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Prescott, W: H.

Critical and historical essays. 1854. Prevost d'Exiles, A. F., l'abbé. History of Manon

Lescaut and the chevalier des Grieux; tr, by

D. C. Moylan. 1886. 3 v. Pseudo-Shakespearian plays : Edward the third ;

The shoemaker's holyday; ed. by K. Warnke and L. Proescholdt. " Doctors Warnke ar Proescholdt hope to publish with critical apparatus and annotations, the whole of the seventeen plays doubtfully 'attributed to Shake. speare, and never yet collected together. They are do. ing the thing very ihoroughly, with good notes, and an almost too bounteous and laborious collection of vari.

ants." - Sulurday review, Jan. 22. Pufendorff, E. Dissertation upon the Druids, tr.

from the Latin by E. Goldsmid. (Bibl. cu

riosa.) Pyrard, F., of Laval. Voyage to the E. Indies,

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E. Goldsmid. 3 v. (Bibl. curiosa.) Riley, A. Athos; or, The Mountain of the Monks;

illust. “ Has some value as a guide-book, but its psychologi. cal interest is still greater.

The travellers seem to bave had for their chief aim the promotion of a union between the Anglican and Greek Churches. The author had unusual opportunities of observing, and was by no means blind in remarking the characteristic traits of the monastic system of the Dark Ages in that most wonderful historical survival in the world which exists still on Mount Athos – that museum of living antiqui.

ties, and of still adored relics." — Athenæum, Aug. 6. Robertson, J: D. Handbook to the coinage of

Scotland, from Alexander i to Anne. 1878. Robinson, P. Cyprus and Sokotra; physical, etc.,

aspects. 1878. Roux, J., l'abbé. Nouvelles pensées.

". Il lui déplait qu'on attribue une large part du succès de son premier volume à les sourds tressaillements de révolte qu'on avait cru y sentir. Cependant, tel est son épanouissement d'avoir échangé sa dure chaise de petit curé contre un fauteuil bien capitonné de chanoine, qu'il semble justitier les vieux griefs d'aigreur, de mécon. tentement, et de sourde révolte. Un peu trop de mau. vaise humeur alors; un peu trop de joie rayonnante au. jourd'hui." - Vacimo Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 9

avril. Rowbotham, J: F: History of music. Vol. 3.

" Completes the elaborate and masterly work. Mr. Rowbotham's style has a charm about it all his own. It is not merely that he writes with complete knowledge and an immense research, but that he follows out the ethos' of his subject, Homeric hexameter, or Sopho. clean chorus, or Gregorian chant, besides putting the scene before his reader with a vividness and a selicity of

language rarely equalled." - Bookseller, Aug. 5. Rudelbach, A.G. Hieronymus Savonarola u. seine

Zeit. 1835. Sachs, H. Hans Sachs im Gewande seiner Zeit,

u.s.w. 1829. Sarazin, C: Récits sur la dernière guerre franco

allemande, 1870-71.
A very remarkable little volume."

Nation, June

Secchi, A. Le soleil. 1875-77. 2 v.
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ford's rules ; added, tables, by J. H. Alexan.

der. (1837.) Simon, J. F. S. S. I., dit. Victor Cousin. (Les

grands écrivains français.) Ce volume qui m'a charmé n'est nullement didactique et académique. C'est une causerie, et l'on sait qu'il n'y a pas de plus séduisant causeur que M. Jules

Simon."- Maxime Gaucher in Ret. pol. el lit. Smart, B: H. (pseud. F. Drake). Memoir of a

metaphysician. 1853. Strobel, G: T. Melanchthoniana, od. Sammlung

einiger Nachrichten zur Erleuterung d.Gesch.

