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what dancing! He was so awkward we all had to laugh.

5. Then the men gave the bear a wooden gun,

and he marched with it like a soldier. 6. The children gave the men some pennies.

7. Fred's mother gave the bear something to eat.

8. This bear and his mother were caught in the woods out West when he was a baby-bear.

9. When he became old enought to help them earn money, the men took him away from his mother. 10. He is now just three years

old. 11. Once a man living at Boiling Spring had a tame bear.

12. He wanted to get a new muzzle for the bear's mouth.

13. He left his wife at home with the bear while he went to the city to buy a new muzzle.

14. When he came home he found the bear had eaten up his wife.

15. It is not safe to trust tame bears too much.

16. Mother says she does not like wild ani. mals for pets.

[blocks in formation]

Elmer's Boat Making. 1. My little nephew was very fond of making things.

2. He was eight years old, and though he was a little boy, he thought he knew as much as

any man.

3. He tried to make a boat one day to sail on his grandpa's pond.

4. He found some old boards in the mill, and took them to the shop.

5. His grandpa gave him some nails, a ham. mer, a hatchet, and a saw.

6. Then Elmer went to work; but what a boat he made!

7. It looked like a boat, but it was not better than a raft.

8. The boards were not close enough together to keep the water out, but he had all the fun he wanted in making the boat.

9. He is a big boy now, and knows how to make a good boat.

[blocks in formation]

Skating. 1. What a fine time these boys and girls are having !

2. They are skating on father's mill-pond.

3. How fast they go ! See little Walter! He thinks he can skate faster than the cars can go.

4. What a funny little boy be is!
5. Who is the fastest skater ?
6. One of the girls. Her name is Emma.

7. See Arthur! See him cut over! Now he is skating backwards.

8. Look! What is he doing now?

9. He is making an eagle on the ice. He does all kinds of fancy skating.

10. Little David is just learning to skate. He has never had skates on before.

11. There, he has just fallen down.

12. See ! He is a brave boy. He does not cry.

13. Children, do not skate where the ice is thin, for you may fall in and drown.

14. Uncle Ezra, did you ever skate

15. Yes, Fred, I often skated when I was a boy.

16. When I was fourteen years old, I went out one night to skate with five or six other boys.

17. We skated the old year out and the new

year in.

18. What do you mean by that, Uncle Ezra ?

19. Think a little, Fred, perhaps you will tell me yourself in a moment.

20. You were skating at midnight just when the old year ended and the new year began.

[blocks in formation]

George Brown's Pony. 1. George Brown had a pretty little black pony.

2. He lived in the country, and had two miles to go to school.

3. He had a little wagon for his pony.

4. Every morning when he and his little sister went to school, they rode in the little wagon

behind the pony.

He kept

5. George would often let his little sister drive.

6. He took good care of his pony. the pony's black coat of hair clean and bright.

7. All the other little boys wished they had ponies too.

8. George was a kind boy. He let the other boys ride on Saturdays and in vacation. 9. So all the little boys had a good time with

: 10. Tell your teacher whether you would like to have a pony. 11. Would

you let the other little boys and girls ride?

12. How did George make his pony's coat shine ? 13. If you



be as kind to it as George was to his?

the pony

had a pony,

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