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[blocks in formation]

Mr. Strong's Dog.
1. Do you see that large dog over there?
2. I see two dogs; which one do


mean? 3. I mean the one sitting down near the tree.

4. What a pretty dog! What long black hair he has! Whose dog is he?

5. He belongs to Mr. Strong. He is his watch dog.

6. Is he kind to children?

7. Yes, Arthur, he likes to play with them. When the baby pulls his hair, he does not


growl, even when she pulls hard enough to hurt.

8. Come, Fred! Let us catch him and have a ride on his back.

9. We are too late, Arthur, for he is running towards the house.

10. Fred, can't we ride on the other dog ?

11. No, he is a savage dog. He would bite us, if we should try to play with him.

[blocks in formation]

The Days of the Week. 1. Fred, tell me how many days there are in a week.

2. There are seven days in a week. 3. Name them.

4. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

5. Name the first day of the week.
6. The first day of the week is Sunday.
7. Name the last day of the week?
8. Saturday is the last day of the week.

9. Name the middle day of the week.

10. Wednesday is the middle day of the week.

11. Which day do you like best, Fred ? 12. I like Saturday best. 13. Why do you like Saturday best? 14. Because there is no school on Saturday.

15. Which day does your brother Arthur like best?

16. Arthur likes the five school days best. He is a good scholar and likes to study.

17. Mother likes Sunday best.

[blocks in formation]

The Right Hand and the Left Hand. 1. Ezra, can you tell me which is your right hand ?

2. Yes, Cora, this one is—the one I am hold

ing up

3. If this is your right hand, what is the other hand called ?

4. The other hand is my left hand.

5. Where is your left hand ? 6. I am holding it down by my side. 7. Which do you use most ? 8. My right hand, for I am right-handed. 9. Which hand does cousin John use most ? 10. His left hand, for he is left-handed. 11. Does he write with his left hand ?

12. No, Cora, his teacher makes him use his right hand when he writes.

13. Now, Ezra, tell me which hand Uncle George uses most.

14. Uncle George can use one hand as well as the other. I think he uses one as much as the other.

[blocks in formation]


The New Story Book. 1. Ezra, whose book is that? 2. It is mine. Aunt Hannah gave it to me. 3. Is it a hard book?

4. No, it is an easy book to read. It has six long stories in it.

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