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*** Books ordered from this list will be supplied, FREE OF POSTAGE, by remitting to the Publishers

the price annexed to each work.

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846 & 348 BROADWAY.


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ADAMS, C. Edgar Clifton; or, Right and Wrong. I Read, Write, and Speak the German Lan-

A Story for Boys. 16mo., elegant cloth, with guage. By GEORGE J. ADLER. 12mo.,

illustrations, 75 cents ; gilt edges, $1.

$1 00. A Key to the Exercises, in a separate

- Boys at Home. By author of “Edgar volume, 75 cents.

Clifton." Illustrated by J. Gilbert. 16mo., | AGNEL, H. R. The Book of Chess : containing

extra cloth, 75 cents; gilt edges, $1.

the Rudiments of the Game, and Elementary

ADDISON. The Spectator. A new and carefully Analysis of the most Popular Openings, ex-

revised edition, with Prefaces, Historical and emplified in Games actually played by the

Biographical. By ALEXANDER CHALMERS, Great Masters; including Staunton's Analy-

A. M. * 6 vols. 8vo., fine large type, cloth, $9; ses of the Kings and Queens, Gammits, Nu-

half calf extra, $15; calf extra, $20.

merous Positions, and Problems on Diagrams,

- another edition, in 4 neat vols. 12mo.,

&c. With illustrations, by R. W. Weir.

cloth, $3 50.

12mo., cloth, $1 00.

- in half calf, $6; in full calf, $7

AGUILAR, Grace. The Mother's Recompense.

ADLER, (Prof. G. J.) A New Dictionary of the

A Story. 12mo., paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75

German and English Languages. Indicating


the Accentuation of every German Word, con - Woman's Friendship. A Story of Do-
taining several hundred German Synonymes;

mestic Life. 12mo., cloth, 75 cents; paper,

together with a Classification and Alphabeti-

50 cents.

cal List of the Irregular Verbs, and a Dic -- The Vale of Cedars; or, The Martyr.
tionary of German Abbreviations. In two A Story of Spain in the Fifteenth Century.
parts : 1. German and English ; II. English 12mo, paper, 50 cents ; cloth, 75 cents. ;
and German. One elegant volume, of 1,400

- The Women of Israel. Two vols., 12mo.,

pages, large 8vo., half morocco, $5.

paper, $1; cloth, $1 50.

- An Abridged German and English Dic-

tionary. In two parts :-I. German and En-

- The Days of Bruce. A Story from Scot.

glish.' II. English and German. One vol.,

tish History. 2 vols. 16mo. Paper, $1 ;

12mo., of 844 pp., half bound, $1 75.

cloth, $1 50..

-Progressive German Reader. Prepared / -


Home Scenes and Heart Studies. 12mo

with reference to Ollendorff's German Gram Paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents.

mar; with copious Notes and a Vocabulary. AIKIN.-The Works of the British Poets, from

12mo., $1.

Chaucer to the present time. Selected and

- Hand-Book of German Literature, con-

Chronologically arranged ; with Biographical

taining: Schiller's Maid of Orleans, Goethe's and Critical Notices. By Dr. AIKIN and oth-

Iphigenia in Tauris, Tieck's Puss in Boots, ers. 3 large vols., 8vo., with 30 fine Steel

the Xenia by Goethe and Schiller, with Criti Engravings. Extra cloth, new style, $7 50;

cal Introductions and Explanatory Notes; to

sheep, $7 50.

which is added, an Appendix of Specimens of - Morocco extra, or antique, $18.

German Prose. 12mo., $1 50.

ALLEN, Z. Philosophy of the Mechanics of Na-

Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to ture, and of the Source and Modes of Propa-

gation of Natural Motive Powers. Octavo. | ANTHON, H., D. D. An Easy Catechism for

Cloth, $3 50.

