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Little Tommy Tucker,

Sing for your supper:
What shall I sing?

White bread and butter.
How shall I cut it
Without any

knife ?
How shall I marry

Without any wife?

I would, if I could; if I couldn't, how could I?
I couldn't without I could, could I?
Could you without you could, could ye? could ye? could ye?
You couldn't without you could, could ye?

Oh that I were where I would be !

Then should I be where I am not;
But where I am, there I must be,

And where I would be I can not.

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Hiccory, diccory, dock, The mouse run up the clock; The clock struck one, and down he run,

Hiccory, diccory, dock.

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If I should give my fiddle,

They'll think that I'm gone mad, For many a joyful day

My fiddle and I have had.


There was a Piper had a Cow,

And he had naught to give her, He pulld out his pipes and play'd her a tune,

And bade the cow consider.

The cow considered very well,

And gave the piper a penny,
And bade him play the other tune,

“ Corn rigs are bonny."

Away, pretty robin, fly home to your nest,
To make you my captive I still should like best,

And feed you with worms and with bread:
Your eyes are so sparkling, your feathers so soft,
Your little wings flutter so pretty aloft,

breast is all cover'd with red.

Handy-spandy, Jacky dandy,
Loves plum-cake and sugar candy.

He bought some at a grocer's shop,
And pleased away went hop, hop, hop.

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