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Fogazzaro, A. Daniele Cortis ; a novel, tr. by

Mrs. I. R. Tilton. “A work which has attracted a good deal of attention in Italy, and one which should have a great interest also for English readers, not only from the intrinsic power and ability of the writing, but also from the picture it presents to us of life and society.". Spectator, Sept. 26, 1885.

"Striking romance. Daniele Cortis is the most widely read novel of the year in Italy. A vivid, impetuous tale of modern life, full of actuality, and touching on the re. ligious and political problems now troubling the minds of all earnest Italians. It moves with dramatic vigor, contains many pathetic scenes, much realistic dialogue, and frequent descriptive touches. It has been keenly discussed in Italy; some acute critics praise it to the skies, others condemn it, and dwelling on certain ob. vious faults of style and construction, assert that its success is due to its religious tone. Meanwhile every one reads it and every literary expert has something to say of it."

Linda Villari in the Academy, Jan. 26, 1886. Forrester, Mrs. Viva. 1878. 2 v. Fournel, F. V. Le vieux Paris ; fêtes, jeux, spec

tacles. “ Paris a vielli bien vite pour lui, car, toutes les fois que la chose est possible, il poursuit ses études jusqu'à la fin du second empire." – Gi de Nouvion in Rev. pol.

et lit., 18 déc. Frampton, J. Three dialogues on the amusements

of clergymen. 1796. France. Ministère de l'Inst. Publique. Collection de

documents inédits sur l'histoire de France. 3e sér. Archéologie. Statistique monumentale de Paris; explication des planches, par

A. Lenoir. 1867. Francis, J: History of the English railway; its

social relations and revelations, 1820-45.

1851. 2 v. Franklin, A. La vie privée d'autrefois ; arts et

métiers, etc, des Parisiens du 12e au 18e siè

cle. 2 v. Gedanken über die Werke des Liebhabers der

Wahrheit von der Hexerey. 1767. Gilmore, J. R. (pseud. E. Kirke). John Sevier as

a commonwealth builder; sequel to The rear

guard of the Revolution. " John Sevier was among the pioneers who settled the region in eastern Tennessee, and was the first governor

of the state.” – Nation, May 19. Gray, W: An historical sketch of the origin of

English prose literature and of its progress

till the reign of James 1. 1835. Green, A. K. 7 to 12; a detective story. Grindrod, Rev. E. Compendium of the laws and

regulations of Wesleyan Methodism; with

notes and app. 1858. Grouard, Mle. (pseud. M. Laure).

Essais en prose et poésies; recueillis, pub. et préc. d'une

notice biog. par T. de Banville, etc. 1844. Güell y Renté, J. Les corbeaux de la cité d'An

tin. 1877. Haggard, H. R. Dawn. Hall, Rev. P. Fragmenta liturgica; docs. illust. of

the liturgy of the Church of England. 1848.

7 v. Hardwick, C: History of the Christian Church;

Middle Age. New ed. by W. Stubbs. 1883. Harrison, J. B. The latest studies on Indian re


Hay, R. Views in Cairo. (1840.).
Heiss, A. Les médailleurs de la Renaissance;

Venise et les Vénitiens du 15e au 17e siècle ;

illust. Hessemer, F. M. Arabische u. alt-italienische

Bau-Verzierungen. (1841.) Hicks, T: Eulogy on T: Crawford. 1865. Hill, G: C. Benedict Arnold; a biography. 1884.

Captain J: Smith; a biography. 1884. Hints on advocacy, etc. by an English barrister rev.

and adapted by an Amer. lawyer. 1880. Hitchcock, H: American state constitutions; a

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Authorized ed., tr. by A. B. Mason, L'homme; journal illustré des sciences anthropo

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papers on prison matters. Hughes, T: P. American ancestry; the name and

descent in the male line of Americans whose ancestors settled in the U. S. previous to

1776. Vol. 1 : City of Albany. Hurtrel, Mme. A. La femme; sa condition sociale

depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à nos jours. Immerzeel, J., Jr. Lofrede op Rembrandt. 1841. Jackson, Mrs. H. M. formerly Mrs. Hunt. Be

tween whiles. Jephson, J: M. Narrative of a walking tour in

Brittany ; (with) notes of a photographic ex

pedition by L. Reeve. 1859. Jollois, J: B. P. Histoire du siège d'Orléans. 1833. Kennard, Mrs. N. A. Mrs. Siddons. (Famous

women.) “ Many of Mrs. Siddons's letters, not written with any thought of publication, have been quoted in full, the writer's aim being to make her heroine as lifelike and

real to her readers as possible." - Pub. weekly, May 14. Kerr, J. Carlyle as seen in his works; his charac

teristics as a writer and as a man. Knight, J. Life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

