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11. Lucy beat twice yesterday, and Walter beat three times.

12. Cæsar can beat us all when he tries.

13. He can run twice as fast as Walter and Lucy

14. Do Silas and Laura ever beat ? 15. Yes, when we let them start thirty-five

paces ahead.

16. Now let us go to the grove and try our new swing

[blocks in formation]

Willy and his Dog. 1. Where is Willy ? 2. There he is, playing with his dog.

3. How Willy's little dog runs and jumps about!

4. Hear him bark ! What a funny little quick bark !

5. Yes, he is very young; he is still nothing

but a pup

6. What is a pup, Aunt Phebe?

7. A pup, Walter, is a young dog. Pups like to play. They want to play from morning till night.

8. Why is Willy so ragged ?

9. It is because he lets the pup tear his clothes.

10 See him now ! He is holding out his apron for the pup to catch hold of.

11. There! It has caught hold with its teeth.

12. Now Willy pulls one way and the pup pulls the other.

13. This is the way Willy tears his clothes. It is no wonder he is ragged.

14. Is not Willy a naughty boy?
15. No, he is too little to know better.

16. Why does not his mother tell him it is wrong to play that


? 17. I suppose she does, but Willy is so young he does not always remember what she says. 18. Don't


think his mother will have to give the pup away?

19. No, for she will soon teach both Willy and his pup to behave better.

20. What is the name of Willy's pup?

21. It is called Sport, because he is so full of fun.

[blocks in formation]

The Swing. 1. What a fine tree for a swing! 2. Where can we get a rope ? 3. John has one. Here he comes now.

He has a rope in his hand.

4. Is the rope strong enough?

5. Yes, it is strong enough to hold two of us in the swing.

6. What are you doing, John ?

7. I am climbing the tree. I am going to tie the rope to that high branch.

8. Now the rope is fast.
9. Who shall have the first swing?
10. Let the baby swing first.

11. May, you get in and hold her so she will not fall.

12. There, that was a good long swing. 13. Ned is the next youngest.

Let him swing next.

14. Do not swing Ned too high. 15. Now it is Fred's turn.

16. Fred and Joe stand up and swing together.

17. See how high they go !

18. Mamma says she does not like to swing. It makes her dizzy.


dir ty clothes right

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bread buy e nough

Making Mud Pies. 1. See how dirty May and Ida are ! 2. What have you been doing, girls ?

3. We have been making mud cakes. Now we are going to make mud pies.

4. Yes, but see how dirty your clothes are !

5. That is all right. Mamma let us put on these worn out clothes so that we can play baker.

6. The baker is covered with flour.

7. We are covered with flour too. The dirt is our flour.

8. The baker makes dough of the flour.

9. He bakes the dough in the oven. 10. We make dough of our flour.

11. Our dough is mud. We put our dough into our oven.

12. The sun bakes it. We make bread, cake, and pies.

13. Don't you want to buy some?

14. When the baker has done his work, he puts on clean clothes.

15. We have baked enough for to-day.

16. Now we shall wash our faces and our hands.

17. Then we shall put on our clean clothes.

[blocks in formation]

The Humming Top. 1. These boys are spinning their top.

2. Joe has a brown top, John a yellow one, Ned a blue one, and Frank a red one.

3. Frank's top is the best, for it spins longest.

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