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Horæ Biblica. No. LXXXVII. Manna, (Ex. | LITERARY NOTICES, continued.

odus xvi. 13-15,) 217--No. LXXXVIII. Il- Christian Companionship for retired Hours,
lustrations of texts, (Matthew xi. 12,) 986

Horne, John, of Lynn, life and writings of, Congregational Psalmody, 359
769, 865

Crook's Lay Preaching in Ireland," 541
Howe, John, objection of, to re-ordination, 866 Dyson's " Methodism in the Isle of Wight,"
Hymns set to secular tunes, remarks on, 295– 638

German, translations of, noticed, 453–Tune- Galloway's "Isaiah's Testimony for Jesus,"
books for, poticed, 455—of the apostolic age, 643
specimens of, 1104

Garbett's “ Divine Plan of Revelation," 92

Gibson's "Sermons," 1026
Infant mortality, varying rate of, in different

Goodwin's “ Works,” vol. X., 458
districts, 1087

Gosse's " Year at the Shore," 538
Infidelity, the chief error of the times, 28

Gough's Lyra Sabbatica," 539
Ireland, emigration of Palatines " of, to Ame-

Hagenbach's " German Rationalism," 119
rica, 349—tract on the Plymouth Brethren in,

Hamilton's "Sermons," 539
noticed, 541-Wesleyan Conference in, 819%

Hart and Faucett's Melodia Divina," 455
Report of the Circuit-Aid and Contingent

Hengstenberg's “ Gospel of St. John," 458
Fund for, 1140. See also GLANCE AT PUBLIC

Hinton's " Theological Works," 359

Hodge's ! Commentary on the Epistle to the
Isabella I., of Spain, personal influence of, 110

Romans," 458

Hunt On Stammering, 458
Jackson, Rev. Thomas, literary services of,

Ingham's “Hand-Book on Baptism," 1023
mentioned, 600_biography of the Rev. G.

Keil and Delitzsch's “ Biblical Commentary on
Horne by, 769, 865
Jewish witnesses that Jesus is the Christ : Rev.

the Old Testament," 1027

Kidder's “ Treatise on Ilomiletics," 642
B. Weiss, Algiers, 45–Rev. R. H. Herschell,

Kubler's “ Historical Notes to the Lyra Ger-
46—one in the army, 81. See also RELIGIOUS

manica," 453
Jovian, Emperor, orthodox Christianity re-

Light on the Grave," 1023

Merivale's "Conversion of the Roman Em-
stored by, 585
Jubilee, Baptist, 454

pire," 154, 259
Jubilee movement for the Wesleyan Missionary

Morgan's "Scripture Testimony to the Holy

Spirit," 642—“Exposition of the First
Society, success of, 614, 821
Julian, Emperor, religious policy of, 583–

Epistle of John," 1123

Nichol's “ Puritan Divines :" Charnock, vol.
death of, 585

IV.; Clarkson, vols. I., II. ; Goodwin, vol.
Karens, notices of th., 62

X., 1028-Commentaries, 458
Kendall, Dr., controversy of, with John Horne,

Ogilvie's "Student's Euglish Dictionary,"1025

Parker's “ Wednesday Evenings at Cavendish
Kural of Tiruvalluver, Dr. Graul's translation Chapel," 1127
of, from the Tamil, 1001-account of the work,

Philip's “Earth's Care and leaven's Cure,"
1004-account of its author, 1006-opinions on

its merits, 1008

Rationalism and Revelation, 1128

Russell's “ Memoirs of the Rev. John Pyer,"
Labour, food, and morals, Government Reports

cor.cerning, 1085

Smith's (Dr. George) “ Book of Prophecy,"
Law of Christian giving : an attempt to ascer-

tain what proportion of our property is due to

Smith's (Samuel) “ Handbook of Congrega-
religious and charitable uses, 141, 212

tional Psalmody," and « Psalms and
Leaders'-meetings, remark on, 233

Chants," 455
Liddon, Rev. Mr., of Oxford, reference to, 734 Smith's (Dr. William) " Concise Dictionary of
LITERARY NOTICES. See also French Me. the Bible," 1128
thodist Literature.