M., etc. 1771. Sutcliffe, Col. T: 16 years in Chile and Peru,

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(179-.] Thwaites, R. G. Biog. sketch of Lyman C. Dra.

per. Tiffany, J: K. History of the postage stamps of

the U. S. of America. Tillinghast, W: H. List of the publications of

Harvard University and its officers, with pub

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Williams. 1850.
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The youth of Shakspeare. 1848. Willis, Rev. R. Architectural history of Glaston.

bury Abbey. 1866. Zimmermann, W. F. A. Die Inseln des indischen

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Costnitz, (mit) H.'s Briefe geschrieben während seiner Gefangenschaft. 1836.

mains par

Ainsworth, W: H. Cardinal Pole; or, The days

of Philip and Mary; an historical romance.

1863. 2 v.
Chetwynd Calverley. 1876. 2 v.
The Constable de Bourbon. 1866. 2 v.
The fall of Somerset. 1877. 2 v.
The Lancashire witches; a romance of Pendle

Forest. 1849. 2 v.
Merry England; or, Nobles and serfs. 1874.

2 v.
Old Court. 1867. 2 v.
Ovinydean Grange; a tale of the South Downs.

1860. Saint James; or, The court of Queen Anne.

The South-Sea bubble; a tale of the year 1720.

1868. 2 v.
The spendthrift. 1856.
Stanley Brereton. 1881. 2 v.
The Star-Chamber; an historical romance.

1854. 2 v.
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1835. Beger, L. Alcestis pro marito moriens et vitæ ab

Hercule restituta, ex ms. Pighiano fecit et

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app. list of vols. in Bohn's libraries. 1886. Bellori, G. P: Lucernae veterum sepulchrales ico

nicae ex cavernis Romae subterraneis coll. et a P: S. Bartoli cum obs. B. ante decennium ed.; nunc versis ex Ital. in Lat. obs. recusae stud.

L. Begeri. 1702. 3 pts. Bernardo, D. di. Il divorzio nella teoria e nella

pratica. 1875. Boswell, J. Life of Johnson, includ. Journal of a

tour to the Hebrides and J.'s Diary of a journey into North Wales, ed. by G: B. Hill.

6 v. * Dr. Hill has performed his task with rare devotion and skill. Dr. Johnson's life was an amazing vic. tory over poverty, disease, and sin. He conquered al. most all that he enjoyed. But greatness alone could not have insured,nor could perseverance alone have command ed,three of his good fortunes: that Sir Joshua Reynolds painted his portrait; that Mr. James Boswell wrote his biography; and that his wife said of him that he was the most sensible man she had ever met.'"-Nero Prince

ton rep., Sept. Bragge, F. Full and impartial account of the

witchcraft practis'd by J.. Wenham upon A..

Thor, etc. 1712. Braune, K: Monnika und Augustinus. 1846. Brueckmann, F. E. Epistolarium itinerariarum

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et de l'entraine.” Polybiblion, Oct. 1884. Bukky, J. De apparitionibus mortuorum vivis

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pieces ; fac-simile reprint of the suppressed

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avec une introd., etc. 1886. Cassino, S: E. The international scientists' direc

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Tableaux comparatifs des mesures, poids, et monnaies mod, et anciens. 1874. Caverni, R. Problema naturali di Galileo Galilei

e di altri autori della sua scuola. 1874. Cerfberr, A. C. J. Répertoire de la Comédie hu

maine de H, de Balzac; avec introd. de Paul

Bourget. Child, Mrs. L. M. F. The rebels; or, Boston be

fore the Revolution 1850. Choris, L: Voyage pittoresque autour du monde,

accomp. de descr. de mammifères etc. par M. le Baron Cuvier et d'obs. sur les crânes hu

M. Gall. 1820. Cleveland, S. C. History and directory of Yates

Co., and a narrative of the Universal Friend,

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Naukeurige beschrijvinge der afrikaensche eylanden, enz. 1668. Naukeurige beschrijvinge der afrikaensche ge

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From 3d Eug. ed. 1849. Ebsworth, J. W. Cavalier lyrics “ for church and

crown." Egomet, E. G. Only a curate; or, Experiences

and reminiscences of clerical life. " Attention is called to the hardships endured by curates, and much light is thrown on the scandalous abuses, anomalies of preferment, etc., which tend to sully the fair fame of the English Establishment." Bookseller, Aug. 5.

