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5. How do you like the stories?

6. I have read but three stories yet. They please me better than any other stories I have ever read.

7. Will you lend it to me when you have read it through?

8. Yes, Cora, I shall be glad to lend it to you.

9. How much did it cost? 10. It cost twelve cents. 11. Where did your Aunt Hannah get it? 12. She bought it at Mr. Large's book-store. 13. Does Mr. Large keep all kinds of books?

14. Yes; but I like the pretty picture books and the easy story books best.

15. Why did your Aunt Hannah give you this pretty book?

16. Because I study hard and learn all my lessons well.

17. I like to play too, but I wait till I have first learned


lessons. 18. Then Arthur and I go out to play and have a good time.

[blocks in formation]

The Points of the Compass. 1. John, which way is east? 2. East is where the sun rises. 3. Ida, which way is west? 4. West is where the sun sets. 5. Kate, where is the sun at noon? 6. The sun is south at noon.

7. Ned, which way does your shadow point at noon?

8. My shadow points north at noon. All shadows point north at noon in this part of the world.

9. Now, children, point east. Point north. Point west. Point south.

10. What is between north and east? Northeast.

11. Between east and south ? Southeast. 12. Between north and west? Northwest. 13. Between south and west ? Southwest. 14. How do the sailors get these directions ?

15. They get these directions from the compass. 16. Ask


teacher to show you a compass and tell you how it points out the directions.

17. What do the sailors mean by “ the points

of the compass”?

[blocks in formation]

Rolling the Hoop. 1. See the boys and girls roll their hoops ! 2. What a big hoop Charlie has !

3. Little David can roll his little hoop as well as the big boys roll their big hoops, but not quite so fast.

4. Lucy has an iron hoop.

5. She and Cora can roll their hoops faster than the boys can roll theirs.

6. Do the boys like to have the girls beat them?

7. No, but they take it pleasantly.

8. See ! Cæsar ran into Lucy's hoop and knocked it over.

9. Cæsar seems to have as much fun as the children.

10. Come, now, let us run a race.
11. One, two, three, go!

12. Lucy is ahead, Cora is next, Charlie is third.

13. David was last. He was ninth.

14. Now, can you tell me how many boys and girls were playing ?

15. Do you roll the hoop?

[blocks in formation]

The Little Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark. 1. Tommy is afraid to go to bed. 2. Why is he afraid? 3. Because his room is dark.

4. He is afraid something will catch him in the dark.

5. Are you afraid when it is dark?

6. Tommy says the bears will catch him.

7. How foolish! There are no bears where he lives.

8. He says the red men will get him.
9. There are no red men where he lives.

10. The bears and the red men were driven away long ago.

11. His brother Charlie is not afraid.

12. Charlie, do not laugh at Tommy. You were afraid, too, when you were little.

13. Tell your teacher what Tommy meant by the “red men."

[blocks in formation]

The Dancing Bear. 1. Two men came down the street yesterday leading a big gray bear by a chain.

2. It was a tame bear. 3. They stopped in front of the house. 4. The men sang and the bear danced. But

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