harris. I Bagwell, R: Ireland under the Tudors; with a succinct account of the earlier history. 2 v.

8D02:1814 Besant, W. “Self or bearer." (Franklin Sq. lib.) Bithell, R: Counting-house dictionary. 1882.

ск-бв54 Block, M. Dictionnaire de l'administration fran.

çaise, supplément général 1878 à 1884. Boston almanac, 1850, by Coolidge and Wiley. Botticelli, S. Zeichnungen zu Dante's Göttlicher

Komodie nach den Originalen im K. Kupferstichkabinet zu Berlin; hrsg. von F. Lipp

mann, Calverley, C: S. B. Literary remains; with mem. by W. J. Sendall, with portrait and illust.

VEPC13 “ Contains an interesting and well-written memoir by his brother-in-law. The rest of the volume consists of prize poems, including even some remarkable school. work; of short papers contributed to periodicals, chiefly


American architect and building news mid-week

extra. B. . 1886. American exchange and mart. Ed. P. Gassett. B.

w. 1885. American hotel budget. B. w.

on metrical translations, a very favourite subject with Calverly; of a few new poems in his old style; and of translations of Latiu hymus from the Hymnary,' which though they show all the skill of the translator, and are valuable as revealing a little suspected side of his character, will not, perhaps, inspire much enthusiasm."

Athenæum, Oct. 24. Chiel, The. Vol. 1, 2. 1884-85. 2 v. ve+7043 Christie, R: C. The old church and school libra

ries of Lancashire. (Chetham Soc.) Chrysostomus, J:, St. Quatuor homiliae in Psal

mos et interp. Danielis, (Gr. et Lat.). 1661. Church, A. J. Isis and Thamesis; hours on the

river from Oxford to Henley. AET32+0 " The delight of the author in his ancient baunts is simply and gracefully expressed; and we have enjoyed reading what he has writien as much as we have enjoyed looking at what the artists who contribute to the book

have drawn." Spectator, Dec. 12. City and Guilds of London Inst. for the Advan.

of Tech. Educ. Programme of technological examinations, 1884-85.

DCT+1.84P Claris et Laris, Li romans de; hrsg. von J: Alton. 1884.

:VA-8st Clavijo, R. G. Historia del gran Tamorlan, etc. 2a impr. 1782.

5Hx+x62 Coleridge, S: T. On the constitution of the church

and state, etc.; ed. with notes by H: N. Cole

ridge. 1839. Collins, W: W. The ghost's touch; and other stories. (Harper's handy ser.)

Vc6936 Consecutive union question book: Matthew.

(1846.] Courthope, W: J: The liberal movement in English literature.

XVEPY•C83 "Mr. Courthope has worked out his view in six es. Bays – one generally retrospective of the past; one on conservatism of the eighteenth century, one on Words. worth and his theories; one on the revival of romance, illustrated from Scott, Byron, and Shelley; one on the connexion of poetry, painting, and music, illustrated from Coleridge and Keats; and a conclusion on the prospects of poetry. Few recent writings of the critical kind have been so free from vices of style. No one who is interested in the study of English literature can afford not to read the book. But criticism is criticism; and according to the faith that is in us, we think Mr. Courthope has failed to construct any durable or possible theory of the recent course of English poe

Saturday review, Nov. 28. Cunningham, W: Politics and economics; an es

say on the nature of the principles of political cconomy, together with a survey of recent legislation.

C4EC91 Davis, H. American constitutions; the relations

of the three departments as adjusted by a century. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.)

E-9363 Deakin, R; Flora of the Colosseum of Rome; illust. 1873.

JYIR:134 De Foe, D. The little Robinson Crusoe. 1844.

V136R8 Dicey, A. V. Lecture introd. to the study of the

law of the constitution. Doyle, R: A journal kept in the year 1840 ; illust. by the author, with introd. by J. H. Pollen.

5x+1774 " The boy-artist builded better than lic knew when he kept his diary, for he has given the world an admirable picture of London life in the year that saw the marriage of England's Queen and the appearance of “Master Humphrey's clock.'” Critic, Dec. 26.