Stanford's “Symbols of Christ," 456
Alexander's (Dr. James W.) “Thoughts on Stevens's "History of the Methodist Episcopal
Preaching," 1026

Church," 641
Alexander's (Dr. Joseph A.) Prophecies of Strickland's (Agnes) “Queens of England,"
Isaiali," 458

vol. V., 458, 538
Alexander's (Dr. W.L.)“St. Paul at Athens," Taylor's “ Model Preacher," 357

The Throne of Grace, 925
Andrews's " George Whitefield," 1024

Thompson's (Dr. A. C.) “Mercy-Seat," 456
Angus's “ Band-Book of English Literature," Thompson's (Thomas) “Lips of Prayer," 643

Thoughts at Seventy-Nine, 924
Anti-Colenso, 643

Treffry's "Eternal Sonship," 358—“Letters
Bannerman's " Inspiration," 1027

on the Atonement," 925
Baptist Mission in Jamaica, Jubilee History Vinet's " Outlines of Theology"and “Outlines
of, 454

of Philosophy and Literature," 923
Barnes's " Revival Sermons," 1024

Webster's “Dictionary," enlarged and illus-
Bate's "Class-Leader's Assistant," 925

trated, 358
Bale's " Cyclopædia of Ulustrations of moral Wesley's "Sermons," 358
and religious Truths," 158

Whisl's “ Paraphrase of the Books of the
Campbell's Popery, ancient and modern,"735 Minor Prophets," 924

London, religious destitution of, 1137—a gang of MISSIONARY SOCIETY, TESLEY AX,
juvenile thieves in, 1138. See also Occasional continued.

Italy, 79, 553, 774, 930

Jubilee Fund, 552
M'Owan, Rev. Peter, on the partial diffusion of

Ladies' Committec for Fernale Education, 551
Christianity, 591

Malta, 78
Danning, Dr., apostate clergymen present at

Medical Aid Society, 551, 852
the ordination of, as Roman Catholic Arch-

Missionary claims for increased support,
bishop of Westminster, 1000—proceedings of,

since his elevation, 1135

Our candidates, 1032
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, historical sketch

Polynesia Fiji, 73, 79, 852-Friendly Islands,
of, 147, 236

73, 79, 175—New Zealand, 74-Sandwich
Masson, Gustave, reviews of French works

Islands, 75
by, 350, 534

Spain, 79, 553
Mather, Rev. Alexander, letter from, to Miss

Sweden, 79, 746
Stringer, 518

West Indies, 79, 80, 558-Demerara, 271
Melbourne, Derbyshire, a day at, 221

Missionary spirit of the Old and New Testa-
Meletian schism, origin of the, 290

ments, 990
Mental powers, how to strengthen the, 125

Mohammedanism and Christianity, causes of
Methodism, Wesleyan, the vocation of, 26—and

their rapid diffusion, contrasted, 259
the army in the last century, 429- in villages,

Monasticism, notices of, 581, 676
465-Dyson's History of, in the Isle of Wight,

Moore, Thomas, or Whittlesea, notice of, 870
noticed, 538—Metropolitan, 603—a hundred

Moravian Hymn-Book, 451-Missions, 78, 475
years ago, 705. See also Occasional papers on

Morris's (Canon) “ Last Illness of Cardinal

Wiseman," reviewed, 994
Metropolitan Chapel- Building Fund, claim of,

Moses, the Prophet like unto, 796
on country Methodists, 1119
Miracles, observations on, 605--characteristic

Neodle-tomen, hard case of, 1086
features of our Lord's, 716

Nero-Testament history, modern criticism on, 534
MISSIONARY SOCIETY, IVESLEYAN. New Testament, Tongan version of, 559--first
Africa, 78, 80

translation of, into the language of India,
Africa, South, 173, 271, 367, 557, 653, 931, 613-singular copy of, in Tamil, 615
1033, 1136

