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1. Definitions.

2. Service continued ; director; other employees.
3. National parks, monuments, and reservations; supervision.
4. Rules and regulations ; penalty for violation.
5. Timber; permits; contracts.
6. Rights-of-way for electric plants, poles, lines and other utilities.
7. Donations for National Park System and miscellaneous areas.
8. National Park Trust Fund Board; continuation; members; terms; quorum.
9. Acceptance of gifts of personal property by Board; disbursements and in-

vestments; National Park Trust Fund.

10. Powers of Board ; perpetual succession; venue of suits.

11. Gifts to Park Service or Board and income therefrom exempt from Federal


12. Annual report of Board.
13. Gifts for immediate distribution ; acceptance by Secretary.
14. Roads and trails in National Park System; construction.
15. Appropriations for construction of roads and trails; administration.
16. Approach roads, designation.
17. Construction or reconstruction of approach roads; appropriation.
18. Construction of approach roads across national forests.
19. Conveyance of approach road to local agencies.
20. Park, parkway and recreational-area program study; authorized scope.

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