Durand, Mme. A. F. (pseud. H: Gréville). Idylles.

VFF-G861 “Very charming stories prettily written and con. ceived, and marked by the author's command of pathos that is neither maudiin nor unwholesome. Most of them are Norman sketches; the last, the · Potier de Tanagra,' stands by itself, and treats a classical subject, if not very

classically, yet very well.” Edmundson, C: Milton and Vondel; a curiosity of literature.

XVEL.464E "He is completely possessed and bewitched by Von. del, and Milton sinks to a mere plagiary of the univer. sal Dutchman. Most of the parallelisms which Mr. Edmundson points out, when stripped of the Miltonic language of his blank verse, are nothing but what may be found in other religious poets of that age." – Edmund

Gosse in the Academy, Oct. 24. Ellis, Rev. R. Sermons. Experiences of flagellation ; a series of remarka

ble instances of whipping inflicted on both

sexes. Farrar, Rev. F: W: Success in life; prefaced by

a brief biography. Fidus, pseud. Journal de dix ans.

SFM F44 " Il contient une suite de récits, de portraits, et de ré. vélations inattendues, qui jettent une lumière nourelle sur les événements les plus importants de l'histoire contemporaine. Les efforts des partis, leurs projets d'al. liance, leurs plans de restauration, sont racontés avec des détails nouveaux et inconnus: l'Empereur en exil, la fusion legitimiste-impérialiste, le projet d'adoption du Prince Impérial par le conte de Chambord, la chute de M. Theirs, la lutie du Maréchal contre Gambetta, la cu. rieuse négociation qui précéda sa démission; les études, les projets. la mort du Prince Impérial." - Bibl. de la

France Feuilleton, 3 oct. Geffcken, F. H. La question du Danube, avec

2 cartes. 1883. Gerard, J. W. The peace of Utrecht; a historical

review of the great treaty of 1713-14, and of the principal events of the war of the Spanish succession.

817.631 Gibson, A. M. A political crime, history of the

Ex55.635 Gigot, A. La démocratie autoritaire aux Etats

Unis; le général André Jackson. 65.3134G “Displays a good knowledge of history, excellent judgement in discussing, and an almost entire absence

of prejudice.” – Saturday rer., Sept. 26. Giron, A. Le droit public de la Belgique. 1884. Gisborne, W: New Zealand rulers and statesmen, 1840-85.

6Y9EG+ Goncourt, J. A. H. de. Lettres ; fac similé de lettre, portrait.

vfö*658 Grant, R. The knave of hearts; a fairy story.

V6767KN Hale, S. Self-instructive lessons in painting with

oil and water-colors on silk, satin, etc. Harvard Univ. Catalogue, 1885-86. рубн•с Hastings, H. L. The anti-infidel library. No. l

18. 1883-85. 18 pam. Havard, 0. Le Moyen Age et ses institutions. 2e éd. 1878.

7 w+h29 Hildeburn, C: R. A century of printing; the is.

sues of the press in Pennsylvania, 16851784. Vol. 1.

:XV69+ Hill, L. U. S. Circ. Ct., South Dist. of N. Y., in

equity; Amer. Bell Telephone Co. et al. u. People's Telephone Co. et al.; arguments of L. Hill and G: F. Edmunds, 1884.

great fraud.


Hingham, Mass. Celebration of the 250th anni.

versary of the settlement of the town, Sept. 15, 1885.

96415:c Hunt, J. H: L. Rimini, and other poems. 1844. Kebbel, T. E. History of Toryism; from the ac

cession of Mr. Pitt, 1783, to the death of Lord Beaconsfield, 1881.

8E03.1K23 “ Pitt, Liverpool, Canning, Wellington, Prel, Derby, and Beaconsfield are the stoven great men whose services in keeping England from ruin during the past century are set forth by Mr. Kebbel, and he divides the

pre-emi. nence between the first and the last. The long chap ter on Lord Beaconsfield is the most readable in the

book." - Athendum, Dec. 12. Kersey, J. Treatise on the doctrines of Friends.

