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Just published, 12wy. Pre os, Vyny, THE LATIN READER, Part 1. 5th Edition. By Professor

Jacobs. Also, THE LATIN READER: Second Part. The 4th Edition. By Professor Jacobs. With Explanatory Notes, by T. W. C. Edwards, M. A. 3s. 6d. bound.

London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

This day, price ls. 3d. each, or 13s. per Dozen. CHURCH OF ENGLAND VILLAGE DIALOGUES, con

taining remarks upon the Foundation, Order, Usages, Services, and Liturgy of the Church. Also, answering certain popular objections, and showing the evil of certain practices in religion among those who separate themselves from her. " In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves.”_2 Tim. ii. 25. By Anthony Crowdy, A.M. Perpetual Curate of Aldershot, Hants.

James Nisbet and Co., 21, Berners-street.

Just published, fifth edition, 2s.6d, bound, POSWORTH'S INTRODUCTION to LATIN CONSTRUING;

D or Easy and Progressive Lessons for Reading, designed to illustrate the inflection of the declinable parts of speech, with the quantities marked. By the Rev. J. Bosworth L.L.D., F.R.L. S. &c.

Also by the same Author, 1. LATIN CONSTRUING ; or easy and progressive Lessons from Classical Authors, with Rules for translating Latin into English; designed to teach the method of construing Phædrus, Nepos, and the higter classics, without the help of an English Translation. Fourth edition, 2s. 6d. bound.

2. Rudiments of Greek Grammar, as used in the College of Eton, with the quantity of the doubtful penultinate vowels, in Latin and English; with explanatory notes, &c. third edition, 5s, bound.

London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Price 4s. 6d. bound,

GEOMETRY; with Notes containing the reason of every rule. By John Bonnycastle, Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. 17th Edition, corrected and greatly improved by S. Maynard.

Also, by the same Author, A Key to the above, 4s. bd. -An Introduction to Algebra, 16th edit. 4s. bd. -Key to ditto, 4s. 6d. bd.-The Scholar's Guide to Arithmetic, 16th edit. 3s. 6d. bd.--Key to ditto, 4s. 6d. bd.-Treatise on Algebra, 2d. edit. 2 vols. 8vo. 25s boards.

London: Rivington; Longman; Cadell; Richardson ; Baldwin; Duncan; Whittaker; Hamilton; Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Souter; Houlston; Fellowes; and for Stirling and Kenney, Edinburgh; and Robinsons, Liverpool.

Recently has appeared in 32mo. cloth price 1s. UEEN ESTHER'S SOLICITUDE for her KINDRED; an be argument in support of the British and Foreign Temperance Society, delivered in London, in the form of a Lecture, on November 8th, and again by request, on the 16th, by the Rev. J. Blair, author of Condensed Discourses or Pulpit Helps.

CONSISTENCY of the Discoveries of MODERN GEOLOGY with the SACRED HISTORY of the CREATION and the DELUGE. By Professor Silliman." Small 8vo. 3s, cloth. THE LIMITATIONS OF HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY. By Francis

Wayland, D.D. President of Brown University, United States, Author of “ Elements of Moral

Science" and " Political Economy.” In foolscap, 3s. 6d. cloth. BARBAULD'S HYMNS IN RHYME. For Young Children. In Royal

16mo, square, Is. 6d. cloth. . “The well known Mrs. Barbauld's Hymns in prose, are here brought into rhyme, with so much care and good judgment, that the whole character is admirably preserved. The book is neatly got up, and embellished with many pleasing cuts."

“Parents should avail themselves of this little volume for their children.” Blackwood's Lady's Magazine.

London: J. S. Hodson, Publisher and Importer, 112, Fleet-street

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