Nicene Council, account of the, 295, 386
Africa, Western, 557

Nicene Creed, the original, 393
America, Brilish, 76, 80, 559

Nicolaitans, account of the, 795
America, Central. Honduras Bay, 76, 272, Norwegian Mission to the Zulu country, 528

Numbers not a test of the state of a church, 230
America, South. Paraguay, 75
America, United States of, 745

Occasional papers on London:
Anniversary of the Society. Annual Meeting: No I. CITY-ROAD. Design of these pa.

speech of F. Lycett, Esq., Chairman, 549 pers: Bank of England: Moor-Gate and parts
abstract of the Report, 5541—speech of beyond : Milton's residences : Bunhill Fields:
Dr. Etheridge, 743; Bishop Janes, 745 ; City-Road chapel : St. Luke's Hospital : the
Rev. G. Scott, 746; Rev. J. Walton, 747; Angel: the Charter-House : Smithfield: the
Rev. W. Shaw, 750; Rev. J. Bedford, 751; Old Bailey: Oliver Goldsmith : St. Paul's and
Rev. W. M. Punshon, 751

places adjacent: population : care of leading
Australia, 76, 80, 559, 1136. See also Poly- firms for the young men in their employ:

Young Men's Christian Association : London
Brief survey of some parts of the field occupied City Mission : city churches and Dissenting
by the Methodist Missions, 72

chapels: the Bishop of London's plan : call on
Ceylon, 78, 270,554, 651, 949, 930

Wesleyans, and Christians of other denomina-
China, 77, 554, 649, 745, 851, 852, 931, 934 tions, for increased activity, 438—448
Chinese converts in Australia, baptism of, No. II. SPITALFIELDS. Royal Exchange :

city churches : Jews: Whitechapel and Mile-
Contrilutions, 80, 176, 272, 368, 464, 560, 656, End-road : Bow: Spitalfields : rookeries :
853, 934, 1033, 1136

Bethnal-Green: population : church-accom-
Deaths. Sierra-Leone, 78—Mrs. Priestley, modation : claims upon voluntary efforts :

Cape of Good Hope, 557-Rev. E. Bicker- London City Mission : Methodist statistics,
steth, and Rev. J. Cuthbert, Gold Coast, 631-640
558-Rev. L. Martin, France, 559

Egypt, 78

Mansion-House: Monument-Yard : Com-
Finance, 79, 550

panies of London: Billingsgate : Custom-
France, 79, 365, 559

House: Tower; Mint: London-Docks: Wap
Germany, 79, 553, 774

ping : Thames Tunnel: Rosemary-lane: Rat.
Gibraltar, 552, 553

cliffe Highway : Cable-street, 813—818
Greece, 78

Germans : Wesleyan Seamen's Mission:
Hindu Coolies in South Africa, Missionary Limehouse: Poplar: Cubitt's Town : popula.
for, 1136

tion : church-requirements: Wesleyan chapels:
India, Continental, 77, 748, 930—Bengal, 554, City Missions : public-house visitation, 90%

850—Madras, 534–Mysore, 462, 554- 915
Scinde, 554

No. IV. SOUTHWARK. London Bridge: St.
Ireland, 79, 558

Mary Overies : burial-register : Shakespeare :

railway station : Guy's Hospital: High-street:
Elephant and Castle : population : Rother-
hithe: Bermondsey: public-house visitation :
church-accommodation: Wesleyan chapels :
Peckham : Metropolitan Chapel-Building

Fund, 1111-1119
Origen, erroneous doctrine of, on the Trinity,

628-opinion of, respecting the soul, 804
Original sin, doctrine of the Saxon churches on,