Children, or, the Church Catechism with

ALSOP, R. The Charms of Fancy : a Poem, in

Scripture Proofs. Part I., price 6 1-4 cents.

four cantos. With notes. 12mo., cloth, $1. - Catechisms on the Homilies of the Church.


CONTENTS.-I. Of the Misery of Mankind.

II. Of the Nativity of Christ. III. Or the


Passion of Christ. IV. Of the Resurrection

YOUTH. 1 vol., 18mo., cloth, 75 cents.

of Christ. 18mo., paper cover, 6 1-4 cents.

AMERICAN POETS. Gems from American ANTHON. JOHN. The Law Student; or.

Poets. One neat vol., 32mo. Frontispicce, Guides to the Study of the Law in its Princi-

gilt leaves, 38 cents.

ples. Octavo, law sheep, $3.

AMERICAN SYSTEM OF EDUCATION :- APPLETONS' Cyclopædia of Biography, Foreign

1. Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon Root-Words, in three and American, embracing a series of Original

parts. I. Instructions about Anglo-Saxon Root Memoirs of the most di tinguished Persons of

Words. II. Studies in Anglo-Saxon Root-Words. all Times. Edited by FRANCIS L. HawKS,

III. The Beginnings of the Root-Words. By a D. D., LL. D. With over 600 Engravings.

Literary Association. 12mo., 50 cents.

1 very large vol., 8vo., sheep, $.

2. Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon Derivatives, on the ba.

In half calf extra.

sis of the Hand-Book of Anglo-Saxon Root. Words,

- In full calf extra.
In three parts. I. Materials of Anglo-Saxon De-
rivatives. II. Studies in Anglo-Saxon Deriva-

Modern Atlas of the Earth. With an
tives. III. The Beginning of Words. By a Lit Alphabetical Index of the Latitudes and Lon-
erary Association. 12mo., 75.cents.

gitudes of 31,000 places. Thirty-four beau-

8. Hand-Book of the Engrafted Words of the English

tifully Engraved and Colored Maps, with

Language; embracing the choice Gothic, Celtic, Temperature Scales. 8vo. sizc, bound in 1
French, Latin, and Greek Words, on the basis of vol. ` English 8vo. Half morocco, $3 50.
the "Hand-Book of the Anglo-Saxon Root-Words."

Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, En-
In three parts. I. The Materials of the Orthogra-

gine Work and Engineering Designed for
phy. II. Studies in the Orthography. III. En-

Men of Science, Practical Working Men, and
glish Etymology. By & Literary Association.

those intended for the Engineering Profession.

12mo., $1.

Containing over 4,000 Engravings on Wood.

ANDERSON, W. Practical Mercantile Corres-

Complete in 2 large vols., strongly bound in

pondence. A Collection of Modern Letters |

half morocco, $12.

of Business, with Notes Critical and Explana-

- Mechanic's Magazine and Engineer's

tory, an Analytical Index, and an Appendix,

containing Pro Forma Invoices, Account Sales,

Journal Natural, Experimental, and Me-

Bills of Lading, and Bills of Exchange. Al-

chanical Philosophy, the Arts and Sciences.

Vol. I., numerous Illustrations, 8vo., cloth,

so, an Explanation of the German Chain Rule,

$3 50.

as applicable to the Calculation of Exchanges.

- The same. Vol. II. and III. in 4to.,

12mo., $1.

cloth, each $3 50.

ANDREWS, S. P. A New and Comprehensive

French' Instructor; based upon an Original

- New Library Edition of the Standard

and Philosophical Method, applicable to the

British Poets. Edited, with Notes, by the

study of all Languages. With an Introduc-

Rev. GEORGE GILFILLAN. Elegantly printed

tion explanatory of the Method, and Treatise in large type, on superior paper, octavo size.

on French Pronunciation. 12mo., $1 25.

Published at the very low price of $1 per vol-

ume, in cloth.

- A Key to the above. (In press.)

Volumes Ready.