Eisenberg, - Freiherr von. Description du ma

nége moderne dans sa perfection. 1727. Ellis, A. J: Report on dialectal work, May 1885–

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2 v. * Kant and Hegel are not too deep for him, 'The ugly girl papers' not too trivial. The book is a not unamusing collection of scraps about love and beauty, The author's humorous manner is not always out of

place.” – Athendum, Aug. 13. Fiorelli, G. Sulle scoverte archeologiche fatte in

Italia, 1846-66. 1867. Fitzroy, A., L., Duchess of Grafton. The most

noble A: H:, Duke of Grafton against A.. Dutchess of Grafton; libel given 7 Nov.,

1768. Frischbier, H. Hexenspruch und Zauberbann.

1870. Fritsch, G. Die Eingeborenen Süd-Afrika's eth

nographisch u. anatomisch beschrieben;

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3 v. Galilei, G. Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi

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1868. Garretson, J. E. (pseud. J: Darby). Nineteenth

century sense: the paradox of spiritualism. Gaster, M. Greeko-Slavonic literature and its re

lation to the folk-lore of Europe during the

Middle Ages. (Ilchester lectures.) “ Dr. Gaster has done good service by calling the at. tention of scholars to an interesting, bui long neglected, branch of literature, the numerous works which were, during a considerable period of time, translated from the Greek into Slaric languages, and which have to a marked degree atfected, not only the folklore of the Slave, but also that of the whole of Europe." — W. R.

Ralston in the Academy, Aug. 27. Gazette archéologique, pub. par J. de Witte et F.

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disegno, con le spiegazioni (di] G. M. Lan

cisi. 1691. Hague, Rev. W: Life notes, or, 50 years' outlook. Hallywell, H: Melampronoea ; or, A discourse of

the polity and kingdom of darkness, etc.

1681. Hammer-Purgstall

, J., Freiherr v.

Mithriaca ou, Les Mithriaques; mém. sur le culte solaire de

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H. P. Curtis. 1886. Hector, Mrs. A.. F. Forging the fetters, and other

stories. (Leisure hour ser.) “ A style of story which one can read, if not with the highest pleasure, ai least with something of harmless

recreation and satisfaction." – Nation, July 21. Herbert, L. Bis zum Rubicon. 1867. 4 v.

Herisson, M. d'I., comte de. Le cabinet noir;

Louis xvii., Napoléon, Marie-Louise. " There is nothing really about the Black Cabinet in Count d'Hérisson's book, which is made up of a little gossip about the Nauendorffs, and of some papers of Baron Moumer, the only interesting portions of which

were published in 1817." — Athenæum, Aug. 20. Hoffmann, E. T. A. W: Contes nocturnes, tr. de

La Bédollière. (1856.] Hottinger, J: J. Huldreich Zwingli und seine

Zeit; [illust.] 1842. James 1, of Great Britain. Secret correspondence

of Sir R. Cecil (and others) with James vi. of Scotland; first pub. 1766. Vol. 1. (Coll.

adam.) Japanese fairy tale series; (tr. by Mrs. James

and Mr. Chamberlain). " Quaint and pretty. Neither English nor Japanese, they have something of both and the combination is charming. Illustrated, printed, and published in Tokio, they are Japanese to look at; yet when you come to read them you find that what you have in hand is for all the world like an English fairy tale. The material is genuine of course. These are Japanese folk-stories of the purest type, but the translators have Anglicized them in the telling, and they will go without much difli. culty in haruess with Perrault and Grimm." - Sat.

teo., Mar. 26. Johannes ab Hildesheim. The three Kings of Co

logne, tr. ed. with Latin text by G. Horst

mann. 1886. (Early Eng. Text Soc.) Jones, W: H., of Indiana. Federal taxes and

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less one; or, The Hindu art of love, Ars amoris indica, tr. and annot. by A. F. F.

and B. F. R. 1885. Komensky (Lat. Comenius), J: A. Grosse Unter

richtslehre, übers. mit Anmerkungen von J.

