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a cross grown

dan ger ous sleigh ing ac ci dent Fourth Street hap pened

a bout

a gainst doc tor care ful po lice man

Riding Down Hill. 1. There is a steep hill near our house. 2. Last week there was good sleighing.

3. All the little boys and girls went out to ride down hill.

4. Some grown up boys and girls went too. 5. Where did they go to ride down hill ?

6. They went to Fourth Street. They rode down Fourth Street ‘and across Green Street where the horse cars run.

7. I should think that was dangerous. Did any of them ever get hurt?

8. Yes, an accident happened last winter. I will tell you about it.

9. One moonlight night six large boys drew a long bob-sled to the top of the hill.

10. They rode down Fourth Street so fast that when they reached Green street they could

not stop.

The boy

11. They ran against a horse car. in front was hurt so badly that the doctor thought he would not get well.

12. He did get well after a long time, but after that he would not ride across Green Street again.

13. There have been no accidents since. 14. Why? Are the boys more careful ?

15. No, they are not; but the city keeps two policemen at the crossings on Fourth Street to take care of the children.

16. Now the children can ride down hill without being in danger of getting hurt.


sun beams

paint ing

ap pear

cheer cheer ful mind

To the Sunbeams.
1. Sunbeams dear, pure and clear,

Shining on us everywhere,
Making all so warm and bright
In the vales and on each height,
Painting them in colors gay
As you smile on them all day;

2. Sunbeams dear, pure and clear,
Come, and in


If I have a cheerful mind,
And am glad and good and kind,
Then will in this heart of mine
Evermore be sweet sunshine.

Translated from the German by E. D. S.

[blocks in formation]

Tabby's Kittens. 1. Tabby had four little black kittens. She kept them in Mr. Strong's mill.

2. Tommy put the little kittens into his wagon to give them a ride.

3. The kittens did not want to ride, but Tommy did not know that.

4. Tommy drew them to the house to show them to his mother. 5. How their little heads bobbed


and down as he ran along !

6. When he got to the house he took them out.

7. Then old Tabby took one up by the back of its neck.

8. Then she carried it in her mouth back to the mill.

9. Then she came back to the house after another.

10. In this way she carried them all back to the mill.

11. Tommy put them into his wagon again. He ran off again with them to the house.

12. Tabby took them back to the mill again.

13. As often as Tommy brought the kittens to the house, old Tabby would take them back to the mill again.

14. Tommy grew tired of taking the kittens to the house, so the kittens had their home in the mill.

15. Tommy went down to the mill every day to play with the kittens.

16. At first, old Tabby did not like to have Tommy come.

17. When she saw Tommy was kind. to the kittens, she was glad to have him come.

18. When they grew up they helped Tabby catch mice.

[blocks in formation]

Running a Race. 1. Now, let us run a race! The one who gets to that post first is the best fellow.

2. Cæsar and Tabby must run too.

3. Put little Silas and Laura thirty paces ahead.

4. They are too little to start even with the rest of us.

5. One, two, three, go! There, Cæsar beat. He is the swiftest dog I know.

6. Tabby ran the wrong way. She does not know how to run a race.

7. Cæsar did not know we were trying a race, if he did beat.

8. Now let us run back again. Lucy beat this time.

9. Cæsar stopped to play with Carlo.
10. Who beat yesterday?

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