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4. Here comes Elmer. His top is different from the rest.

5. Elmer's top is made of tin. The other tops are made of wood.

6. Now watch Elmer a moment. He is winding his top up.

7. Now he pulls his cord out. Hear the top hum !

8. Why does it hum? 9. Do you see that big hole in the side of the


10. That hole makes the top hum. 11. Do

you like tops that hum? 12. Yes; but they do not last so long as the other kind, and they cost more money.

13. Which do you like better, tin tops or wooden tops ?

14. I like the wooden ones better, for they do not break so easily as the tin ones.

15. Which color do you like best?

16. I like all the colors, but I like red tops best.

17. How many tops have you?

18. I have two tops; they are wooden ones and do not hum.


gar den

read y

hur ry

Lu ther pole

deep on ly line bait

thought a lone hook


break fast

moth er naughty

Fishing. 1. “ Aunt Phebe,” said little Luther, “I want to go fishing."

2. “Wait till you get your breakfast,” said Aunt Phebe.

3. Luther was only five years old. His mother would not let him go fishing alone.

4. Little Luther ate his breakfast in a hurry.

5. Then his Uncle James gave him a long pole. 6. His mother

gave him a long line.
7. His sister, Laura, gave him a hook.

8. His father dug up some worms in the garden for bait.

9. When all things were ready he set out with his Aunt Phebe for the brook.

10. She took him to a place where the brook was not deep.

11. Aunt Phebe sat down by his side. She

was afraid he might fall into the water and drown, if she did not watch him.

12. Little Luther fished over an hour and a half, but he did not catch any fish.

13. Then Aunt Phebe thought it was time to

go home.

14. Little Luther teased her to stay longer.

15. Luther never gets tired of fishing. He will fish even when he can catch nothing.

16. When Aunt Phebe at last made Luther go home with her, he cried because he could not stay any longer.

17. You would not cry, I hope.
18. Don't


think Luther was naughty ? 19. Not very naughty, for he was too young to know better.


try ing
shout ing
am bu lance

dan ger ous be hind driv er hos pi tal

heav y caught en joy


tum bled stopped them selves seat

e lec tric breath load


sig nal chase in vit ed caught

wag ons Catching on behind Wagons. 1. See those boys running after that wagon ! 2. What are they trying to do?

give up

3. They are trying to catch on behind.

4. Two of them have caught on, but the others have stopped running. 5. They are out of breath, so they had to

the chase. 6. There, a boy by the roadside is shouting out, “Cut behind! Cut behind !”

7. But the driver is a kind man, and he likes to see boys enjoy themselves.

8. He has no load on his wagon, so he has invited the boys to climb in and take a seat.

9. It is fun to catch on behind wagons, but it is dangerous.

10. Once a little boy caught on behind a heavy wagon.

11. It had a heavy load on and broke down.

12. Some boxes tumbled off and broke the little boy's leg.

13. A man ran to the electric signal and rang the bell for the ambulance.

14. The ambulance came and took the little boy to the hospital.

15. It was a long time before he got well.


boot-black loud black en smart

of fice
ev er y
weath er

pret ty
side walk

naughty threw lame near est

Kitty and the Boot-black. 1. Black your boots! Shine 'em up ! 2. Who is that calling out so loud ? 3. Why, it is little Jack Short, the boot-black.

4. There, Mr. Rich has called him into his office to blacken his boots.

5. Jack is a smart boy and does his work well.

6. Jack sweeps Mr. Rich's office every morning.

7. When the weather is cold, Jack makes the fire every morning in the office stove.

8. Mr. Rich thinks a great deal of Jack. He thinks he is the best boy in town.

9. One day Mr. Rich's pretty little pet kitten ran out upon the sidewalk.

10. Some naughty boys threw stones at her.

11. One stone struck her foot and made her lame.

12. She ran up the nearest tree.

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