Beeger u. F. Zoubek. (18)
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Description des principales pierres gravées du cabinet de M. le duc d'Orleans. 1780-84.

2 v. La Chausse (Lat. Causeus), M. A. (Ital. Agnolo)

de. Romanum museum, sive Thesaurus

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Christopher Columbus. 2 v. (Bibl. curiosa.) Lamb, C: Beauty and the beast; or, A rough out

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poem, with notes and appendix, by a Wash

ingtonian. 1812. Lowe, E. J., and Howard, W. Les plantes à feuil.

lage coloré; (tr.] 2e éd.augm., illust. 1867

70. 2 v. Lucas, C.P. Introduction to a historical geogra

raphy of the British colonies. “ A book giving quite simply and shortly a connected account of the Colonies, of the geographical and historcal reasons of their belonging to England, and of the

special place which each colony holds in the Empire.” Lucas, Rev.J. The pleasures of a pigeon-fancier. Luden, H: Allgemeine Geschichte d. Völker u.

Staaten. 2e verb. Ausg. 1819-22. 3 v. Lutke, F. P. Voyage autour du monde sur Le Sé

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Kittlitz, tr. par F. Boyé. 1835. 2 v. Lyall, E. The autobiography of a slander.

“Very slight, and hardly worthy of her; but it is skilful and fluent, and is well worthy the thirty minutes it takes to read." - J. A. Hamilton in the Academy,

Aug. 6. Manhattan, The; illustrated literary magazine.

Vol. 2. (1883.) Maverick National Bank. Manual, July 1, 1887. Meier (Lat. Meigerius), S: De panurgia lamia

rum, sagarum, strigum, etc. lib. 111, Germ.

(1587.] Mercer, A. G. Bible characters; selections from

sermons, with memoir of (M.] by M. Mar

ble. 1885. Michaud, E., l'abbé. Guillaume de Champeaux et

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publicorum benefactorum Acad. Oxoniensis

etc. 1884. Mirabeau, H. G. R., comte de. Catalogue des

livres de la bibliothèque de M. Mirabeau.

1791. Molloy, C: De jure maritimo et navale; or, A trea

tise of affaires maritime and of commerce.

1676. Monnet, C: Etudes d'anatomie à l'usage des

peintres. [17—-) Montelatici, D. " Villa Borghese con l'ornamenti e

con le figure delle statue, ec. 1700. Moore, Rev. E: The time-references in the Divina

Commedia, etc. “Two inaugural lectures delivered by Dr. Moore af. ter his appoipiment to the Barlow Lectureship at Uni. versity College, London. A learned discussion." - Spectator, July 16.

Moore, J: View of the causes and progress of the

French Revolution. 1795. 2. v. Munro, W: Records of service and campaigning

in many lands. 2 v. “He writes in a plain, straightforward manner, and though he is inclined to crowd his pages with unneces. sary details, his volumes will give much pleasure to sol. diers old and yonng." – Athenaum, July 9.

" The scene changes as the record runs on, from Chatham to South Africa, from the tropics to the ice and snow of Nova Scotin, and then leads us on through the greater part of the Crimean War to the stirring events of the Sepoy Mutiny, and from that drama to the quiet offices of the Army Medical Department. Dr Munro does not treat his experience as exceptional, but rather regards it as representative. The tone throughout is excellent, the style good, the narrative lu. cid, and there is not a dull page in the volume.” – Spec.

tator, Aug. 13. Nicolas, A. Si la torture est un moyen seur à vé.

rifier les crimes secrets. 1682. Oliphant, L. Episodes in a life of adventure; or,

Moss from a rolling stone. " Autobiographical sketches which have recently ap. peared in ‘Blackwood. Few men have had such varied experience of life in the Old World and the New; and we know of no other' rolling stone' that possesses at once the faculty of gathering the finest of moss, and the power of describing the specimens collected in bright

and attractive language." Athenæum, July 23. O'Neil, C: A. The American electoral system.

