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ESOLVED: That the Joint Commission

on the Book of Common Prayer be continued, with power to fill vacancies.


Members of the Commission on the Revision and Enrichment of the
Book of Common Prayer constituted by the General Convention of the
Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, October,
The Right Reverend Cortlandt Whitehead, the Bishop of Pitts-

burgh (Chairman).
The Right Reverend William David Walker, the Bishop of Western

New York.* †
The Right Reverend Davis Sessums, the Bishop of Louisiana.*
The Right Reverend Cleland Kinloch Nelson, the Bishop of At-

The Right Reverend Arthur L. Williams, the Bishop of Nebraska.t
The Right Reverend Frederick Burgess, the Bishop of Long Island.
The Right Reverend Joseph H. Johnson, the Bishop of Los Angeles.
The Right Reverend Philip M. Rhinelander, the Bishop of Penn-

The Right Reverend Thomas F. Davies, the Bishop of Western

The Right Reverend William Cabell Brown, the Bishop of Virginia.
The Right Reverend Nathaniel Seymour Thomas, the Bishop of

The Reverend Samuel Hart, of Connecticut.* †
The Reverend Edward L. Parson of California.
The Reverend John W. Suter, of Massachusetts (Secretary).
* Resigned

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The Reverend Henry R. Gummey, of Pennsylvania.
The Reverend Lucien M. Robinson, of Pennsylvania.
The Reverend Howard B. St. George, of Milwaukee.
The Reverend John R. Moses, of Long Island.f
The Reverend Charles L. Slattery, of New York.
The Reverend Milo H. Gates, of New York.
Mr. George Wharton Pepper, of Pennsylvania.
Mr. T. W. Bacot, of South Carolina.
Mr. Charles G. Saunders, of Massachusetts.t
Mr. Hamilton W. Mabie, of Newark.* †
Mr. Robert H. Gardiner, of Maine (Treasurer).
Mr. F. J. McMaster, of Missouri.t
Mr. E. P. Bailey, of Chicago.*
Mr. George Zabriskie, of New York.
Mr. William C. Sturgis, of Colorado.
Mr. John Stewart Bryan, of Virginia.

Mr. Joseph Grafton Minot, of Massachusetts.
* Resigned.

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The Report

To the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America:

HE Joint Commission on the Revision

and Enrichment of the Book of Common Prayer, appointed in 1913, respectfully submits its second report.

This report is divided into two parts. Part I contains the report proper, with such comments and explanations on the recommendations of the Commission as it seems advisable to make at this time. Part II contains the Schedule of the Recommendations for Revision proposed to the Convention.

The Schedule is arranged in the following manner. Its different parts are numbered with Roman numerals, I, II, III, etc., corresponding to the different Services, or sections, of the Book of Common Prayer. Under each number is given the title of the Service, or section, in the order in which it is proposed that these shall occur in the revised book. There is then printed the Resolution for amendment, and this Resolution is understood to be repeated before each item of the

section in question. These items are numbered with Arabic numerals in parentheses. Against these items are placed certain marks for information, as follows:

The mark app. signifies that the item in question was approved and passed by the Convention of 1916, and if passed by the present Convention will be a finally adopted amendment to the Prayer Book.

The mark mod. signifies that the item in question was passed by the Convention of 1916, but that the Commission for weighty reasons is making some modification in the recommendation as then passed. The Commission realizes that such recommendation, if approved by the Convention, will delay final action, but believes that it is the mind of the Church that it is more important to attain an ultimately satisfactory result than to gain time by hurrying through the work of revision.

The items against which stand no special marks are items that were presented in our previous report in 1916, but not acted upon, either exactly as then presented, or with slight modifications; or else they are entirely new matter adopted by the Commission since 1916.

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