The Monthly Magazine, Volumen11,Tema 1

R. Phillips, 1801

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Página 293 - His poetical pieces blend with alternate happiness of description, the frolic spirit of the flowing bowl, or melt the heart to the tender and impassioned sentiments in which beauty always taught him to pour forth his own. But who would wish to reprove the feelings he has consecrated with such lively touches of nature ? And where is the rugged moralist who will persuade us so far to " chill the genial current of the soul...
Página 428 - The vi. 3 e troops had not been long in motion before the enemy descended from the heights on which they were formed, and attacked the leading brigades of both lines, which were commanded by Major-general Cradock and major-general the earl of Cavan.
Página 245 - June, 1802. 8vo, pp. xxxii-454. *A TREATISE ON THE CULTURE AND MANAGEMENT OF FRUIT TREES, in which a new method of pruning and training is fully described. Together with observations on the diseases, defects, and injuries in all kinds of fruit and forest trees ; as also, an account of a particular method of cure, made public by order of the British Government.
Página 428 - ... the whole army moved forward, and came within sight of the enemy, who was formed on an advantageous ridge, with his right to the canal of Alexandria, and his left towards the sea.
Página 313 - Sometimes also in the merely civil government, there be more than one soul: as when the power of levying money, (which is the nutritive faculty,) has depended on a general assembly; the power of conduct and command, (which is the motive faculty,) on one man; and the power of making laws, (which is the rational faculty,) on the accidental consent, not only of those two, but also of a third...
Página 69 - ... soon after created him a baronet of Ireland, and the University of Oxford conferred on him the degree of LL.D. It having been...

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