A pretty full history of all the presidential elec. tions.

Mr. O'Neil clothes his narrative with freshness, and keeps off the doctrinaire's ground. He makes his history not from opinions, but from what is, and has been. The abundance of references to au. thorities, shows the author's wide reading." Critic,

Sept. 3. Paganel, C. P: A. Histoire de Joseph 11, empereur

d'Allemagne. 1843. Pascoe, C: E. London of today; an illust. hand

book for the season. Philadelphia and its environs ; illust. Philippi, R. A. Reise durch die Wueste Atacama,

1853-54. 1860. Plummer, C: Elizabethan Oxford; reprints of

rare tracts. (Oxford Hist. Soc.) Poe, E. A. The conchologist's first book; a sys

tem of testaceous malacology. 1840. Polko, Mme. E. V. Musical sketches; tr. from the

6th German ed., by F.. Fuller. 1864. Prévost, M.

Le scorpion. " Une @uvre absolument remarquable. Euvre violente, passionnée, puissante, colorée, et d'un style plein de saveur. Energie un peu brutule parfois, 'saveur un peu âcre; mais celui qui écrit cela est quelqu'un."

- Marime Gaucher in Rer. pol. et lit., 23 avril. Prierias, S. De strigimagarum daemonum que mi

randis lib. III. 1575. Racot, A. La brèche aux loups.

“ Excellent novel." - Nation, June 9.
Le capitaine muet.

" A very successful attempt to revive the historical romance of adventure of Alexander Dumas. In this scene is laid in the time of Charles IX., and the House of the Guise is opposed to that of Valois in France, Flemings to Spaniards in Flanders, and Protestants to Catholics throughout the story, with a brilliancy and unexpected

ness worthy of the great Alexander." - Nation, June 9. Renan, J. E. Discours et conférences. Reusch, E. Capita deorum et illustrium hominum

quaedam in gemmis incisa, coll. J: M. ab Ebermayer; enarr., illust. E. R. 1721.


Richard, l'abbė J. La théorie des songes. 1766. Robertson, W. Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and

her descendants through her marriage with John Rolfe, with biog. sketches; and illust.

hist, notes by R. A. Brock. Rogers, S: Recollections of the table-talk of S:

Rogers, added, Porsoniana ed. by Rev. A.

Dyce; illust. “ Rogers died scarcely more than thirty years ago, yet his recollections carry the reader back io old-world incidents, and to a state of society curiously unlike that with which we familiar. The Table-talk,' weak though it may be in some ways, is well worthy of

a reprint." Spectator, Aug. 6. Saint-Edme, E. T. B., called. Dictionnaire de la

pénalité ; (illust.). 1824-28. 5 v. Saintsbury, G: Manchester.

" Original and stimulative monograph. Mr. Saints. bury has not lost his way among his materials, which are multitudinous and bewildering in other respects besides that of quantity: An example of dexterity never at a loss, and of tone and temper rarely at fault." -Sat.

ev., July 16. Schadow, J: G. Polyclet, od. Von den Massen des

Menschen nach dem Geschlechte u. Alter.

1.8.6., (Germ. u. Fr.l. 1834. Schanne, A. Souvenirs de Schaunard.

