News Notes of California Libraries, Volumen4

California State Library., 1909
Vols. for 1958, 1962, 1965-70, 1971, and 1972 include revised and updated edition of Library laws of the state of California.

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Página 135 - Except in cities not divided into school districts the library fund shall consist of not less than five nor more than ten per cent of the county school fund annually apportioned to the district...
Página 137 - ... the number of books and periodicals on hand, the number added by purchase, gift, or otherwise, during the year ; the number lost or missing; the number of visitors attending; the number of books loaned out, and the general character and kind of such books ; with such other statistics, information and suggestions as they may deem of general interest.
Página 133 - Superintendents, to assemble at such time and place as he shall deem most convenient, for the discussion of questions pertaining to the supervision and administration of the public schools, the laws relating thereto, and such other subjects affecting the welfare and interest of the public schools as shall properly be brought before it.
Página 129 - ... submit to the electors of the district whether the bonds of such district shall be issued and sold for the purpose of raising money for purchasing...
Página 123 - An act to advance learning, the arts and sciences, and to promote the public welfare, by providing for the conveyance, holding, and protection of property, and the creation of trusts for the founding, endowment, erection, and maintenance within this state of universities, colleges, schools, seminaries of learning, mechanical institutes, museums, and galleries of art...
Página 129 - Any person offering to vote may be challenged by any elector of the district, and the judges of election must thereupon administer to the person challenged an oath, in substance as follows: "You do swear that you are a citizen of the United States, that you are twenty-one years of age, that you have resided in this State one year, in this county ninety days, and in this school district thirty days next preceding this election, and that your name is on...
Página 121 - ... other educational institution, for thirty days after notice in writing to return the same, given after the expiration of the time which by the rules of such institution, such article or other property may be kept...
Página 81 - Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego...
Página 124 - The board shall appoint one of its number president, who shall serve for one year and until his successor is appointed, and in his absence shall select a president pro tern.
Página 5 - The county free libraries are under the general supervision of the State Librarian, who shall from time to time, either personally or by one of his assistants, visit the county free libraries and inquire into their condition. The actual and necessary expenses of the visits shall be paid out of the moneys appropriated for the support of the Division of Libraries.

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