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the Fourth of July because we boys make so much noise.

10. Where are you going to-night, boys ?

11. We are going down Broad Street to the bridge over the canal to see the fire-works.

12. We shall see the Roman candles and the sky-rockets.

13. There will be a picture of the mayor in the fire-works.

14. There will be a picture of George Washington, too.

15. There will be large spinning wheels of a great many colors.

16. Do you wonder that we like Fourth of July

17. Father says we shall understand why Fourth of July is celebrated when we are two or three years older.

[blocks in formation]

Playing School. 1. What are you doing, girls ?

2. We are playing school. Lucy is our teacher.

3. Why does Lucy whip you so much? Does your teacher whip you in school ?

4. O, no! Miss Bright never whips us.

5. Then, Lucy, why do you whip your scholars?

6. Because I like them, and want to have some fun.

7. I only make believe whip them.

8. Don't you know, Aunt Mabel, our cat makes believe she whips the kittens ?

9. You caught me, yesterday, and made believe you were going to whip me.

10. I can't teach well. My scholars know as much as I do. So I scold and whip them instead.

11. What a funny way to play school! I hope there is no real school like yours.

[blocks in formation]

3. What did Santa Claus bring you, Walter ?

4. He brought me two rocking-horses. One is white and the other is black. 5. Have


named them yet? 6. Yes; the black one I call Jim, and the white one Jack.

7. They are my team, so mother says.

8. Come down to my house and you can ride on them.

9. So both boys went down to Walter's house.

10. Walter got on Jim, and Fred got on Jack.

11. They rode so fast, it seemed the horses would run away with them.

12. What fun they had !

13. Can you tell me the color of the horse Fred rode ?

14. What do you think Santa Claus brought for Fred?

15. Listen! He is now telling Walter.

16. Santa Claus brought me a little fireengine and a little hook-and-ladder truck.

17. I can build a fire in my little fire-engine and it will run like a big one.

18. It will throw water as high as the table.

19. Then it is a real fire-engine? Let us get off the horses and go to see it.

20. All right. Let us go out and play with it under the shed.

21. So the two little boys went out to play with the little engine under the shed.

22. I wish my little readers could have seen the little engine work.

23. It went “ch-ch-ch.” That is the way it puffed.

24. They built a fire in the lot near the shed with some little sticks of wood.

25. The little engine threw water on the fire and put it out.

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Page and his Children. 1. What is this man doing? 2. He is playing with his children. 3. How many children has he? 4. He has five, three boys and two girls. 5. Mr. Page goes away on the cars every

morning. His business is in the city; his home is in the country.

6. When he comes home in the evening he gets his dinner. 7. Don't you mean his

supper? 8. No; his neighbors eat their supper in the evening, but Mr. Page eats his dinner instead.

9. After dinner he has a good romp with his children.

10. He plays with them an hour every night. 11. What are they playing now?

12. They are playing horse. Mr. Page is on his hands and knees.

13. Little Willie is riding on his back.

14. Mr. Page is Willie's horse. See how fast he runs around the room !

15. When the hour is up, Mr. Page goes to his library.

16. There he reads his books. Mr. Page is a wise man.

17. Everybody likes Mr. Page's children.

18. They know how to play and have fun without being too rough.

19. I wish all children knew how to play without being rough.

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