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As I was going up the hill,
I met with Jack the piper,

And all the tunes that he could play
Was "Tie your clothes up tighter."

I tied them once, I tied them twice,
I tied them three times over;

And all the songs that he could sing
Was "Carry me safe to Dover."

0 RARE Harry Parry,

When will you marry?
When apples and pears are ripe.

I'll come to your wedding,

Without any bidding, And dance with your bride all night.


When I was a little boy my mammy kept me in, But now I am a great boy I 'm fit to serve the

king; I can handle a musket, and I can smoke a pipe, And I can kiss a pretty girl at twelve o'clock at


Jack be nimble,

And Jack be quick:
And Jack jump over

The candle-stick.


Pussy-cat sits by the fire,

How did she come there?
In walks the little dog,

Says, "Pussy! are you there?
How do you do, Mistress Pussy?

Mistress Pussy, how d'ye do t"
"I thank you kindly, little dog,

I fare as well as you!"

Master I have, and I am his man,
Gallop a dreary dun;
Master I have, and I am his man,
And I'll get a wife as fast as I can;
With a heighly gaily gamberally,

Higgledy piggledy, niggledy, niggledy,

Gallop a dreary dun.


The Sow came in with the saddle,
The little pig rocked the cradle,
The dish jump'd over the table,
To see the pot with the ladle. «

The broom behind the butt
Call'd the dish-clout a nasty slut:
Odds-bobs, says the gridiron, can't you agree J
I'm the head constable,—come along with me.

Hey ding a ding, ding, I heard a bird sing, The parliament soldiers are gone to the king.

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The King of France, with twenty thousand men,
Went up the hill, and then came down again;
The King of Spain, with twenty thousand more,
Climb'd the same hill the French had climbed before.

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