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sewed, ls. 6d. The Guardian—"Of Julius Caesar and the Merchant of Venice, edited by Mr. K. Deighton, we can speak in terms of almost unqualified praise. The notes are admirably suited to the use of middle forms, being brief, numerous, and accurate. Besides affording evidence of scholarly attainments on the part of the annotator, they show a perfect knowledge of the limits of a schoolboy's capacity, and a rare ability to explain away his difficulties in a simple and interesting manner." -HAMLET. By the same. 2s. 6d.; sewed, 2s. -KING LEAR. By the same. ls. 9d. ; sewed, ls. 6d. -OTHELLO. By the same. 2s.; sewed, ls. 9d. --ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. By the same. 2s. 6d. ; sewed, 28. -CYMBELINE. By the same. 2s. 6d.; sewed, 2s.

The Scotsman-"Mr. Deighton has adapted his commentary both in Othello and in Cymbeline, with great skill to the requirements and capacities of the readers to whom the series is addressed." SOUTHEY-LIFE OF NELSON. By MICHAEL MACMILLAN, B.A.

3s.; sewed, 28. 6d. The Literary World—This is included in ‘Macmillan's English Classics' series. The book well deserved such a place. It is too late in the day in such a notice as this to write one word in praise of Southey's clear and beautiful English. Mr. Michael Macmillan furnishes an introduction and notes. The former is a model in its way-explanatory, critical, informing; the latter are a marvel of fulness and carefulness, and withal nearly as interesting to read as the book itself. What with these notes and the capital index, a student ought to be able to 'know the book' from beginning to end.' SPENSER—THE FAIRY QUEEN. Book I. By H. M. PERCIVAL, M. A.

[In preparation. TENNYSON-SELECTIONS. By F. J. RowE, M.A., and W. T.

WEBB, M.A. New Edition. Enlarged. 38. 6d. The
poems contained in the volume are:-“ Recollections of the
Arabian Nights, ,” “The Lady of Shalott,” “ Oenone,” “The
Lotos Eaters,”« A Dream of Fair Women,

» Morte d'Arthur," Dora, Ulysses, Tithonus,” “Sir Galahad,” “The Lord of Burleigh, ," Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington, The Revenge,

,"The Palace of Art,” “The Brook,' Voyage,” and “Demeter and Persephone." The Scotsman-“The choice of pieces is well made, and the notes are admirable."

The Journal of Education-“It should find a wide circulation in English schools.

The notes give just the requisite amount of help for understanding Tennyson, explanations of the allusions with which his poems teem, and illustrations by means of parallel passages. A short critical introduction gives the salient features of his style with apt examples.”

The Literary World—“ The book is very complete, and will be a good introduction to the study of Tennyson's works generally." :-ENOCH ARDEN. By W. T. WEBB, M.A. 2s. --AYLMER'S FIELD. By the same. 2s. -THE PRINCESS. By P. M. WALLACE, B.A.3s. 6d. [Dec., 1891. — THE COMING OF ARTHUR and THE PASSING OF ARTHUR. By

F. J. Rowe, M. A. 2s. WORDSWORTH-SELECTIONS. By F. J. Rowe, M. A., and W. T. WEBB, M.A.

[In preparation.

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