1872. Krummacher, F: W: Autobiography, ed. by his

daughter; tr. by M. G. Easton, with pref. by J: Cairns. 1869.

5G-K94 Lanmann, C: Farthest north ; or, The life and

explorations of Lieut. James Booth Lockwood, of the Greely Arctic Expedition.

65.1813L “Not a narrative of the Greely Expedition in full, but of Lieut. Lockwood's share in it. The claim is advanced for Lockwook that, in one of the sledge journeys from Greely's command, he made the bigbent riorthern point yet reached. Of course this has been contested, espe. cially by Capt. Markha of the British Navy, who has laboured to prove that I ckwood mistook Cape May for Cape Britannia, and moreover, that the whole highest region reached by Lockwood was explored in the Eng. lieb Expedition of 1875–76. Mr. Lannan's book is writ. ten to inake the claim of Lieut. Lockwood good and,

as it seems to us, successfully." — American, Dec. 5. Lenormant, F. Essai sur la propagation de l'al

phabet phénicien dans l'ancien monde. 2e éd. 1872-75. 2 v.

X2Q8r+L L'Estrange, Rev A. G. The palace and the hos. piial; or, Chronicles of Greenwich. 2 v.

8E2G85•L Lowell, P. Chosön, the land of the morning calm ; a sketch of Korea; illust.

A3081+ Marlowe, C. Works; ed. by A. H. Bullen. 3 v.

VED:M34.3 Mayo, W: S. Kaloolah; adventures of Jonathan

Romer, of Nantucket. 1878. VM458K2 Maze-Sencier, A. Le livre des collectionneurs. Mendès, C. Poésies. Nouv. éd. augm. de 72 poèmes inéd. 7 v.

VFP: M52 Namely. (Vol. 1.) Intermède. - Hesperus. - Contes épiques. - Le soleil de minuit. (2.) Philomela. — Pan.

téleña. -- Soirs moroses. Monti, L. Grammar of the Ital. language. 1855.

:YIG•M76 Reader of the Ital. language. 1855. :Y19.476 Moore, J., Jr. The Queen's Empire; or, Ind and

her pearl ; illust. by G: H. Watson, A6•278 “ Free, easy, unstudied, yet refined and modest, the story moves on, and one seems to see the places as in a diorama before his eyes. Architecture and social life seem to be Mr. Moore's favorite subjects of observa. tion, and we get more of the shady ride of India than is generally vouchsafed to us by masculine writers on that country: Personal adventures add spice, and pro. voke merriment as one reads the old story of India so well retold with pen and picture in this sumptuous vol

ume." – Critic, Dec. 12. Morgan, A. Venus and Adonis; a study in War

wickshire dialect. (Shakespeare Soc. of N. Y. Papers, no. 2.)


Morse, E: S. Japanese homes and their surroundings; illust.

A2183 " Professor Morse has studied the Japanese dwelling * from turret to foundation stone,' or from rubble-hole to house-root. Not only did he make his own drawings, but he has reproduced them with his own hands, and watched orer iheir engraving so that in the 307 illumira. tions we have a urique portfolio of perfectly true and ac. curate reproductions of things seen in Japan. The author has done a service to the people over whom some will think he is so daft, by committing the art preserva. tive so charming a monograph upon their architecture."

- Critic, Dec. 26. Ogden, E. D. Tariff of the U. S., 1861, with add. 1861-65.

cw6.861 Oriental sporting magazine, 1835. Vol. 1. P., J. M., and S., F. W. Sketches of the clans of

Scotland, with colored plates of tartans. Parfaict, F. and C. Dictionnaire des théâtres de

Paris, cont. toutes les pièces qui ont été répresentées jusqu'à présent sur les tl éâtres françois, etc. 1766. 7 v.

T8Fpöp Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire des spectacles de la foire par un acteur forain. 1743. 2 v.

18FFP Les parodies du nouveau théâtre italien, etc., avec les airs. Nouv. éd., augm. 1738. 4 v.

Vrc:9P24 Pettis, G: H. Frontier service during the Rebel.

lion ; or, History of Co. K. Ist Infantry Cal. Vols. (Soldiers and Sailors Hist. Soc. of R. I. 3d ser., no. 14.)