“ Schaunard was one of the characters in Murger's "Scènes de la vie de Bohême.' His real name was Alexandre Schanne, and he died but a few weeks ago, after a prosperous career as a toy-merchant. His book serves as a concordance to the • Vie de Bohême,' and the effect it will produce on the reader will vary. For some the veil of poetry will be stripped away from the lives of Murger's heroes and heroines, leaving only sordidness and mixery, while to others the gain will be great in the kind of realism and .actuality' which the typical mod. ern reader, as well as modern writer, loves." – Critic,

June 18. Seroux d'Agincourt, J: B. L:G: Recueil de frag

mens de sculpture antique en terre cuite,

1814. Shand, A. I. Half a century; or, Changes in men

and manners. “Not through a glass darkly, but in a series of bright sketches, the results of the lapse of time, as reflected in all phases of social life, are set forth with an artist's dis. crimination of the value of proportion. ... His pic. tures of the round of life, both in the past and in the present are instinct with vitality and delineated with

force and tidelity." – Suturday rev., July 30. Shoberl, F: Japan; illust. of the character, man

ners, etc. of the people. (182-). (The

world in miniature.) Simpson, sir W.G. The art of golf.

A decidedly amusing as well as a practical hand. book. A great deal of human nature, at least of Scotch human nature, is displayed on the green, and the au. thor has a hearty appreciation of it.” – Athenæum,

Aug. 27.
Smith, A. Through Cyprus.

" A writer who does not possess the gift of pictur. esqueness, bnt who can describe.

The concluding chapters would make an excellent handy history of Cy. prus, and in that form would make a very useful school. book. They are full, carefully studied, and very well

written." - Spectator, Aug. 13. Stälin, P. F: Geschichte Württembergs. Ir Bd.,

le, 2e Hälfte. 1882-87. Stickney, J. A. Collection of N. Hampshire regis

ters with note and comment thereon. Strasburger, E. Handbook of practical botany;

(tr.) by W. Hillhouse.

Sturgis, J. Thraldom.

* The idea of bringing an ordinary young fox-hunting squire into contact with certain developments of 'occult' power, and seeing how he behaves can always be worked out so as to give it novelty. Mr. Sturgis bas told the little story in his usual dainty style." Athenæum, July 16.

“ Altogether, this novel is not bad, although there is not much plot, and what there is of it is, to say the least, improbable." Saturday reriew, Aug. 13.

" Mesmerism plays an important part in the story, the heroine being under the complete control of her com.

panion, an unscrupulous woman, through this power." Swinburne, A. C: Select poems.

“The very best, if not the most peculiar and distinctive, of Mr. Swinburne's work is to be found in this little volume." – E. D. A. Morshead in the Academy, Sept. 3.

A word for the navy. Tilden, W:S. History of Medfield, 1650-1886;

illust, with portraits and engravings after J:

A.S. Monks.
Tolstoï, Graf L. N. Les Cosaques.

Ma confession; tr. par Zoria.
My confession and the spirit of Christ's teach.

" What Tolstoï sees in Christianity is not an exclu.
sively divine revelation, but a teaching which gives the
meaning of life. Avoid the contorted teachings of the
Church. Let each man make a special study of
Christ's teaching. The spirit of Christ's teaching,
as Tolstoï renders it is certainly beautiful, pure, simple.
There is nothing miraculous in it. Christ is a great and
good inan.” Philu. press.
Scènes du siège de Sébastopol.
Sebastopol; tr. by F. D. Millett, with introd.

by W. D. Howells. “ Mr. Millett's intimate knowledge of the Russian people and Russian life has enabled him to perform this task with great fidelity, while in his style he has suc. ceeded in retaining much of the vigor and directness of the original." — American, July 2.

" The various incidents of the siege which he selects in order to present it in its different aspects, though somewhat fragmentary in themselves, form a graphic whole which can never be forgotten by any one who has once read it."

- Nation, July 28. Tourgee, A. W. Button's Inn. Urrestarazu, F. de A. de. Viajes por Marruecos,

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1667. Walckenaer, C: A., baron. Recherches géogra

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tr. from the Historia Alexandri Magni de preliis, re-ed. by Rev. W.W. Skeat. (Early

Eng. Text Soc.) Washington, G: Life; by himself, comp. his me

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menschlichen Körpers, u.s.w. (Illust.] 1854.

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