(Great writers.) “ Contains a valuable bibliography, and a catalogue

of the artist's pictures" — Bookseller, Apr. 6. Krafft, J: C:, and Ransonnette, N. Plans, coupes,

etc. des plus belles maisons et des hôtels à

Paris et dans les environs. (1801-02.] 2 v. Kramm, C. De levens en werken der hollandsche

en vlaamsche kunstschilders, beeldhouwers, enz., vervolg op J. Immerzeel. 1857–63. 6

pts. Kropotkine, P: In Russian and French prisons.

“ He lays but little stress on his own personal suffer. ings, and he presents the relative advantages and the absolute disadvantages of his different places of confinement with calmness, and to all appearances, with moder

ation." – Sat. rev., May 14. Lane, Rev. C. A.

Illustrated notes on English Church history, etc. Lawrence, T: J. Handbook of public international

law. 1885. Lecky, W: E: H.

History of England in the 18th century. Vol. 5, 6. “ Most valuable contributions to the recent history of our country. They cover the first nine years of Pitt's ministry - a time full of incident and interest, rich in lessons of administration, of constitutional law, and of foreign policy, but a time which bas been obscured by

the hurry and bustle of the twenty years which suc. ceeded it. Mr. Lecky bas given independent study to this momentous period, and his parrative will be found superior to any of those wbich bave preceded it.” –

Athenaeum, May 21. Lefevre, Rt. Hon. G: S. Peel and O'Connell; a

review of the Irish policy of Parliament from the Act of Union to the death of Sir Robert Peel. “ Tbe intention of the volume is to show the necessity for a complete change in the legislative and administra. tive systems of Ireland, and the meails is to produce a

panegyric upon O'Connell.” – Athenæum, May 21. Lescure, M. F. A. de. Mémoires sur les journées

révolutionnaires et les coups d'état. 1875.

2 v. Leuthy, J.J. Récit des derniers événements surve.

nus en Suisse par suite de l'appel des Jésuites à Lucerne et de l'Alliance Separée, etc., tr.

1848. Little, Mrs. A. P. The world as we saw it.

Travels round the world. Longus. Daphnis et Chloé; tr. d'Amyot, com

pletée par P. L. Courier; (illust.) par L.

Burthe, préf. par A. Duval. 1863. Luffman, J: Select plans of the principal cities,

harbours, forts, etc., in the world. 1801. 2 v. Macilwain, G: Memoirs of J: Abernethy; with

a view of his lectures, writings, and charac

ter. 1853. 2 v. Mabaffy, J: P. The story of Alexander's empire;

with the collaboration of A. Gilman. (Story

of the nations.) " The tale is singularly complicated. It is not the story of a nation; the unity which it has is artificial, created by conquest, and kept up by Greek or rather Hellenistic culture. But thanks to the trouble which Professor Mahatfy has taken, the account reads as easily

as a novel.” – F. T. Richards in the Academy, May 14. Malot, H. H: Zyte.

" Comment se font et que deviennent les mariages de théâtre ? C'est le sujet de Zyte, le nouveau roman d'Hec. tor Malot, qui paraît chez Charpentier. L'œuvre est d'une observation originale, qui va de la roulotte des saltimbanques aux coulisses de la Comédie-Française, en s'enchainant au milieu de scènes gaies ou poignan.

tes pleines d'intérêt.” – Temps. Margry, P. Découvertes et établissements des

Français dans l'ouest et dans le sud de l'Amérique Septentrionale, 1614-1754. 6e

pte. Marzials, F.T. Life of Charles Dickens. (Great

writers.) “ It has no claim to originality, but the writer has taken the pains to sift carefully the materials ready to bis band, to preserve what was worth preserving, and to omit the rubbish. He has consequently produced a clear, intelligible, and interesting memoir. A word of special praise is due to Mr. J. P. Anderson's bibliogra.

phy.” – Athenæum, Mar. 26. Maspéro, G. C: L'archéologie égyptienne.

• He is not blind to the defects and inakeshifts of an. cient Egyptian art; but he is equally alive to its many beauties, and he places those beauties before his readers in a truer and clearer light than they have been placed by any preceding writer. He sweeps away a great many archæological cobwebs in thc course of this new volume, and, as usual, abolishes plenty of time-honoured

errors.” - A. B. Edwards in the Academy, May 21. Massinger, P. Philip Massinger; ed., with introd.

and notes, by A. Symons; unexpurgated ed. (Mermaid ser.)