965-8sot Pfeiffer, E. Flying leaves from east and west.

A•P47 “ America as the West'has much more than half of the attention. The most interesting and unique of the • Flying leaven' are those on the Mormon situation."

Critic, Dec. 12. Pharmaceutical Soc. of Gr. Brit. Catalogue of the library ; by J: W: Knapman. 4th ed.

:XME•P49 Proelss, R. Das herzoglich Meining'sche Hofthea

ter und die Bühnereform. (188-?) Rabusson, H: L'aventure de Mlle de Saint-Alais.

VFFRlla “ A book of considerable merit, and is worth compar. ing with similar books of twenty years ago." -- Athe.

naum, Dec. 5. Rastadt, Congress of. Official correspondence,

1797-99 from original papers with Eng. tr.

1800. Rathbone, W., and others. Local government and

taxation. (Buxton. The imperial parliament.)

EME:R18 Reed, S. Observations on the growth of the mind.

New ed: with a biog. pref. by J. Reed. Rossetti, C. G. Time flies; a reading diary.

* In a literary point of view greatly superior to the usual run of devotional works, Several of the poems scattered through it are of no ordinary merit." - Athe.

næum, Oct. 31. Russell, W: C. In the middle watch.

VR911 Sarcey, F. Souvenirs de jeunesse. 2e éd. 57:817

* M. Sareey does not possess that magician's wand which, in the hand of M. Daudet, for instance, will evoke the scenes and surroundings of the writer's childhood, and make us participators in its feelings and pathos. He has not the life-giving faculty. Still after mak. ing every deduction of the paris that are less interest. ing there is a great deal left that is very interesting in. deed." Frank T. Jarziuls in the Academy, Sept. 19.

Sardou, V. L'Oncle Sam ; comédie. 3e éd. 1882.

VFDésa 70 Saunders, F: Pastime papers. w53.8A86p2 Schliemann, H: Tiryns; the prehistoric palace of

the kings of Tiryns; pref. by F. Adler;

contrib. by W: Dörpfeld; illust. “This exploration of Tiryns, though by no means so fruitful in gold work, and other museum curiosities as those of Mycenae and Troy, ix, from the antiquarian point of view, really the most valuable of them all.”

J. P. Jahofy in the Acadrmy, Nov. 21. Schmidt, W. Handzeichnungen alter Meister im

Königlichen Kupferstich-Kabinet zu Mün

chen. 1, 2 Lieferung. 1884. 2 v. Seely, H. A lone star Bo-peep and other tales.

Vse34 Society for Polit. Educ. Economic tracts 1st-4th series, 1881-84. 2 v.

c55.8sol Stapleton, P. The major's Christmas and other stories.

VST26 Stephen, L. Life of H: Fawcett.

5E-1284 "Mr. Stephen dwells on the practical character of Faw. cett's radicalism, and quotes Bagehot's description of it as being pulpiness or sentimentality. As he was himself the inost generous and impartial of men, he could have had no more fit memorial than this story of tis life, told as it is with sympathetic warmth, but with. out a word of exaggeration." – G. P. Jacdonnell in the

scudemy, Dec. 12. Storrow, J.J. U. S. Circ. Ct., South Dist. of N.Y.;

Amer. Bell Telephone Co. et al. rs. People's
Telephone Co. et al.; argument(s) of J. J.

Storrow (and E. N. Dickerson). 1884. 2 v. Suffolk Co. Bi-centennial; history of Suffolk Co., N. Y.; addresses.

967 su2•14 Talmud; tr. by M. Schwab. Vol. 1. , Berakhoth.