Owen, John, on the atonement, 733—writings

of, noticed, 775
Oxford, Earl of, letter from, to Dean Swift, in

behalf of the Rev. Samuel Wesley, 1110

Prison life, a reminiscence of, by Manuel Mata-

moros, 244
Prophecy in the Gospel, the argument from, 892
Psalm xviii., metrical versions of some of the

verses of, by Sternhold, Archbishop Parker,
Sir Philip Sydney, King James, George San-
dys, William Barton, Francis Roberts, the
Church of Scotland, Tate and Brady, Dr.
Watts, Merrick, Marsh, Charles Wesley, 512-

Puritan divine, jottings concerning a, 977
Pusey, Dr., extract from his lectures on Daniel,

892—from a speech of, on the religious desti-

tution of London, 1137
Puseyism, reference to, 737, 1135

Pages for the young: XVIII. Plant-coloniza-

tion, 31.-XIX. The study of grasses, 137-
XX. The Polar plant-world, 247—XXI. The
natural history of an apple-tree, 341-XXII.
The sleep of plants, 916—No. XXIII. Prim-

roses and poets, 992
Palmyra in the wilderness, described by Professor

Porter, 129
Pamphilus the Martyr, note on, 312
Pastor, duty to the, 598
Pearson, Rev. John, ministry of, in Melbourne,

Pekin, the "altar to heaven "at, 140
Pelagius, doctrine of, 809
Plato and Aristotle, philosophy of, 623
Plymouth Brethren, reference to, 641

A mountain song of praise, 72
An evening hymn, 72
Hymn of praise for public worship, 1134
In cælo quies," 548
It is I!" 1031
Joy and happiness, 929
Monday morning, 649
New version of " Jerusalem the Golden," 71
Praise to Christ, 1031
Rest, 365
Sleeping and waking, by B. Gough, 172
Sonnet, from the German of Novalis, 462
The burial of Jacob, by Rev. James D. Burns,

The fourth watch, by Anna Shipton, 742
The pilgrim at the gate, 461

Thoughts of Christ, 364
Pope, Alexander, statement of, respecting

Homer, corrected, 723—was he a disbeliever
in Christianity ? 1018, 1105-letter from, to
Dean Swift, recommending Rev. Samuel Wes-

ley's " Commentary on Job," 1111
Pope, Rev. W. B., Sermon by, reviewed,

Popery, notice of, in the Friendly Islands, 176–

its "Index of Prohibited Books," furtively
corrected, 438-doctrine of, on the Trinity,
628-note on an “institution" of, 676—Dr.
Campbell's History of, noticed, 735—plans of,
for superseding Protestantism in this country,
737-clerical favourers of, in the Church of
England, 737-the Pope's special effort for the
revival of, in Italy, next year, 930-ritualism
of, exemplified in the last illness of Cardinal
Wiseman, 994—formidable progress of, in
England, 1000-references to, 272, 613, 619,
655, 1133, 1143. See also Anselm, Ency-

Reformation, theology of the, remarks on, 809


Address, Annual, of the Conference to the

Methodist Societies, 834
Africa, West. Baptist Mission, 91
Algeria. Successful labours of a Spanish

exile, 182–Jewish Mission, 1048
America (United States of). Bibles for the

South, 183—increase of Romish influence,

Bible Society. Annual Meeting, 565
Birmingham and Midland Freedmen's- Aid

Association. Public Meeting, 853
British Columbia. Church Mission to the

Indians, 373
Chapel Committee, Wesleyan, Report of, 278
China. Annual District-Meeting in connexion

with the Mission of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, 279_circulation of the Scriptures,
474-duration of active Missionary service,
961-reinforcement needed by Protestant

Missions, 1143
Conferences of 1865. French, 819; Irish, 819;

British, 820-stations of the ministers and
preachers on trial in Great Britain, 822;
in Ireland, 934; on the Irish Missions,
935; on the Foreign Missions, 936; in
connexion with the Affiliated Conferences,