Maude, J: E: The foundations of ethics; ed. by

W: James. Michel, F., called X.F. Job; ou, Les pastoureaux,

1251; Audefroi-le-bâtard, 1272. 1832. Mirabeau, H. G. R., comte de. Mémoires biogra

phiques, littéraires, et politiques, écrits par lui-même, par son père, son oncle, et son fils

adoptif. 1834-35. 8 v. Mistère du Viel Testament, Le; pub. avec introd.,

notes et glossaires par le baron James de

Rothschild. Tome 4, 5. 1885. Moreau, l'abbé G: Le monde des prisons. Mozley, T: Henry vıı., Prince Arthur, and Card

inal Morton from a group on the chancel screen of Plymtree Church, Co. of Devon,

with notice, and app. 1878. Müller, F: M. The science of thought.

“ He is at his best when he most thoroughly accepts the doctrine of evolution, and he accepts it through so large a portion of his work that but for the authority at. taching to his great name, the parts where he forsakes and controverts it might have been passed over in re.

spectful silence.” – A. W. Benn in the Academy, May 7. Müller, H: Ulrich Zwingli; ein Denkmal. 1819. Nadar, F. Tournachon, called. Quand j'étais étu

diant. 1856. Nicolle, H: Contes in vraisemblables ; Le tueur de

mouches, etc. 1861. Norgate, K. England under the Angevin kings.

2 v. Notice sur la collection des portraits de Marie Stu

art appartenant au Prince Alexandre Labanoff, préc. d'un résumé chronologique.

1856. O'Brien, R. B. Irish wrongs and English reme

dies; with other essays. Palatinate. Catechesis religionis Christianæ quæ

tradita est in ecclesiis et scholis Palatinatus,

etc. (Lat. et Germ.] 1580. Paleario, A. Benefizio della morte di Cristo.

[1849.) Palmer, R., Earl of Selborne. Defence of the Ch.

of England against disestablishment. Patrick, R. W. Knapsack and rifle; or, Life in

the grand army; also, a complete chronol.

ogy of the war, etc. Percival, J. G. Poems. 1821. Perrot, G:, and Chipiez, C: Histoire de l'art dans

l'antiquité. T. 4. Judée; Sardaigne, Syrie,

Cappadoce. Perry, Rev. T: W. Some historical considerations

rel. to the declaration on kneeling app, to the communion office of the English Book of Common Prayer; letter to Rt. Rev. C: H. Terrot; added, a postscript of further au

thorities, etc. 1863. Pestalozzi, J: H: Bilder aus dem Leben Zwingli.

1819. Petrarca, F. Sonetti e canzoni. (1558.] Petre, E: Notices of English colleges and con

vents established on the continent after the dissolution of religious houses in England;

ed. by Rev. F. C. Husenbeth. 1849. Political science quarterly. Vol. 1. 1884. Pouy, F. Les faïences, spécialement celle d'origine

picarde. 1873.

Praed, Mrs. C. Moloch ; a story of sacrifice.
Price, L. Interiors and exteriors in Venice. 1843.
Prime, S: I. Life of S: F. B. Morse, inventor of

the electro-magnetic recording telegraph.

1875. Principali costumi di Roma, disegn. dai miglori ar

tisti. 1838. Reiffenberg, F:, le baron, fils. Les femmes qu'on

aime. 1860. Rider, C. British Merlin for 1795. Rivière, H: Edmée; Le châtiment; Flavien.

1877. Robertson, E. S. Life of H: Wadsworth Long

fellow. (Great writers.) Rodd, R. Rose leaf and apple leaf; with an

introd. by O. Wilde. 1882. Roger Camerden; a strange story.

“ Based upon a bit of physiological psychology which seems to be supplying the motif of fiction at present.'

Atlantic monthly, May. Rondelet, A. Essai historique sur le pont de Ri

alto. 1836. Roussel, P: J. A., d'Epinal. The castle of the Tuil

eries; a narrative of events which have taken place in that palace; tr. by F. Latham. 1803.

2 v. Ruskin, J: Præterita. Vol. 2, pt, 10. Saltus, E. E. The philosophy of disenchantment.