A translation of a translation; in fact, M. Schwabe's French version in an English drers. An English translation of the Talmud, or of the two Talınudim, should be adapted for students to whom the original is inaccessible, and who are unacquainted with the Ara. maan dialects and Rabbinical literature, and for readers of this class a rendering of the Genara should be ac. companied by fuil and exhaustive comment, illustrative, and explanatory; ... the translator must act the part of the guide and cicerone. He must lead the novice through the involved maze of Talınudic argument; he must ex. pound the allegories and explain the allusions, indicate the references, and clear up the thousand-and-one diffi. culties. There is nothing of all this in M. Schwabe's rendering; the needful students's apparatus is altogether wanting. We regret to speak disparagingly of this the first attempt ever made to English any portion of the Talmud, the more so as a good translation of the Yeru. whalmi would prove of no little value to all interested in the history and antiquities of the Jews." — Spectator,

Dec. 12. Tennant, R. Sardinia and its resources, AISA7+T

“ A very useful description of an interesting country. Mr. Tennant visited the island as the agent of certain financiers who have been exploiting its undeveloped re

sources." Robert Brown in the Academy, Nov. 7. Thackeray, W: M.

Contributions to “Punch ;" illust.

VEA'T32 Tincker, M.. A. Aurora; a novel.

VT49A Torr, C. Rhodes in ancient times. 8PZR.163

“ Mr. Torr's monograph is a more or less exhaustive compilation of facts from all sources relating to the bis. tory of the island down to the time when Vespasian finally deprived it of independence, and make it a Roman

province.” Saturday reriew, Nov. 28. Towle, G: M. England in Egypt. (Timely topics ser.)


Tulloch, J: Morements of religious thought in

Britain during the 19th century. (St. Giles

lectures.) Uwins, Jrs. T: Memoir of T: Lwins. 1858. 2 v.

JE:Uw5 Verity, J. S. A new sy stem of phonography.

:x2u» v58 Verney, Lady. Peasant properties; and other essars. 2 v.

VE3 v59 “None of them are lacking in interest or animation; while the style, from its modesty and absence of preten. sion is almost invariably pleasing." – Saturday recicro,

Oct. 17. Vincent, Mrs. E. G. Forty thousand miles over

land and water; journal of a tour through the British Empire and America. 2 v.

AOZ:v74 “Its chief claims to a welcome are negative. It is not too ambitious; descriptions are few, accurate, measured, and informing. The emotions it records and recalls are the familiar ones; but to those who know what it de. scribes they are pleasant recollections, and to those who do not they are pleasant suggestions." - P. A. Barnett

in the Academy, Dec. 12. Vogt, C: F: Letters on chess; tr. by U. Ewell. 1848.

sx*786 Waldstein, C: Essays on the art of Pheidias.

" A collection of essays which deal with various kin. dred themes, and which are all bound together by two common and connected aims. These aims are to ebara. terize the nature of the art of Pheidias,and to explain and illustrate the methods by which the modern archæologist arrives at his decisions with regard to such matters, and then utilizes for the increase of detinite knowledge for the identification of litherto unrecognized or questioned relics. ... A still wider interest lies in those pages which treat of the spirit of Pheidian art and explain the subject matter, the conception, and the execution of those objects which are among the world's greatest and

most authentic treasures." – Critic, Dec. 5. Warner, F. Physical expression; its modes and

principles ; illust. (International sci., ser.,

v. 51.) White, W: Sir Lyon Playfair taken to pieces and

disposed of; likewise Sir C: W. Dilke; a dissection of their speeches in the House of Commons, June 19, 1883, in the defence of

compulsory vaccination. 1884. Winter, J: S. In quarters with the 25th (The

Black Horse) Dragoons. (Harpers handy ser.)

Vw7311 Wood, Rev. J: G: Horse and man; their mutual

dependence and duties. “Written with the object to recommend a rational, common sense treatment of horses. The author simply adduces facts to illustrate his statement, and then leaves the reader to draw his own conclusions, and this is ever the most persuasive kind of argument. Tbe book vpens with a capital account, illustrated with tig. ures of the anatomy of the horse. Emphatically book for owners of horses." – M. G. Waikins in the

Academy, Nov. 21. Xahila. Annals of the Cakchiquels; orig. text

with tr., notes, and introd. by D. G. Brinton.

