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Dye put on Christ and were made living

shall lay his hands upon the head of every one severally, and repeating the baptismal name after the Minister, he shall say,

I confirm thee In the Name of the

Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (6) In the prayerDefend, O Lord,etc., italicize

the words this and child and omit the words

in parentheses, or this thy servant. (7) After the prayer, Defend, O Lord,” page 275,

insert two rubrics as follows:
(Note, That the Bishop may, at his discre-
tion, insert immediately after the name of
the person, the words, I sign thee with the

Sign of the Cross and I confirm thee, etc.
[But Note, That the prayer Defend, O Lord,
shall be said by the Bishop for all, being re-
peated, one or more times, as he thinketh

most convenient. (8) Insert immediately after the last preceding

rubric, as follows:

Then, those who have received the Laying on of Hands standing up, the Bishop may exhort them in this wise:

ELOVED, Forasmuch as in baptism

members of his Church, and have received

the manifold gifts of the Holy Spirit, ye must walk answerably to your Christian calling. Our Lord, in the night in which he was betrayed, instituted the most comfortable Sacrament of His Body and Blood for the memorial of his death and for the strengthening and refreshing of our souls. If therefore ye would be his servants and do whatsoever he commanded you, ye must not neglect this Sacrament, but must come to the Holy Communion with thankfulness, repentance, faith, and charity, that so ye may do his will and grow in grace unto your life's end.

(9) Transpose the third rubric on page 275 and

place it below “Let us pray” and make it
read as follows:
[Then shall the Bishop say the Lord's Prayer,
the people kneeling and repeating it after

him. (10) Strike out the fourth rubric on page 275 and

I Then shall the Bishop say:



House of Deputies) concurring: That the following change be made in the Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, and that the proposed alteration be made known to the several Dioceses in order that it may be adopted by the next General Convention in accordance with the provisions of Article X of the Constitution.

(1) Transfer the first two rubrics, page 277, to

the end of the Office.

(2) In the Exhortation, page 277, omit the fol

lowing words:

a. "and in the face of this company,” lines

2 and 3. b. “in the time of man's innocency,” lines 5

and 6. Ć. "which holy estate,” etc., line 8, through

“all men,” line 12.

(3) At the end of “I require,” etc., make it read:

“if any persons are joined together otherwise than in accordance with God's Word, their marriage is not such as the Church alloweth.

(4) Make the promises of the Man and of the

Woman, page 278, identical in form, and in
each case after the word “Matrimony”
make the promise to read as follows:
Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honour, and
keep him in sickness and in health; and,
forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him,
so long as ye both shall live?

(5) Amend the last rubric on page 278 by substi

tuting the word “may” for the word "shall.

(6) Insert after the words “Who giveth this

Woman to be married to this Man?” a rubric as follows:

(Here may be sung a Hymn or an Anthem.

(7) Omit from the first rubric on page 279 the

words “receiving the Woman at her father's or friend's hands.

(8) Make the sentences of espousal, page 279,

identical in form, so that in each case, after the word “health,” it shall read: “to love, and to cherish, till death us do part,” etc.

(9) Amend the sentence in regard to the ring,

page 279, by omitting the words “and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

(10) In place of what now stands between the

giving of the ring and the Lord's Prayer, print as follows:

Let us pray

[Then shall the Minister and the people with

him say the Lord's Prayer. But, Note that the Lord's Prayer may be omitted here if the

Second Part of the Office is to be used. (11) After the Lord's Prayer, print this rubric.

Then shall the Minister add:

(12) Omit in the prayer on page 280, after the

word “that” in line 5, the words “as Isaac and Rebecca lived faithfully together, so, and substitute for the words so omitted the

words “living faithfully together.” (13) Amend the last rubric on page 280 so as to

read as follows:
(The Man and Wife kneeling, the Minister

shall add this Blessing: (14) Immediately after the Blessing, add as

[And this which follows may be added where

it is so ordered.
(The Priest standing at the Holy Table, there
shall be said this Psalm.

Deus misereatur. Psalm 67.
God be merciful unto us, and bless us: etc.

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