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A Christmas Carol, 12I
Afternoon in Febrnary, 80
A Gleam of Snushine, 74
An April Day, 90
Aunie of Tharaw, 83
A Psnhn of Life, 87
Antnum, 90

„ sounet, 83

Ballads, 102

Beatrice, 98

Beware! 100

Birds of Passage, ufl

Blind Bartiroens, 08

Bwrial of the Mihnlsink, 92

Carillon, 72

Catawba wine, 140

Children, 148

Cimrehyard at Cambridge, 142

Cophts de Manriqnc, 'J3

Cnrfew, 85

Dante, 83

Daybreak, 147

Daylight and Moonlight, 143

Dedication, 110

Drinking Song, 81

Earlier Poems, 90
Endymion, C7
Epiniethens, 148
Evangeline, 49

Excelsior, 09

Finale, 201
Flowers, 88
Footsteps of Angels, 87

Caspar Becerra, 110
God's-Acre, 08

Hannted Honses, 141
Hymn for tny Brother's Ordination, 118
Hymn of the Moravian Nnus, 91
Hymn to the Night, 87

lnterlnde, 182, 184, 185, 180, 197, 199
lt is not always May, 67

King Christian, 99
„ Witlafs Drinking-horn, 116

l.'Envot, 101

Maidenhood, 69 .

Midnight Mass for the Dying \ear, 89

JHy Lost Yonth, 144

Nnreuobnrg, 75

Oliver Basselin, 143

Pegasns in Ponnd, 116
Poems on Slavery, 70
Poetic Aphorisms, 85
Prelnde, 86,179
Promethens, 140

Rain in Snmmer, 75
Uesignatioa, 114

Sand of the Desert in an Honr-glass, 115

Sandaiphon, 148

Santa Filomena, 140

Seaweed, 80

Sir Hnmphrey Gilbert, 113

Song of the Boll, 100

„ of the Silent Land, 101
Songs, 80
Sounet, 117
Sounets, 83
Spring, 98

Snnrise on the Hills, 91
Snspira, 118

Tales of a Wayside lun, 179

Teguer's Death, 117

The Arrow and the Song, 82

The Arsenal at Springfield, 74

The Beleagnered City, 88

The Belfry of Brnges, 72

The Bird and the Ship, 100

The Black Knight, 101

The Blind Girl of Castel-Cmlle, 118

The Bridge, 78

The Brook, 97

The Bnilders, 115

The Bnilding of the Ship. 110

The Castle by the Sea, 101

The Celestial Pilot, 97

The Child Asleep, 98

The Children of the Lords Snpper. 10a

The Conrtship of Miles Standish, 30

The Day is Done, 80

The Dead, 100

The Discovery of the North Cape, 146

The Elected knight, 104

The Emperor's Bird's Nest, 142

The Evening Star, 113

sounet, 83
The Fiftieth Birthday of Agassiz, 147
The Fire of Drift-wood, 114
The Goblet of Life, OS
The Golden Legend. 150

„ Milestone, 145
The Good Part. 70

Shepherd, 97
The Grave, 99
The Happiest Land. 99
The Hemiock-tree, 83
The lmage of God, 97
The Jewish Cemetery at Newport .143
The Ladder of St. Angnstine, 140
The Landlord's Tale, 181
The Legend of the Crossbill, 84
The Lighthonse, 113
The Light of Stars, 87
The Lnck of Edenhall, 104
The Mnsician's Tale, l87
The Native Land, 97
The Norman Baron, 75
The Ocenltation of Orion. 78
The Old Clock on the Stairs, 82
The Open Window, 116
The Phantom Ship, 141
The Poet's Tale, 199

The Qnadroon Girl, 71

The RalnyDay, 68

The Reaper and the Flowers, 87

The Ropewalk, 145

The Sea hath its Pearls, 84

The Seaside and the Fireside, 110

The Secret ot the Sea. 113

The Sicilian's Tale, 185

The Singers. 117

The Skeleton in Armonr, 102

The Siave in the Dismal Swamp. Io

The Siave Singing at Midnight, '1

The Siave's Bream, 70

The Song of Hiawatha. 1

The Spanish Jew's Tale. 184

The Spanish Stndent, 122

The Spirit of Poetry, 91 ,„...,.

