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THE art of good driving's a paradox quite,

Though custom has proved it so long; If you go to the left, you're sure to go right,

If you go to the right, you go wrong.


"WEL VE huntsmen with horns and hounds,

Hunting over other men's grounds! Eleven ships sailing o'er the main, Some bound for France and some for Spain : I wish them all safe home again : Ten comets in the sky, Some low and some high; Nine peacocks in the air, I wonder how they all came there, I do not know and I do not care; Eight joiners in joiner's hall, Working with the tools and all; Seven lobsters in a dish, As fresh as any heart could wish !; Six beetles against the wall, Close by an old woman's apple stall; Five puppies of our dog “Ball,” Who daily for their breakfast call ; Four horses stuck in a bog, Three monkies tied to a clog; Two pudding-ends would choke a dog, With a gaping, wide-mouthed, waddling frog.

THERE was a man, and his name was Dob,

And he had a wife, and her name was Mob,
And he had a dog, and he called it Cob,
And she had a cat, called Chitterabob.

Cob, says Dob,
Chitterabob, says Mob,
Cob was Dob's dog,
Chitterabob Mob's cat.

UP she goes and down she comes,

If you have n't got apples, I'll give you some plums.

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HEN a Twister a twisting, will twist him a twist;

For the twisting of his twist, he three times doth intwist; But if one of the twines of the twist do untwist, The twine that untwisteth, untwisteth the twist.

Untwirling the twine that untwisteth between,
He twirls, with the twister, the two in a twine :
Then twice having twisted the twines of the twine,
He twisteth the twine he had twined in twain.

The twain that, in twining, before in the twine,
As twines were intwisted; he now doth untwine :
"Twixt the twain inter-twisting a twine more between,
He, twirling his twister, makes a twist of the twine.

WE'RE all in the dumps,

For diamonds are trumps ;
The kittens are gone to St. Paul's!

The babies are bit,

The moon's in a fit,
And the houses are built without walls.

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are little boys made of, made of,
What are little boys made of ?
Snaps and snails, and puppy-dogs tails ;
And that's what little boys are made of, made of.

What are little girls made of, made of, made of,
What are little girls made of ?
Sugar and spice, and all things that are nice ;
And that's what little girls are made of, made of.

THAT shoe-maker makes shoes without leather,

With all the four elements put together?
Fire and water, earth and air;
Ev'ry customer has two pair.

[A horse-shoe.]

WASH, hands, wash,

Daddy's gone to plough,
If you want your hands wash'd,

Have them wash'd now.

WASH on Friday,

Wash in need;
Wash on Saturday,
Slut indeed.

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