Napoleon at Bay, 1814

John Lane, 1914 - 219 páginas

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Página 15 - ANNALS OF A YORKSHIRE HOUSE. From the Papers of a Macaroni and his kindred. By AMW STIRLING, author of "Coke of Norfolk and his Friends.
Página 16 - LADY CHARLOTTE SCHREIBER'S JOURNALS Confidences of a Collector of Ceramics and Antiques throughout Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Turkey. From the year 1869 to 1885. Edited by MONTAGUE GUEST, with Annotations by EGAN MEW.
Página 14 - ... perennially fascinating period of French history. MINIATURES : A Series of Reproductions in Photogravure of Ninety-Six Miniatures of Distinguished Personages, including Queen Alexandra, the Queen of Norway, the Princess Royal, and the Princess Victoria. Painted by CHARLES TURRELL. (Folio.) The Edition is limited to One Hundred Copies for sale in England and America, and Twenty-Five Copies for Presentation, Review, and the Museums. Each will be Numbered and Signed by the Artist.
Página 8 - IN PORTUGAL. By AUBREY FG BELL. Author of "The Magic of Spain." Demy 8vo. 75. 6d. net. *•* The guide-books give full details of the marvellous convents, gorgeous palaces, and solemn temples of Portugal, and no attempt is here made to write complete descriptions of them, the very name of some of them being omitted. But the guide-books too often treat Portugal as a continuation, almost as a province ol Spain.
Página 8 - Tales of Old Japan* is assured of welcome, and the more so when he returns to the field in which his literary reputation was made. Charm is never absent from his pages.
Página 13 - Stratford endeavours to show how everything of value that nations in general, and the English nation in particular, have at any time achieved has been the direct outcome of the common feeling upon which patriotism is built. He sees, and makes his readers see, the manifold development of England as one connected whole with no more branch of continuity than a living body or a perfect work of art.
Página 10 - Evelyn has hitherto been almost the only source of information available to the public. Though the Memoirs of the Countess d'Aulnoy have always been known to students, they have never received the respect they undoubtedly merit* for until Mr. Gilbert, whose hobby is the social history...
Página 14 - ... tyrant who allowed nothing, neither human lives nor natural affections to stand in the way of his all-conquering will, that this volume will come to us rather as a surprise. Modern historians are over-fond of blaming Napoleon for having divorced the companion of his early years ; but after having read the above work, the reader will be constrained to admire General Bonaparte's forbearance and will wonder how he ever came to allow her to play the Queen at the Tuileries.
Página 11 - Fulton has appeared of late years, in spite of the fact that the introduction of steam navigation on a commercial scale, which was his greatest achievement has recently celebrated its centenary. The author has been instrumental in bringing to light a mass of documentary matter relative to Fulton...
Página 4 - Thither Horace Walpole would come in all haste from Strawberry Hill for the sole pleasure of spending an evening in her society. After such a meeting Fanny writes — "he was in high spirits, polite, ingenious, entertaining, quaint and original.

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