The statne over the Cathedral Door, 84

The stndent's Tale, 182

The Terrestrial Paradise, 97

The Theologian's Tale, 197

The Two Angels, 142

The Two Locks of Hair, O

The Village Blacksmith, 67

The Warden of the Cinqne Ports, 141

The Warning, 71

The Wave, 99

The Witnesses, 71

The Wreck of the Hesperus, 103

To a Child, 75

To an old Danish Song Book, 81

To-morrow. 97

To the Driving Clond. 78

To the River Charles, C8

To William B. Charming, 70

Twilight, 118

Victor Galbraith, 144
Vocabnlary, 35
Voices of the Night, 83

Walter Von dor Vogelweide, 81
Whither? 100
Woods in Winter, 90





By the pnblic, has proved their efficacy and virtnes, and the trn,th of Mr. Morison's system as to the cnre of diseases. Being composed of vegetable matter or medicinal herbs, they are fonnd by experience to be harmless to the most tender age or the weakest frame, nnder every stage of hnman snffering; the most pleasant and benign in their operation ever offered to the world; and at the same time, the most certain in searching ont the root of any complaint, however deep, and of performing a cnre, if within the reach of hnman means.

A short trial will convince any nnprejndiced person of the good and permanont efficacy of MOEISON'S VEGETABLE UN1VERSAL MED1C1NES. They do a great deal besides cloansing and pnrifying the great highway of the body—viz, the bowels,—important as that point is. They act copionsly on the kidneys, the liver, and the skin. They operate irith striking rapidity, and hence are invalnablo in acnte diseases. A sense of relief in the head, the stomach, and the whole system is felt very shortly after they have been taken: the blood flows more evenly, the heart beats more regnlarly, and the whole bonnd-np system is refreshed and liberated, and the sensation of cheerfnl health thns indnced is not transitory. These pills will also give sleep to persons who have long been deprived of it.

The Medicines consist of three sorts, tending to the same pnrpose—that is, to cleanse and pnrify the blood and flnids. They are named:—No. 1, Morison's Pills; No. 2, Morison's Pills.

1n Boxes, at 7id., Is. l|d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d.; Family Packets, lis. each.
Also, the Vegetable Aperient Powders, Is. ljd. per Box.

Beware of Vaccination, which is a direct poisoner of the blood, and therefore the ca«se of all kinds of diseases.

STAIVLF IPTJirg% £200,000 11


-EUSTON ROAD, LONDON. . MESSRS. MOR1SON have paid £150,000 to the English Government for Stamp Duty on Morison's Vegetable Universal Medicine, np to 1865. Snch an amonnt wonld cover the following nnmber of Pills, taking at the rate of 50 Pills for a shilling:— Stamp Dnty ... £150,000

Sednced to shillings ... ... ... ... ... ... 3,000,000


Three-halfpeuny stamp, covering each box, umltiplied by 8,

= stamps or boxes ... ... ... ... ... 24,000,000


SO PillS la each shilling box 1,200,000,000

Amonnt of Pills, Twelve Hnndred Millious. BEWARE OF COUNTERFE1TS.—See that the words "Morison's Universal Medicines" are on the Government Stamp, in white letters, on a red gronnd. Sold by the Hygeian Agents, and all Medicine Vendors. MOR1SON & CO., Hygeists, British Colleae Of Health, Eustox Road. London, Sept 1868.


In Volumes, ls. 3d each, the New and IMMENSELY POPULAR WORK, entiVed,


For Family Reading.



This remarkably Cheap and Interesting Book has been pronounced by the Fublio Press to be a Marvel in Cheap Literature.

The Illustrated Weekly News says :—" This new work will afford much pleasure to families, and may be placed in the hands of youth with safety. The stories are well and carefully written."


Price ls. 3d. each. By Post, 6cL each extra.

T.ondon J. Dicks, 313, Strand; and all Bookseller!

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