ANNALS OF SAN FRANCISCO: containing a Complete Poetical Works of John Milton. 2 vols.

summary of the history of the first discovery, do do. do. James Thomsor. 1 vol.

settlement, progress, and present condition of do. do. do. George Herbert 1 vol.

California, and a complete history of all the The Night Thoughts of Edward Young. 1 vol.

important events connected with its great city;

Complete Poetical Works of William Cowper. 2 vols.

to which are added biographical memoirs of

do. doGoldsmith, Collins, and War.

some prominent citizens. By F. SOULÉ, J.

ton. 1 vol.

H. Gihon, and J. NISBET. Nlustrated with

do. do. John Dryden. 2 vols.

do. lo. Samuel Butler. 2 vols.

150 engravings. 1 large vol. 8vo., cloth,

lo. William Shenstone, 1 vol.

$3 50.

do. - do. Beattie, Blair, and Falconer.

In roan, $4.

1 vol.

In extra roan gilt edges, $4 50.

do. do. William Lisle Bowles. 2 vols.

do. do. do. Charles Churchill. 1 vol.

In half calf extra, $5.

Complete Poetical Works of Dr. Johnson, Parnell,

ANSTED, D. T. The Gold-Seeker's Manual ; be-

Gray, and Smollett. 1 vol.
ing a Practical and Instructive Guide to all

do do do. Rob't Burns. 3 vols. (in press.)
persons emigrating to the Gold Regions of ** The Series will embrace the whole range of British
California. 12mo., paper, 25 cents.

Poets, from Chaucer to the present day. A volume will

| appear erozy two months,


APPLETONS' Library Manual; or Catalogue Rai-| ARNOLD, Thos. D.D. RUGBY SCHOOL SER-

sonné of upwards of Twelve Thousand of the MONS: Sermons Preached in the Chapel of

most important Works in every Department Rugby School, with an Address before Confir-

of Knowledge, in all Modern Languages. 1 mation. One vol., lomo., cloth, 75 cents.

vol. Large 8vo. pp. 434. Half-bd. $1 25.

- Miscellaneous Works. On the Bible,

Popular Library of the best English Au Christian Duty, Christian Politics, the Church,


Schools, Knowledge, Progress, on Poetry,

Tracts, Education, Discipline, &c.] 8vo.,

The following Volumes are now ready, uniformly

cloth, 82.

bound in funcy cloth.

--- The Life and Correspondence of Thomas
Essays from the London Times. First and Second

Arnold, D. D. By ARTHUR P. STANLEY, A.
Series, 50 cents each.
The Yellow plush Papers. By Thackeray. 50 cents.

M. 2d American, from the 5th London edi-

The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell. 50 c.

tion. 8vo., $2.

Travels in Tartary, Thibet, -and China, in 1844–46. ARNOLD'S, Dr. T. K. CLASSICAL SERIES :-

By M. Huc. 2 vols. $1.

First Latin Book: re-modelled, re-written, and adapt-

Gaieties and Gravities. By Horace Smith. 50 cents.

ed to the Ollendorff Method of Instruction. By

The Paris Sketch Book. By W. M. Thackeray. 2

ALBERT HARKNESS. One vol., 12mo., 75 cents.

vols. $1.

Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. By John

A First and Second Latin Book and Practical Gram-

mar. Revised and carefully corrected by J. A.

Poole. 2 vols. $1.

The Ingoldsby Legends. First Series. By Rev.

SPENCER, A. M. One vol., 12mv., 75 cents.

Richard Harris Barham. 50 cents.

Latin Prose Composition: a Practical Introduction

The Book of Snobs. By W. M. Thackeray. 50 cents.

to Latin Prose Composition. Revised and cor.

Papers from the Quarterly Review. By Sir Francis

rected by J. A. SPENCER, A, M. 12mo., $1.

Head and others. 50 cents.

Cornelius Nepos : with Practical Questions and An-

A Journey to Katmandu; or, the Nepaulese Ambassa-

swers, and an Imitative Exercise on each Chapter.

dor at Home. 50 cents.

