The Universal spy; or, The London weekly magazine. (By Timothy Truepenny).


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Página 7 - He is not eternity and infinity, but eternal and infinite; he is not duration or space, but he endures and is present. He endures forever, and is everywhere present; and, by existing always and everywhere, he constitutes duration and space. Since every particle of space is always, and every indivisible moment of duration is everywhere, certainly the Maker and Lord of all things cannot be never and nowhere.
Página 98 - The Inhabitants seem very Religious, showing many outward and visible Signs of an inward and Spiritual Grace : But tho' they wear in their Faces the Innocence of Doves, you will find them in their Dealings, as Subtile as Serpents. Interest is their Faith, Money their God, and Large Possessions the only Heaven they covet.
Página 191 - And yet no fpark of pride. The patriarch, to win a wife, Chafte, beautiful, and young, Serv'd fourteen years a painful life, And never thought it long : Ah ! were you to reward fuch care, And life fo long would flay, Not fourteen, but four hundred years, Would feem but as one day.
Página 82 - We of the island, the inhabitants of a certain great city, grown weary of their slavery, had formed a secret conspiracy to murder their masters in one bloody night; and twelve men had undertaken to enter the...
Página 153 - Is now but like a pardon fent, To one that's dead before. While at the firft you cruel prov'd,. • And grant the blifs too late, You hindred me of one I lov'd,.
Página 49 - This very much disheartened us ; for we were parched with thirst, which was the more increased by the fatigue of our long march and the heat of the country. However, there was no help for us, and patience was the only remedy. When the king and his son had supped, we bound their hands before them, that they might sleep as...
Página 153 - WODLD you choose a wife for a happy life, Leave the court, and the country take ; Where Susan and Doll, and Nancy and Moll, Follow Harry and John, whilst harvest goes on, And merrily, merrily rake. Leave the London dames, be it spoke to their shames, To lie in their beds till noon; Then get up and stretch, then paint too and patch, Some widgeon to catch, then look to their watch, And wonder they rose up so soon.
Página 128 - Article of this Convention that the poor People, who, under the Protection of this Government, have tranfported themfelves thither, are to be left naked and defencelefs, expofed to the Mercy of the Spaniards, whenever they pleafe to attack them, by being retrained from the Means of Self-prefervation.
Página 42 - Like the eyes of my sweet Molly Mog. For guineas in other men's breeches Your gamesters will palm and will cog: But I envy them none of their riches, So I may win sweet Molly Mog. The heart, when...
Página 214 - ... would say something to me of his own accord ; but as I was sitting with him one evening, two men came in with a basket of palmetto leaves sewed up, and delivered it to the prince, who opened it, and finding a letter, asked the men what they meant by giving him that. The captain, they said, gave it us for your white man, but we thought proper to let you see it first.

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