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RIDE, baby, ride!

Pretty baby shall ride,
And have a little puppy-dog tied to her side,
And a little pussy-cat tied to the other,
And away she shall ride to see her grandmother,

To see her grandmother,
To see her grandmother.

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[This popular game is honored with a variety of jingles, but gener

commencing -]
SALLY, Sally Waters, sprinkle in the pan,
Hie, Sally! Hie, Sally, for a young man!

Choose for the best,

Choose for the worst,
Choose for the prettiest that you love best.

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SEE, saw, Margery Daw, Was not she a dirty slut,

Johnny shall have a new To sell her bed and lie in the dirt !

master: He shall have but a penny a day, Because he can't work any SEE, saw, sacradown, faster,

Which is the way to London


One foot up, the other foot down,
SEE, saw, Margery Daw,
Sold her bed and lay upon

That is the way to London town.

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