Joseph Lancaster

Longmans, Green for the British and Foreign School Society, 1904 - 76 páginas

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Página 70 - Chrestomathia, being a collection of papers explanatory of the design of an institution proposed to be set on foot under the name of the Chrestomathic Day School or Chrestomathic School, for the extension of the new system of instruction to the higher branches of learning for the use of the middling and higher ranks in life.
Página 67 - Being the time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Charity Schools, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster.
Página 21 - I much regret that I was not acquainted with the beauty of his system, till somewhat advanced in my plan ; if I had known it, it would have saved me much trouble, and some retrograde movements.
Página 9 - It is no unusual thing with me to deliver one or two hundred prizes at the same time. And at such times the countenances of the whole school exhibit a most pleasing scene of delight : as the boys who obtain prizes, commonly walk round the school in procession, holding the prizes in their hands, and an herald proclaiming before them, " These good boys have obtained prizes for going into another class.
Página 11 - ... because within a few years there has been discovered a plan for the instruction of youth, which is now brought to a state of great perfection ; happily combining tules, by which the object of learning must be infallibly attained with expedition and cheapness, and holding out the fairest prospect of eminent utility to mankind.
Página 13 - No religious catechism or religious formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught in the school.
Página 57 - Having participated in the first establishment of the Lancasterian system in this country ; having carefully observed its progress and witnessed its benefits, I can confidently recommend it as an invaluable improvement, which, by wonderful combination of economy in expense, and rapidity of instruction, has created a new era in education. The system operates with the same efficacy in education as labor-saving machinery does in the useful arts.
Página 6 - When a child was admitted a monitor assigned him his class; while he remained, a monitor taught him (with nine other pupils); when he was absent, one monitor ascertained the fact, and another found out the reason; a monitor examined him periodically, and, when he made progress, a monitor promoted him; a monitor ruled the writing paper; a monitor had charge of slates and books; and a monitor-general looked after all the other monitors. Every monitor wore a leather ticket, gilded and lettered, "Monitor...
Página 42 - ... the National Society for promoting the Education of the Poor in the principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales...
Página 7 - ... it would scarcely seem credible, but it is a fact, that the master, who was a shoe-maker, would sit at the head of the school with his last and leather, and alternately work and overlook the tuition of the school; he had no occasion to exert himself to prevent confusion, for the order of the system was so far introduced into the habits of the children, that they would themselves be the first to correct the smallest disorderly movement; the success of this boy's labour was so great in one instance...

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