(Lib. of aborig. Amer. lit., no. 6.) Yonge, C.. M.. Nuttie's father,

VY8x “ Distinguished, as are all her works, for its high

tone." – G. Barnett Smith in the Academy, Oct. 24. Zeller, F: G. Outlines of the history of Greek

philosophy; tr. by S.. F.. Alleyne, and E. Abbott.

Abbot, F. E. Scientific theism. Adams, 0. F. January. (Through the year with the poets.)

VEP:9ADI Amiel, H: F: Journal; tr., with introd. and

notes, by Mrs. H. Ward, 2 v. 6F•AMÕ•E Bayly, Capt. G: Sea-life sixty years ago; a record

of adventures which led up to the discovery of the relics of the long-missing exped. com

manded by the comte de la Perouse. A:B34 Benson, E: W., Abp. of Canterbury. The seven

gifts. Blaze de Bury, A. H: B., dit. Alexandre Dumas:

sa vie, son temps, son cuvre. xvfl•0893 “He writes with too many digressions, and also with a certain air of condescension, but he has read his Dumas appreciatively, and with understanding. His quo. tations are extremely happy, his remarks upon the masterpieces of Dumas and the characters by whose creation Dumas is best known are judicious. He does full justice to the great artist in narrative, the great artist in drama, the great artist in conversation; he is fully in sym. pathy with the large unconscious morality which informs the master's work; he writes with insight and authority, not only on the literary and creative genius of Dumas, but also on Dumas the reader and student, concerning whom he has much to say that will be new and surpris.

ing." -- Alhenæum, Oct. 31. Boito, C. Senso. 1883.

vif•36345 ** The tales all deal with the mere brute passions of man; but while not adapted for juvenile perusal, are never coarse, and difficult moral problems are handled with a vigour and a tine perception that are beyond praise. The point of view, of course, is absolutely Italian; but this renders the book only the more interesting, because it faithfully reflects the mental and moral attitude of a nation whose character English people are apt to study far too little, an omission that often lands them in serions errors. The stories are wonderfully va. ried, both in incident and point of view. Signor Boito clearly possesses much dramatic power.” Athenæum, Feb. 2, 1884.

* Much that charming, and a good deal that is origi.

nal." - Saturday review, Feb. 2, 1884. Boyle, F: A good hater. 3 v.

VB693G “ The plot is good, and apparantly original. The third volume contains a valuable episode, a visit to Coomassie. It is long since we have read anything so graphic and picturesque as these scenes of savage

life." - Academy, April 18. Bracquemond, J. F. Du dessin et de la couleur.

* M. Bracquemond ne s'est proposé rien de plus dans ce livre que de déterminer l'exacte signification des termes généraux de son art, et ainsi, de ramener la cri. tique à ces considérations de métier qui ne sont pas sans doute le tout, mais au moins la base, et en un certain sens, le principal de l'art. Qu'est ce que le dessin ? qu'est-ce que la couleur? qu'est-ce qu'un reflet? qu'est ce qu'une valeur? qu'est-ce qu'un dessinateur, et qu'est

ce qu'un coloriste?" Rev. d. D. Jondes, 1 oct. Budge, E. A. W. The dwellers on the Nile; or,

chapters on the life, literature, history, and customs of the ancient Egyptians. (No. 8

of By-paths of Bible knowledge.) 7 BU•B85 Carryl, C. E. Davy and the goblin; or, What

followed reading “Alice's adventures in Wonderland."

Vc2360 Cavour, C. B., conte di. La politique, 1852-61; lettres inéd, avec notes (par) N. Bianchi.

EAI9.c31 Church, A. J. 2000 years ago; or, The adventures

of a Roman boy ; illust. by A. Marie. Vc47T " Entertaining, in the highest degree, from beginning to end, full of adventure which is all the livelier for its close connection with history. Readers will find

it all the more entertaining, because it helps them to realize the period to which it belongs." -- Spectator,

Nov. 7. Claude, J: Les plaintes des Protestans cruelle

ment opprimez dans le royaume de France; éd. nouv. avec comment., notices biog., etc.,

par F. Puaux. Corsi, A. L'occupazione militare in temps di

guerra e le relazioni internazionali che ne de

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