Revised, with Additional Notes, by Prof. JOHN-

A Book for Summer Time in the Country. By R. A.

sox, Professor of the Latin Language in the Uni-

Willmott. 50 cents.

versity of the City of New York, 12mo. A new,

Papers from Blackwood's Magazine. 50 cents.

enlarged edition, with Lexicon, Index, &c. $1.

Men's Wives. By W. M. Thackeray. 50 cents.

First Greek Book, on the Plan of tho First Latin

Life and Memorials of Daniel Webster. 2 vols. $1.

Book. Revised and corrected by J. A. SPENCER,

A Shabby-Genteel Story. By Thackeray. 50 cents.

A. M. 12mo., 75 cents.

Punch's Prize Novelists. By Thackeray. 50 cents. Grcek Prose Composition: a Practical Introduction

Confessions of Fitz Boodle, &c. By Thackeray. 50 c.

to Greek Prose Composition. Revised and cor-

Jeames's Diary, and other Tales. By Thackeray. 50 c.

rected by J, A. SPENCER, A. M. One vol., 12mo.,

Mr. Brown's Letters to a Young Man. 50 cents.

75 cents.

The Luck of Barry Lyndon. 2 vols. $1.

Greek Prose Composition, Part II. A Practical In-

The Lives of Wellington and Peel. 1 vol. 50 cents:

troduction to Greek Prose Composition. Part II.

or, the same in extra cloth, each vol. 63 cents.

(The Particles.) 75 cents.

APPLETONS' Traveller's Guide for the Southern

Greek Reading Book, for the Use of Schools; con-

and Western States, with Colored Maps.

taining the substance of the Practical Introduction

to Greek Construing, and a Treatise on the Greek

18mo., cloth, $1.

Particles; and also a Copious Selection from Greek

- Traveller's Guide for the Northern and Authors, with English Notes, Critical and Ex-

Eastern States, 24 Maps. 18mo., cloth,

planatory, and a Lexicon, by J. A SPENCER, A. M.

$1 25., $1 25.

- New and Complete United States Guide- / A

| ARNOT, D. H. Gothic Architecture Applied to
Book for Travellers. Numerous Maps. 16mo.,

Modern Residences. Containing Designs for

cloth, $2.

Entrances, Halls, Stairs, and Parlors, Window


Frames, and Door Panelling; the Jamb and
New York City and Vicinity Guide. Label Mouldings to a large scale ; the Deco-

Maps. 38 cents.

rations of Chimney Breasts and Mantels, &c.

-- New York City Map, for Pocket, 12 cts.

Illustrated with Forty Plates. 4to., cloth, $4.

ARNOLD, (Thos. D. D.) The History of Rome. ARTHUR, T. S. Tired of Housekeeping. A

Reprinted entire from the last London Edi Tale. 18mo. Frontisp. . Cloth, 38 cents.
tion. Three volumes in one. 8vo., cloth, $3. ARTHUR, (W.) The Successful Merchant. Sketch-
- The Later Roman Commonwealth. The

es of the Life of Mr. Samuel Budgett. 12mo.,

History of the Later Roman Commonwealth. paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75 centş.

1 vol. 8vo., $2 50.

ATTACHE (The) IN MADRID; or, Sketches of

- Lectures on Modern History, delivered

the Court of Isabella II. Translated from

in Lent Term, 1842, with the Inaugural Lec-

the German, 1 vol. 12mo., $1.

ture delivered in 1841. Edited, with a Pre- AUNT FANNY. Aunt Fanny's Story Book for

face and Notes, by Henry Reed, M. A., Prof. Little Boys and Girls. 18mo. Illustrated.

of Eng. Lit. in the University of Pa. 12mo., Boards, 31 cents; cloth, 50 cents.

cloth, $1 25.

| BADOIS, C. Grammaire Anglaise, d'après le sys-

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