1885. " Contains an exposition of the mystic dogmas of Leopardi, Schopenhauer and Hartmann, with a slender

biography of each.” — Nation, Oct. 1, 1885. Sappho. Memoir, text, selected renderings, and a

literal translation by H. T. Wharton. Scholl, A. L'orgie parisienne. 1883. Sciobéret, P: Tales of country life in La Gruyère;

[tr.] by L. D. Congreve. “ All three tales make us regret heartily that M. Scioberet devoted the latter part of his life to the study and practice of the law, rather than the production of these

delightful idyls." - Spectator, Mar. 5. Scott, N.. N. Memoir of Hugh Lawson White;

with selections from his speeches and corre

spondence. 1856. Sears, G: W. (pseud. Nessmuk). Forest runes. Sherman, F. D. Madrigals and catches. Sichler, L. Histoire de la littérature russe. Smeaton, D. M. The loyal Karens of Burma. Smith, A. Through Cyprus. Smith, J. M. Ornamental interiors ancient and

modern. Soulié, M. F: Julie. 1856.

La lionne. 1856, Stael Holstein, A.. L., G. N., la baronne de. Del

phine; préc. de quelques observations par M.

Sainte-Beuve. 1872. Stephanus Byzantinus. De urbibus quem T: de

Pinedo Latii jure donabat; add. Stephani

Fragmentum collationes J. Gronovii. 1678. Stevenson, B: F. Letters from the army. 1884. Stothard, C: A. Monumental effigies of Great

Britain, with hist. description and notes by
A.J. Kempe. New ed. with add; by J: Ilow-

itt. 1876. Strothert, J. A. Justorum semita; or, The path of

the just, a history of the saints. 1843.

Sutherland, Lieut. Col.J. Original matter in (his]

memoir on the Kaffers, Hottentots, and Bosjemans of South Africa ; [with] notes, etc.

1847. Temple, Sir R: Journals kept in Hyderabad, Kash

mir, Sikkim, and Nepal; ed., with introd.,

by R: C. Temple. 2 v. Tennyson, A., Lord. The Lady of Shalott; (dec

orated by H. Pyle. 1881). Thomas, J: B. Un an à Rome et dans ses environs;

recueil de dessins. 1830. Thoroddsen,, J: T. Sigrid; an Icelandic love

story; tr. by C. Chrest; ed. by T: Tapper,

jr. Thorold, Rt. Rev. A. W., Bp. of Rochester. The

presence of Christ. 1884. Töpffer, R. Nouvelles génevoises. 1857. Torry, Rev. A. Auiobiography of A. T., 1st mis

sionary to the Six Nations and the northwestern tribes of British North America; ed.

by Rev. W: Hosmer. 1869. Two indexes to the characters in Shakespeare's

plays. Two very well arranged and careful indexes – one to all the characters alphabetically, the other to the ap.

pearances of each character in the separate plays." Ulbach, L: Ecrivains et hommes de lettres. 1857. Viaud, J. (pseud. P: Loti). Aziyadé. 1879. Vicary, J: F. Olav the king, and Olav, king and

martyr. Saga time.

“ Social life of the Norsemen during the poetic period common to nations during their evolution from barbarism to civilization. The main circumstances of life in the age of Vikings and Bærsærks are vividly realized."

Saturday rev., May 21. Vitu, A: C: J. Les mille et une nuits de théâtre:

1884-87. 4 v. “M. Vitu is probably the Frenchman who knows most about plays and acting, and displays his knowledge to the best advantage. With the general M. Francisque Sarcey is perhaps his equal in authority, but in equip. ment and endowment alike he is far and away M. Vitu's inferior. Learned without pedantry, admirably sincere, rigorously impartial, a complete master of his subject, he has the gift of a singularly varied and flexible style."

Sat. 1'ev., Feb. 26. Walther, B. Orationum ex Latinis historiogra

phis selectorum syntagma. 1623. Waterhouse, C. H. The signification and princi

ples of art, etc. Williams, C: R. The defence of Kahun; a forgot

ten episode of the first Afghan war; compiled from a journal kept during the siege

and from letters, Wilson, A. Studies in life and sense. Wilson, II: R. The Russian refugee; a tale of the

Blue Ridge. “Nihilism and theosophy are in turn the subject of discussion, and the motive of the story.” - Pub. weekly,

June 4. Winslow, Mrs. C. M. R. Yesterdays with actors. Winsor, J. Was Shakespeare Shapleigh? a cor

respondence in two entanglements. Wright, J. M. Bricks from Babel; a brief view

of the myths, traditions, etc. of races, with

studies in ethnography. 1885. Wyatt, M. D. Specimens of the geometrical mo

saics of the Middle Ages, etc. [1848.)