941, 1034, 1038, 1040
Continent, state and prospects of religion upon

the, 661
Evangelical Alliance, May-meeting soirée of,

French Protestant Missions, 1141
Germany. Monument to John Huss at Con-

stance, 854_observance of the Lord's day,
1142—closing of secular Sunday-schools,
1142-Conference of the Methodist Epis-

copal Church, 1142
India. Worslıip of statues, 181-the Brahmin

reformer, 181-a convert from Islamism,
372-Inedical Missions, 473- the Viceroy,
and the Calcutta Institution of the Free
Church, 567—Sir H. Edwardes on the pre-
sent state of India, 857-decay of caste, 950
-persecution of Christians in Cashmere,

Italy. British subjects and the Scriptures,

86—notes of a colporteur's tour, 472–
evangelization in the North West, 854—
Emancipation Society of the Italian clergy,

Japan, French Jesuits in, 668

[blocks in formation]

Jeues Jewish witness for Christ in Nurem-

berg, 566—Jewish Mission in Algiers, 1848
London City Mission. Annual Meeting, 566
Madagascar, Christian Missions in, 952
Medical Missions in Kashmir, 1046
Mongolia. Circulation of the Scriptures, 857
Moravian Missions. Statistics, 475-annual

voyage of the Moravian Missionary ship to

Labrador and Greenland, 953
Navy, the ehurch in the ; prayer-meetings on

ship-board, 85
Nestoria, Mission schools and the press of, 87
Obituary of Wesleyan Ministers. See INDEX

Paris, the Protestant Anniversaries in, 663
Polynesia. French aggression in the Loyalty

Islands, 91
Priestly speculation in France, 1044
Sweden. Progress of evangelical effort, 949–

progress of the religious revival, 1045
Syria. Letter from Syrian Christians in the

Lebanon, 180—visit to Hasbeiya, 567
Turkey. Strange scene in a city council, 180

" in Constantinople, A55-
continued persecutions, 856_translation of

the Koran into Turkish, 1142
Week of special prayer throughout the world, 85
Wesleyan Educational Institution. Annual

Meeting, 564
Renan's “ Life of Jesus," answer to, 534
Resurrection, Rev. R. Watson on the, 1013
Reviews. See Derby, Hodge, Kural, Masson,

Morris, Pope (Rev. W. B.), Shedd, Whedon.
Rigg, Rev. James H., on class-meetings and

class-leaders, 334
Rizzio, assassination of, 152
Robertson, Rev. Mr., of Brighton, references to,

733, 734
Romish ritualism : an ecclesiastical death-bed,

Rural society in North Britain a century ago, 35

Tamil, Protestant and Romish publications in,

613, 615, 619-remarks on the language, 619.

See also Kural.

Genesis iii. 15..50
Genesis xiv. 20; xxviij. 22..212
Genesis xlix. 8-12..45
Leviticus xxvii. 30..213
Deuteronomy xviii. 15. .796
Psalm xxii. 25, 26 13
Isaiah iv. 2-6..879
Ezekiel xi. 23; xliii. 4..117
Matthew xxi. 28-32..1073
Mark xvi. 16. 1125
Luke ii. 2..537
Luke xviii. 9-14..204
John iii. 14, 15 ..49
Acts xvii. 28, 29..1107
Romans ix...920
Romans xi. 20-23 990
1 Corinthians xvi. 2..216
2 Corinthians vi. 14-18..10,
I Peter i. 24, 25..903
1 John ii. 19. J126
1 John ii. 20..1124

1 John iv. 14..1125
Thomander, Bishop, pastoral of, 251
Thomas, Rev. J. Wesley. on the argument from

design, 257—sketch of Copernicus by, 436
defence of Alexander Pope by, against the

charge of infidelity, 1018, 1165
Thornton, Rev. W. L., death of, 360, 383, 549,

602, 821, 841-funeral sermon on, by Dr. Os-
born, 497—sketch of, by Rev. F. A West, 59
Times newspaper, extraets from, 132, 159,
267, 363—comments of, on the degro rebellion

in Jamaica, censured, 1131
Tischendorf, Professor, and the Codex Sinaiti-

cus, 311

Sabbath, as the name of the Lord's day, note on,

Sandwith, Dr., on the mental powers, 125
Scholasticism, character of, 625
Scott, Rev. George, Pastoral Address, from the

