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US Doc 445 us Joc25836

Harvard CoMeme Llorary
DECO 1911

From the
U. S. Ginvernment,



507. Estimate for repairs, etc., on post-office building, Buffalo, N. Y.

508. Estimate for repairs on post-office and court-house, Philadelphia, Pa.

509. Estimate for additional allotments, Yakima Reservation.

512. Estimate for water plant at Indian school at Rapid City, S. Dak.

513. Estimate for certain employees of Loans and Currency Division.

514. Estimate for certain employees, Office of Comptroller of Currency.

515. Estimate for elevator in old post-office building.

516. Estimate for elevators in Pension Office building.

517. Estimate for machinery for heating plant in old post-office building.

518. Estimate for elevator in Patent Office building.

519. Estimate to pay claims for damages caused by gun firing.

520. Motion for dismissal by Court of Claims in case of heirs of John Ament.

525. Estimate for surveys of public lands in Alaska.

526. Deficiency estimates for National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

527. Estimate for filing appliances in General Land and Indian offices.

529. 60th annual report of Panama Railroad, 1909.

530. Findings of Court of Claims in case of Miles L. Floyd, admr.

531. Findings of Court of Claims in case of J. G. Robertson, admr.

532. Findings of Court of Claims in case of California M. Hearn, etc.

534. Estimate for improvements in marine hospital, Chicago, Ill.

5:33. Judgments against United States by circuit and district courts.

5:39. Estimate for additional clerk in Office of Treasurer of United States.

511. Estimate for completing field notes of surveys in Minn., N. Dak., and La.

542. Report of Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1909. 2 pts.

543. Estimate for ammunition for target practice.

544. Refund of money to Frank E. Gore.

545. Estimate for unveiling and dedicating statue of Baron von Steuben.

547. Sale of Federal building at Providence, R. I.

548. Estimate for irrigation and drainage on Yakima Reservation.

555. Deficiency estimate for irrigation work on Indian reservations.

556. Amended estimate of appropriation for irrigation of Indian reservations.

558. Civilian engineers employed on rivers and harbors, 1909.

559. Estimate for increase of salary of governor of Alaska.

562. Segregation of historical matter in Indian Affairs Office.

563. Findings of Court of Claims in case of C. C. Bundy, admr.

564. Findings of Court of Claims in case of A. A. Raley, admr.

566. Credit in accounts of Grayson V. Heidt.

567. Government roadway, national cemetery, Salisbury, N. C.

568. Findings of Court of Claims in case of Patrick H. Bridgewater.

570. Reimbursable loan fund for Tongue River Indians, Montana.

571. Surplus lands in Yakima Reservation, Wash.

572. Recommendation for purchase of land at Fort Hancock.

576. Allotment to Frank H. Pequette of land on Bois Fort Reservation.

577. Useless papers in Interior Department.

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