Je para

Advielle, V: Histoire de Grachus Babeuf et du

Babourvisme, d'après documents inédits.

1884. 2 v. American Economic Association. Publications.

Vol. 1, 2, no, 1, 2. 1886, 87. Appleton's annual cyclopædia, 1886. Barrière, A. Argot and slang; a French and Eng

lish dictionary. “ French argot with English rendering and corre. sponding slang equivalents of the very peculiar termin. ology of the Parisian Boulevardiers, artists, work people,

and criminals." - Atheneum, Feb. 5. Bataille, A. Causes criminelles et mondaines de

1880-86. Battle Abbey. Custumals in the reigns of Ed

ward i and Edward 11, 1283-1312; ed. by

S. R. Scargill-Bird. (Camden Soc.)
" At a time when so much discussion is going on in
regard to the proprietorship of land, and the condition
of those who till it, the lasi publication of the Camden
Society, nainely, ' Custumals of Battle Abbey,' will be
found of special use. The manorial system does not
appear from its pages to have been otherwise than a fair
and equitable arrangement between capital and labor."

Church red., May.
Baylor, F..C. Behind the Blue Ridge.
Bernard, C: B. D. de la V., dit C: de.

tonnerre, etc. 1872. Beulé, C: E. Histoire de l'art grec avant Périclès.

2e éd. 1870. Birrell, A. Obiter dicta. 2d ser.

“Some admirably written essays. Amusing and bril. liant.” –

Blache, N. La besogne de Peymarlier.

" The work attracted much attention while it was ap. pearing in the Nouvelle revue,' and in a number of Bel. gian and Hungarian journals. The name of a journal. ist which is taken for the title has been applied in France by political spite to a great journalist-politician who now holds high office, but we are certain that M. Blache had no Parisian and no • Opportunist' real persons in view. M. Blache, who is president of the council general of a southern department, draws in his book a picture of Barjols, 'le Tivoli de Provence'; and if M. Peymarlier is real we should be inclined to look for him not in Paris; but in the office of · Le progrès du Var.” – Atheneum,

June 11. Blanquet, A. (pseud. Chrysale). Les femmes.

1873. Boulenger, J. C. De pictura, plastice, statuaria

libri 11. 1627. Bourinot, J: G: Local government in Canada; a

historical study. (Johns Hopkins Univ.

Studies.) Boutmy, E. Le développement de la constitution et

de la société politique en Angleterre. Brand, W: F. London life seen with German

eyes. (188–.) Brown, J: C. (Works on forestry. 1877-87.) 10 v.

Namely. Forestry in Norway. Forestry in the mining districts of the Ural mountains. — Forests and forestry in Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic provinces of Russia. - Forests and forestry of northern Russia. - Forests and moisture. - Forests of England. - Intro. duction to the study of modern forest economy – Pine plantations on the sand wastes of France. - School of Forest Engineers in Spain. Schools of forestry in Germany; with add. rel. to a British national school of

forestry. - Hydrology of South Africa; causes of its

present aridity, with suggestions of remedies. 1875.

Water supply of South Africa and facilities

for the storage of it. 1877. Burnet, G., Bp. of Salisbury. Some passages of the

life and death of John, Earl of Rochester.

1724. Butler, Sir W:F. The campaign of the cataracts; narrative of the Great Nile expedition, 1884-85.

“ Author of The wild north land', ' The great lone

land', etc.” Athenæum, May 14. Caldwell, C: Autobiography; with pref., notes,

etc., by H. W. Warner. 1855. Cambridge Univ. Caius College. Admissions,

1558/9-1678/9; ed. by Ji and S. C. Venn. Gonville College. Admissions, March 1558/9

Jan. 1678/9; ed. by J: and S. C. Venn, Carlyle, T: Reminiscences; ed. by C: E. Norton.

2 v. Champlin, J. D., Jr., and Perkins, C: C.

Cyclopedia of painters and paintings. Vol. 4. Chauchetiêre, C. La vie de la B. Catherine Tega

koüita, dite la Saincte Sauuagesse. Church, A. J. The legend of Saint Vitalis, and

other poems. “ There is not a piece in this volume which has not embodied in it a full measure of grace and culture and

charm.” – Spectator, Apr. 16. Clunet, E: Offenses et actes hostiles commis par

des particuliers contre un état étranger. Cobbett, P. Leading cases on international law.