Swedish, communicated by, 251-speech of,

in Exeter Hall, 746
Scott, Sir Walter, theology of, 730
Scripture, the unity of thought in, 1089
Secularism,” by Rev. J. W. Thomas, extract

from, 257
Sentiments of a pious Bishop in the thirteenth

century, 511
The direct witness of the Holy Spirit an essen-

tial truth of Christianity, by the Rev. F. A.

West, 694
The Forerunner, on the death of the Rev. W.

L Thornton, by Dr. Osborn, 497
The glory of the day of the Lord, by the Rev.

John D. Geden, 879
The Lord's Supper, by the Rev. B. Gregory, 13
Shedd's “ History of Christian Doctrine," re-

viewed, vol. I., 621; vol. II., 803
Sidon, a Lord's day in, 136
Sinful glorying, essay on, 790
Social morality, how far a test of the state of

religion, 229

Toller, Rev. Thomas, a sermon of, described,

Trinitarian controversy, remarks on, 627
Valentinian and Valens, Emperors, different

religious views of, 585
Approach to God, 1132
A grand Lamasery, Thibet, 169
A last man, 544
Adventure with a boa-constrictor, 67
Comparative value of money at different periods,

Contemplations of a holy soul, 546
Diary of a Westminster school boy in 1751,

Discoveries at Rome and Athens, 171
Earthquakes, 928
Elizabethan gardening, 1133
First impressions, 363
Geology of the south-west of England, 68
Hore they got water at Cawnpore, 647
Infidelity on the Continent, 1133

VARIETIES, continued.

Jerusalem : excavations under the city, 69
Keeping out frost, 168
Lav in the Sandwich Islands thirty years ago,

Man born to trouble, 548
Mountain-heights and ocean-depths, 268
New-Year's-day customs, 167
Penmanship, and the rising generation, 68
Petroleum, 547
Phenomena of the Dead Sea, 546
Pilgrimages in India, 268
Progress of geographical discovery, 616
Religion a reasonable service, 547
Shenstone's garden, 361
Singular discoveries in Austria, 363
The calculating machine, 167
The colossal bird of Madagascar, 547
The mistletoe, 363
The penguin, 740
The progress of wood-engraving, 648
The Round Towers of Ireland, 928
The Scotch pearl-fishery, 70
The treasures of utility and beauty in coal, 741
The wall of Roman London, 267
Three rules for good reading, 740

Waste and supply in the human system, Dr.

Deane on, 1009, 1119
Wesley, Rev. Charles, version of part of Psalm

xviii. by, 517-exclusion of, and of his brother
John, from a recent collection of “sacred

poets," mentioned, 518
Wesley, Rev. John, quoted, on 2 Cor. vi. 14--18,

10-cheap edition of his Sermons noticed, 358
-mention of, in connexion with City-Road
chapel, 442, 443—references to the army in the
Journals of, 429-original anecdote of, 915—
original letter of, to the Rev. Mr. Furley, 984
-opinion of, on the style of Alexander Pope,
1018--quoted, on the religion of the American

Indians, 1107
Wesley, Rev. Samuel, sen., hymn by, quoted,

1108-letters recommendatory of, by the Earl
of Oxford and Alexander Pope, 1110, 1111
Wesley College, at Sheffield, referred to, 600
Whedon's (Dr.) “Freedom of the Will" re-

viewed, 1015
Williams, Rev. H. W., on the early success of

Christianity, 256
Wiseman, Cardinal, observations on, 266–

death-bed of, 994

Ximenes de Cisneros. I. Reformer and mis-

sionary, 1-II. Patron of learning, and Biblical
editor, 110-III. Inquisitor, crusader, and
abolitionist, 193