1885. Corfield, W. H. Dwelling houses; their sanitary

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Endoreæ et oraculorum sybillinorum. 1761. Dante Alighieri. Il convito; The banquet of

Dante Alighieri, tr. by E.. P. Sayer, with

introd. by H: Morley. Danzel, T. W: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. (1849

53.) 2 v. in 3 pts. Detaille, E: Types et uniformes; l'armée fran

çaise, textes par J. Richard. 1-10e livre.

1885-87. Dobson, W: T. History of the Bassandyne Bible,

the first printed in Scotland, etc. Dostoievsky, F. M. L'idiot, tr. par V: Derély;

préf. par le vte. E. M. de Vogüe. 2 v. Duncker, M. W. History of Greece; tr. by S. F.

Alleyne and E. Abbott. Vol. 2. “ Duncker's volume is disappointing. Not that it is deficient in solid learning and careful research - far from it; but in these latter days a new history of Greece bas no excuse for existing unless it has something more

than this." Athenæum, May 21. Durand, D: Life of Lucilio Vanini, with an ab

stract of his writings. 1730. Durrieu, P. Les archieves angevines de Naples,

1265-85. T. 2. (Ath. Ecole Fr. Bibl.) Duval, A. P. Monuments des arts du dessin. 1829.

4 v. Edwards, J: N. Shelby and his men; or, The war

in the west. 1867. Egle, W: H. History of Pennsylvania ; incl. hist.

descriptions of each county. 1883. Eliot, G: Essays and reviews not hitherto repr.,

with essay on [her] genius by Mrs. S. B. Herrick.

England's Helicon; coll, of lyrical and pastoral

poems, pub. in 1600; ed. by A. H. Bullen. Ferguson, J. Robert Ferguson, the Plotter, etc.

" A biography of one of the strangest figures of Eng. lish politics in the period between the Revolution and the accession of the House of Hanover." -- Athenæum,

May 21. Ferrers, E. Clavis Hogarthiana; or, Illustrations

of Hogarth, etc. 1817. Flaubert, G. Salammbộ; [illust.) par A. Poirson. France. Forest ordinance of 1669; tr. by J: C.

Brown; with hist. sketch of previous treat

ment of forests in France. 1883. Gaidoz, H: Etudes de mythologie gauloise : le

dieu du soleil et le symbolisme de la roue.

La rage et Saint Hubert. Gaspey, T. Life and times of the good lord Cob

ham. 1814. Genone, H. Bellona's husband. Genthe, F: W: Geschichte der macaronische Poe.

sie, u.s.w. 1829. Gessner, G: Johann Kaspar Lavaters Lebensbe

schreibung. 1802-83. 3 v. Grant, C:, vicomte de Vaux. History of Mauritius.

1801. Greenough, H. Letters to his brother H: Green

ough, with biog. sketches, ed. by F. B.

Greenough. Gresswell, W:, and others. England and her col

onies; the five best essays on Imperial federation submitted to the London Chamber of

Commerce. Griffin, Sir L. Famous monuments of Central In

dia. Grimm, F: M., Freiherr von. Nouveaux mémoires

secrets et inédits. 1834. 2 v. Hakluyt, R: Principal navigations, voyages, etc.,

of the Eng. nation. Vol. 4, pts. 7, 8. Harland, H: (pseud. S. Luska). The yoke of the

thorah. “ A feverish and improbable romance. The best part of the book is that describing the manners and customs of the German Jews who are depicted with graphic

power." Literary world, June 11. Harvard College. Commemoration. 1886. Record

of the commemoration, Nov. 5th-8th, 1886, on the 250th anniv. of the founding of Har.

vard College. Hastings, T: History of forty choirs. 1854. Hawthorne, J: A tragic mystery from the diary

of Inspector Byrnes. “ The first of a series of detective stories, for which Inspector Byrnes of N.Y. will furnish the facts, and Julian Hawthorne the literary workmanship."

- Pub. weekly, July 9. Hazlitt, W: C. Gleanings in old garden literature. Heath, J. E. Edge-Hill; or, The family of the

Fitzroyals ; a novel by a Virginian. 1828. Herbert, Rev. W: Works; excepting those of bot

any and natural history; with add. and corr.

1842. 3 v. Herpin, Mlle (pseud. L. Percy). Histoire d'une

grande dame au 18e siècle; la princesse He

lène de Ligne. Hodgson, W.E. Unrest; or, The newer republic. Hofmann, C: G. Memoriam sæcularem funeris et

sepulcri M. Lutheri. 1746.

Horn, F. C. Die Poesie und Beredsamkeit der

Deutschen von Luther's Zeit bis zur Gegen

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3 v.

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