Wake, Archbishop, letter of, to Indian Mission-

aries, 616
Wales, Elkanah, jottings concerning, 977
Wallon's “Life of our Saviour Jesus Christ"

reviewed, 534
Walpole, Horace, anecdote of, 1019

Ziegenbalg and Beschi : No. IV. Labours and

death, 612

Barnes, Mr. James, 954

Maden, Mr. Edward, 282 Armstrong, Mr. Henry, 381
Barton, Mrs., 763

Marsden, Mr. James, 185 Ary, Mr. John, 96
Beardall, Mr. Frederick, 767 Marsh, Mrs., 571

Ascroft, Mrs., 287
Benham, Charles, 571
Mitchell, Mrs., 758

Ashley, Mrs., 936
Bromley, Mrs., 759
Pendleton, Mrs., 859

Aspinall, Mr. William, 1150
Brook, Mrs., 1049

Pennington, Mr. Samuel, 663 Alkinson, Miss Frances, 668
Broron, Mrs., 93
Pepper, Mrs., 861

Atrool, Mrs., 956
Butters, Mr. Edward, 667 Priestley, Mrs., 765

Austin, Mr. Thomas, 479
Carter, Mrs., 754

Pugh, Mr. Samuel, 1052 Barker, Dr., 1152
Chadwick, Mrs., 761

Simpson, Mr. William, 1050 Barnett, Mrs., 192
Chicken, Mr. A. W., 572
Smith, Mrs., 756

Bell, Mrs., 1148
Clarkson, Mr. Abraham, 184 Stewart, Mr. William, sen., 95 Bell, Mr. William, 1148
Cleminson, Mrs., 283
Sugden, Mrs., 91

Bell, Miss Tamar, 1149
Coulson, Mrs., 187
Tindall, Mr. R. E., 570

Bersey, Mrs., 960
Cundall, Mr. Joseph, 755 Topham, Mr. John C., 1053 Bird, Mrs., 478
Disney, Mr. William, 764 TV adson, Mr. Thomas, 1051 Birkett, Mrs., 1148
Elwell, Mr. Samuel, 377

Wales, Mr. Thomas, 664 Bleything, Mr. John, 959
Fletcher, Mrs., 953

Watson, Miss Philippa, 860 Bond, Mrs., 192
Gibson, Mrs., 568

Webb, Mr. William, 753 Booth, Mr. William, 478
Goldsworthy, Mr., 762

Wills, Mr. John Worden, 757 Boothman, Mr., 287
Guard, Mr. John, 94

Winteringham, Miss, 569 Bracegirdle, Mr. Charles, 862
Harlock, Mrs., 574
Woolley, Mrs., 858

Britten, Mrs., 285
Harper, Mrs., 574

Broadbent, Mrs., 960
Hassell, Mrs., 284

Brown, Elizabeth, 670
Holmes, Mr., 1144

Allen, Rev. James, 682 Bucktrout, Miss Elizabeth, 479
Jackson, Mr. Samuel, 665 Ash, Mrs., 97

Carvolth, Mrs., 480
King, Mrs., 760

Barton, Rev. William, 1057 Cooke, Miss Susannah, 288
Knaggs, Mr. Richard, 477 Cox, Mr. Thomas, 490, 586 Cooms, Mr. John, 960
Labrum, Mr. Ezra, 188

Dove, Rev. Thomas, 396 Daniel, Mr. William, 864
Leigh, Mr. Richard, 375
Gunton, Dr., 961

Davenport, Mr. Matthew,959
Levy, Mr. E. J., 573
Hugill, Mrs., 8

Davies, Mrs., 671
Lister, Mr. John, 666
Mayson, Mrs., 299

Dauber, Mr. John, 96
Loutit, Mrs., 475

Townend, Robert, Esq., 199 Dawes, Mrs., 958

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